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[Wall Street #1] We should have just stayed.
[Wall Street #2] You're dreaming, man. She wasn't interested-- at all.
[Wall Street #1] Are you nuts? Did you see how close we were dancing!? She was in love, bro.
[Wall Street #2] She couldn't wait to get away from you.
[Wall Street #1] (to the third guy) Ryan... Ryan, am I crazy? Tell him what you saw.
(Arthur is watching them closely, impressed by their confidence and easy-going camaraderie.)
[Wall Street #3] (to the girl) Hey. You want some french fries?
(He holds out his McDonald's bag and shakes it to get her attention. The other two share a look. Joker watches from his seat.)
I'm talking to you, hey.
[Young Woman] No, thank you.
(The other two guys crack up at this apparent blow-off.)
[Wall Street #3] You sure?
They're really good.
(The third Wall Street guy shakes his head, embarrassed, and starts softly flinging fries at the young woman.)
[Wall Street #2] Don't ignore him.
He's being nice to you!
(One of the french fries lands in her hair. She looks down toward Arthur, looking to see if he's going to do something or say something--)
(Arthur just sits there nervous. Not sure what to do, while his condition kicks in.)
(And he just bursts out laughing. He covers his mouth with his hand as they continue to harass the woman.)
(They all look over, thinking to themselves, "What the fuck is this clown laughing at?" while Arthur covers his mouth)
(Arthur starts laughing even louder than before because of his condition, he chokes after his laughter stops.)
[Wall Street #1] Is something funny, asshole?
(With their attention diverted, the young woman rushes out through the door between subway cars, glancing back at Arthur, while Arthur signals them "no" with his right hand. Which they ignore or don't see.)
[Wall Street #3] (shouts after her) Bitch!
(Arthur laughs even harder through his hand. The Wall Street guys turn to him sitting by himself at the end of the car--)
One of the guys heads down the car toward Arthur, starts singing "Send in the Clowns" as he approaches--
[Wall Street #1] ♪ Isn't it rich? ♪
♪ Are we a pair? ♪
♪ Me here, at last on the ground ♪
♪ (with) You in mid-air ♪
♪ Send in the clowns. ♪
♪ Isn't it bliss? ♪
♪ Don't you approve? ♪
(The others crack up and follow after him.)
♪ One who keeps tearing around, ♪
♪ One who can't move. ♪
♪ Where are the clowns? ♪ (one of the backstreet guys take off his wig while one of them sings the song)
♪ There ought to be clowns. ♪
(The third guy puts it on his head while "laughing".)
(As he finishes the song, Joker's laughing fit is coming to an end.)
So, buddy. What's so fucking funny?
[Arthur Fleck] Nothing.
(Arthur still cannot prevent his laughter and chokes.)
I have... I have a condition-- (He reaches into his bag to get one of his "Forgive my laughter" cards)
(The first guy sees him reaching and tries to grab the bag from him---)
[Wall Street #1] I'll tell you what you have, you asshole.
(Arthur gets up to go grab his bag back. The two guys are cracking up.)
(And the guy tosses it over his head to one of his friends. Keeping it away from Arthur.)
(Arthur resists, kicks back)
We got a kicker, huh?
[Wall Street #2] Hold him steady!
Hold him steady!
(one of the guys punches him hard in the face.)
(Arthur goes down)
[Wall Street #1] Stay down, freak!
(And the third Wall Street guy starts kicking him-- The others join in.)
(Surrounding Arthur on the ground, kicking him deliberately, sadistically, while laughing, and the music swells--)
(And one of the guys stops kicking and falls back dead. Blood on the subway wall behind him--)
(Bang! Bang! Wall Street #2 hits the door behind him, smudging the blood on his back from the bullets, all while the last victim screams for help.)
(The third guy takes off running for the doors that separate the cars.)
(Joker gets up with his smoking gun in his hand--)
(Bang!) (finally, a movie where the characters don't have bad aim)
[Wall Street #3] Hey!
He... Heey!
(The third guy approaches to train's door while blood gushing from his feet)
(Joker starts after him, but then stops... turns back to grab his bag and his wig, his hands shaking from the adrenaline.)
(The train is coming to a stop.)
(Arthur realizes what he had just done, and somewhat panics before deciding to kill the last guy aswell.)
(Joker picks up his bag between the two dead bodies while struggling to breathe.)
Heeey! (He slams the train's door to get someone's attention.)
- Train Announcements -
(The subway doors wheeze open and Joker steps halfway off the train, waiting to see if the third Wall Street guy gets off in the car ahead of him.)
(They look for each other and look for an occasion to get off the train.) Stay clear of the closing doors.
(Joker sees him run off--)
(The platform is empty, the Wall Street guy is running toward the stairs--)
(Behind them, the train pulls away--)
(Joker follows--)
(The third guy falls, tumbling down the stairs, still screaming.)
(Joker walks over to the body and empties the chamber--)
(The third guy screams.)
(Bang! Bang! Bang!)
(Joker fires the last shot-- the revolver clicks twice.)
(a high pitched sound is heard while Joker breathes heavily.)
(Joker blinks and puts his revolver in his pocket)
Joker: shit... sh- (Joker puts his hand on his right ear which is ringing from the gunshots)
(High pitched sounds continues)
(Joker hears an oncoming train hauls his makeup ass out of the subway)
(Running as fast as he can past piles of garbage with a bloody nose.)
(Joker runs into a bathroom, he closes the door shut as soon as he gets in it, breathing heavily.)
(He drops his bag.)


Arthur kills three guys in the subway | Joker [UltraHD, HDR]

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