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So if you were cooking dinner, what would you do?
How would you do it differently?
If I was in charge of dinner, I would make
I would make a whole steak dinner,
What about picnic for dinner?
No I would buy a toy rocket, then put custard cream all over it. Then pot noodles on.
So we could fly up to the moon and eat the cheese moon.
- Yeah, I would take it. - To my bedroom. - Yeah I would take it to his bedroom.
I would go in the sea and fish for some mussels and fry it all up so I could eat it.
If I was in charge of dinner I would eat.
- Carrots - Carrots
- He likes apples and bananas, do you?
- Oh I forgot - Sausage
I would make everyone sit on the carpet.
Mmm, chicken and rice and broccoli and carrot and stuff.
And you'd probably eat spicy food, won't you?
- I don't like spicy stuff. - I love spicy stuff, but they make me really crazy.
My favourite food is spaghetti Bolognese.
- Basghetti bolognese. - Basghetti, basghetti.
I know how to make that.
Ahh, I've just forgotten.
Okay, so we would get some.
- Cheese. - Magic cheese
It's got meat and leafs of nettles and onions and pepper spice.
No don't
No wait, I've still got it in my head.
Spit it out then.
Then I'd put onions and big, big mushrooms in.
You know the stuff that goes with spaghetti bolognese, not the spaghetti the...
- Green bits - No, no
Then you chop them
And then you put it in the oven
That's it, done.
That sounds like the 'goodest' one ever
I would cook it for my whole family.


How British kids think about dinner... | Sainsbury's

31 分類 收藏
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