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  • the pope is not feeling so hot and it's sparking worldwide concern today.

  • He was seen coughing and blowing his nose during Ash Wednesday Mass and spoke in a horse voice his illness hit As Italy becomes the epicenter in Europe of the Corona virus outbreak.

  • Before exhibiting symptoms, the pope sought to show his compassion, greeting the faithful, kissing Children and touching all these hands.

  • Today, the Vatican said, the pope is resting and suffering only a slight indisposition.

  • Corona virus panic continues to grip the glow.

  • Japan said it will close all of its schools for a month, U.

  • S Airlines air now suspending flights and offering travel waivers from flights to Italy and South Korea.

  • Stock markets are in freefall.

  • Dow Jones industrial average over the past six days could be on pace for its worst week since the great financial crisis.

  • Back in 2008 we spoke to Fox business anchor Jackie DeAngelis.

  • The best thing to do in times like these, when there's a crisis or pending crisis is not to look at your 401 k to just wait it out and see what happens, because those funds tend to recover when the market bounces back, the crisis is sparking political bickering.

  • With President Trump under fire for downplaying the threat, the risk to the American people remains very low.

  • Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg just released this ad.

  • Health experts warn Democrats and their media cronies have decided tow, weaponize fear.

  • Health officials say we should be prepared.

  • We can expect to see more cases in the United States.

  • So what can you d'oh.

  • The Department of Homeland Security recommends on its website having a two week supply of water and food.

  • So we have a few cases of water in here and some different food items that won't go bad within a two week time frame.

  • They also recommend having on hand something they call the Corona virus emergency kit.

  • Now that includes things like vitamins, pain relievers, cold and flu medicine, stomach aids and lots of drinks with electrolytes.

  • Dr.

  • Lewis Moral Edge says the symptoms of Corona virus are much like pneumonia if for some reason you become more fatigued if your cough becomes deeper.

  • If your fever has really been unrelenting, those are gonna be reasons to seek out the next level of medical attention.

  • The outbreak is disrupting trade between the U.

  • S.

  • And China.

  • One unexpected consequence.

  • A shortage of wedding and prom dresses.

  • 80% of all bridal gowns come from China.

  • Read.

  • Kimmel owns RK Bridal in New York.

  • Corona Viruses just brought on a two week delay at this point ordering your gown as soon as you can.

  • We'll definitely give you a little bit more confidence that your gowns getting the entire few wedding.

  • The Corona virus is having a big impact on travel worldwide.

  • It's estimated airlines could lose as much as $29 billion in revenue.

  • Jim Array is standing by with more on all the jitters over the Corona virus.

  • Jim Diane.

  • Across the nation, steps are being taken to deal with the threat of the Corona virus here in L.

  • A X.

  • The airport is being disinfected every hour.

  • This after a flight attendant who flew international routes from L.

  • A to Asia and back again was diagnosed with the Corona virus.

  • And this is the handshake in the age of the Corona virus.

  • We caught up with Dr Oz in a way, If you want a little, that's okay, this is a little bit more obvious But this this still has a risk, doesn't it?

  • Has a risk.

  • But the fingers that touch your face, which is really how this gets communicated, isn't at risk if you if you fist bump.

  • But I think the old fashioned handshake that may be a thing of the past is probably a good idea.

  • Anyway.

  • You also ought to think about doing away with the regular kiss Hello and go with an air kiss instead.

  • We're also seeing masks everywhere.

  • Inside Edition called 18 pharmacies in New York in search of a face mask.

  • Only two said they had any in stock.

  • The demand for face masks is so great, there's growing concern about price gouging.

  • The crazy thing is, if you're okay, you shouldn't wear a face mask.

  • Onley wear one.

  • If you're sick or people around, you are sick.

  • And that is straight from the CDC Online.

  • We found one company charging $5000 for a pack of 50 facemasks.

  • That's a bargain compared to this offer.

  • Can you believe $5000 for 20?

  • That's a markup of 50,000% experts agree.

  • Washing your hands frequently is key.

  • The CDC says the process should take at least 20 seconds, or about as long as singing.

  • Happy Birthday twice you bring wipes with you wipes everywhere, and I used I'll call sanitizing my hands everywhere.

  • The Today show team demonstrated another tip wiping your cellphone, which could be crawling with germs and bacteria.

  • The key here, wipe it down often.

  • You want to use wipes that have alcohol all right.

the pope is not feeling so hot and it's sparking worldwide concern today.


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