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Hey everybody, it's Marie here and welcome to a brand new segment called In Bed With.
(Narrator: "It's time to get in bed with Marie Forleo. Ooooh yeeeeaaahh. Ooooh yeah. Oooohh yyyeaahh...")
In Bed with Marie Forleo
So these segments here are where I'm going to get in bed with someone that I like or love,
or admire or just think they're doing an amazing things in the world and we're going to ask
them a few questions. So that they can share their wisdom with you! And today our very
first In Bed segment is with none other than... it's Josh Pais. Yay!!
Josh: What's going on? Marie: You are my fiance. Josh: Oh, cool.
Marie: So I guess it's kind of okay that we're in bed together.
Josh: Right.
Marie: Right?
Josh: Yeah.
Marie: Okay, cool! So the reason why, well first of all if you don't know Josh, you really
should. It's kind of insane. Josh...
Josh: I can be found in bed.
Marie: You can be found in bed. Ugh, been in over 80 TV shows and films, right?
Josh: Right.
Marie: Probably the reason that he's one of my biggest creative inspirations is the fact
that you've been an actor for over 20 years and I just think that's one of the most courageous
acts ever! I think it's really, really cool! So if you want to, you can go like, "I'm deeply
him" or any of that good stuff. But what most people don't know is that Josh is actually
my secret business weapon and you've taught me so much. You also keep me in line really,
really well which is yeah...he likes that. Mmm, yeah!
Josh, can you tell us a little about... Josh created something awesome called Committed
Impulse and it's really this amazing approach to get people out of their heads and into
their bodies, and creating in the moment. So can you tell us a little about what it
Josh: Well, you pretty much described it. A lot of people when they're creating or when
they're putting themselves on the line, going on a date, going to an audition, going into
an important meeting. Their survival instincts gets stirred up and there's a lot of body
sensation that happens like when people get nervous, their heart starts pounding. And,
if they can't hang out with that then they try to stop their body and then as soon as
they try to decrease the sensation in their body; in their head and usually it goes to
some kind of a drama.
That's why a lot of people if they feel nervous, like then their head starts going...
Marie: Right.
Josh: You know, berserk. And so part of the training is just when your body starts vibrating
and we're basically a massive atoms that vibrate as long as we're alive.
Marie: Right.
Josh: Until we're powder and then if you can just hang out with that just exactly as it
is, then in a sense you become invincible. Because there's nothing that you have to protect
yourself from feeling.
Marie: Right.
Josh: Like you just hang out with whatever. Yes, my heart is pounding. Yes, I'm nervous.
Yes, I'm calm. Yes, I'm anxious. Yes, I'm happy.
Marie: Yes.
Josh: And, it's all just really vibrations and atoms. Well, emotions are just atoms that
vibrate in different frequencies.
Marie: That's some deep sh*t.
Josh: Write that down!
Marie: Write that down, mo fo! Anyway, okay so, I love all that and obviously I've had
the pleasure of training with you both formally and we live together, and we're in bed a lot.
So you obviously, we won't go there about vibrations.
Josh: Those are atoms.
Marie: Those are atoms and vibrations, too. So anyway, one of the biggest lessons you've
ever taught me is your technique, the I'm Back technique. So can you tell us what that
is (Josh: "Sure!") because so many people write in and they're like, "God, I'm always
stuck in my head. I think I suck. I'm terrible at what I do, lol,lol,lol....like how do I
get out of insecurity? How do I get over the fear?" All that good stuff, so.
Josh: Right.
Marie: Teach us about, I'm Back.
Josh: I'm Back is super simple. It's basically as soon as you're aware that you have "left."
Meaning you're hanging out, you know maybe having a conversation with someone and all
of a sudden you know, your experience of that person's talking is like brak,brak,brak...
And you're just like thinking about something later or you're judging them, or you no longer
hear them and you go on a tangent. Or you can be for example, me if I'm in the shower;
very dangerous place because my mind will just start wandering if I don't catch it.
Marie: Right.
Josh: Just working with people with this for over 20 years. It's pretty much everybody
has the same set of thoughts that their mind goes to if it just starts wandering and it
all basically comes down to that, "I suck!"
Marie: Right!
Josh: It's like you know, you're about to go into a meeting, it's like your mind will
go all the terrible things. You know how worthless and pointless you are, blah, blah, blah. It's
just where our minds tend to go.
Marie: Right.
Josh: So there's no good to come out of listening to that nonsense and so basically, I'm Back
is as soon as you're aware that you've left. You say, in Committed Impulse class you say
it out loud, people just go, "I'm back," and it's really good news. It's like you've just
like, you know gone shopping in Bloomingdale's and then it's like, "I'm back! I'm actually
Marie: Right.
Josh: And, it's just like an incredibly powerful tool to stay present.
Marie: I love it! I mean, it's so simple and that's kind of why I wanted to share it today
because people always ask about fear. They always ask about the techniques that they
can use to build up their self-confidence and all you really have to do is say, "I'm
back!" Like end of story, that's it! Say, "I'm back!"
Josh: Don't even waste time trying to build up self-confidence.
Marie: I know, self-confidence is kind of overrated.
Josh: Like, what is that? You know what I mean?
Marie: Its..yep!
Josh: It's like when your mind goes, come back. Maybe you feel something and you just
got to increase your tolerance for what's happening and just like, party with exactly
how it is.
Marie: Josh, that was awesome! Hey, Josh?
Josh: I'm back.
Marie: Ha ha ha ha... anyway if you want to get more of Josh Pais, go to committedimpulse.com.
Get on his mailing list! You can do some deep immersion training with Josh which is amazing!
But definitely use I'm Back, it's something that's so easy. It'll make a huge, huge difference
in your life instantly! So Josh, thanks so much for being in bed with me.
Josh: You're welcome.
Marie: Yay!!!
Josh: I'm back!
Marie: I'm back!
Josh: I'm back!
Marie: I'm back!
Josh: I'm back!
Marie: And, we'll catch you next time! Bye!
Josh: You're back! You're back!
Marie: You're back!


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