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Hi guys! I'm Catie Wayne. This is Animalist News Fun Facts.
Think your parents were bad will be thankful they weren't any of these animals. Ha ha ha...
Like seahorses, male pipefish carry the eggs before hatching.
Scientists soon noticed that babies would go missing
and discovered that the father was actually eating the eggs.
Now it's pretty common for parents to eat their young in the animal kingdom,
but here is why the pipefish dad goes from
scientists have discovered that dad will eat the eggs
if he thinks the mother is ugly.
"You are ugly. I don't want my kids looking like that,
so, you know, om nom nom nom nom."
Well, males find the biggest fattest females to be the most attractive because they produce more eggs,
which means the young have a higher chance of survival.
The panda also plays favorite.
Fifty percent of the time, panda give birth to twins.
However, only one will survive.
the strongest, healthiest
looking baby to continue nurturing and leave the other one to die.
That's so sad.
To be fair, though, bamboo, which make up of 99% of panda's diet,
is scarce and low in nutrients.
And since mother pandas don't store fat like most other animals do, she cannot
generate enough milk for 2 hungry cubs.
Many times, panda can't even take care of one cub.
In fact, the first pair of pandas in the United States,
Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing, gave birth to five cubs over time but none survived into adulthood.
The panda's poor reproduction rate may be one of the main reasons they are endangered.
Sure, the last two parents are pretty bad,
but the cuckoo birds doesn't take care of any of her babies.
Cuckoos don't bother building their own nests.
Instead, they lay their eggs in another birds' and hope they don't notice.
They're even able to make their eggs mimic another birds'.
With the love and care of adoptive parents,
the cuckoo will hatch first, grow faster, and kill the other chicks, so it can get all of the attention.
Although this generally allowes cuckoos to grow big and strong,
it's still a total jerk thing to do,
which begs the question:who is worse?
Mother or the child?
Probably mother. Because abandoning children is not a good thing.
Who do you think is the meanest animal parent?
Be sure to let me know in the comments below,
also be sure to check out these videos over here, subscribe right here.
I love you all. See you next time!Bye!


《動物腥球:噬犢情深》為您解開世界三大沒良心父母的神秘檔案 (Top 3 Worst Animal Parents #)

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