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  • So the question is, is what is out of band management and the T.

  • L.

  • D.

  • R is one of the coolest, darn things you can have as an I t.

  • Professional.

  • If you don't have out of band management, you need to get out of band management, and I am not sponsored by anybody.

  • A lot of times in these videos, I try to keep things on the down low.

  • I don't try to get too excited, but I have to say out of band management is absolutely a magnificent thing to have.

  • If you're running any kind of any, you know, decent sized infrastructure, you definitely need out of band management.

  • So all out of band management is, is it the ability to connect to the remote systems such as your routers, your switches?

  • Possibly your servers in a way other than the standard I SP connection that your company uses, So your company has its I SP connection to the Internet.

  • That's where the VPN traffic goes.

  • That's where the Web traffic goes.

  • That's how the e mails get sent.

  • So you have one big pipe in order to route all the traffic to the Internet for the company.

  • What out of band management allows you to dio is it allows you to be able to connect to your infrastructure type equipment by not using your main pipe.

  • Ah, that everybody else is using.

  • So essentially you can use out of bad management using even something like a dial up connection so you could literally have a land line connected into a modem.

  • Have that modem connected into a router or switch.

  • Or if you go and look.

  • Nowadays, there's a lot of new fancy cool out of band management equipment that allows you to use L T E connections so on and so forth.

  • So essentially what you d'oh is you have your routers, you have your switches, you have your own as you have your san, you have your you're whatever systems were administrating Lennox or windows or whatever it is, and basically, you connect those devices to an out of band management piece of equipment.

  • Sometimes it's using serial connections.

  • Most of time nowadays is using some kind of network connection, and then that out of Band ah management piece of equipment is then able to connect the outside world again, either using a landline or using an L T E connection or something like that.

  • So what happens is, if you need to administer your equipment instead of coming in through VPN through the main pipe or the email the FDP and everything else is going through, you're able to use the out of band management equipment in order to access your systems.

  • Now the question is, why would you do this?

  • Why would you have an alternate way of connecting to your equipment, especially if it's going to cost you money and take time and energy?

  • Because even if you're using something like a landline, uh, that's gonna cost another 40 or $50 a month.

  • Plus, you have to set up all of the equipment.

  • If you're going to use an L T E connection, you've got to buy the out of band management equipment and then pay for the L T E service.

  • So why would you have the secondary way of in order to connect to your equipment?

  • There's two reasons that you would have this.

  • The first reason is for security.

  • Now you think about it in this modern world.

  • Were you worried about hackers?

  • Ah, one of The main vulnerabilities is if you have all the administration ports, all the management ports connected to your normal network.

  • That means if a body or a virus is able to get into your network or if you actually have a hacker, you know you're in a call center and ah, hacker, you know, decides to get hired with your company.

  • They can then try to do things like brute force attacks to try to get into your equipment.

  • So if you have Cisco equipment with the user name and password, the administration console was connected.

  • The normal network, then that is a vulnerability, and that network piece of equipment might be able to be hacked Now, on the other hand, if you have that administration consul, that administration port connected to an out of band management system, then there's just simply no way for the local area network to be able to access the administration consoles on that equipment.

  • So the first that reason that you want out of band management equipment is just for simple security.

  • You don't have to worry about brute force attacks.

  • You don't have to worry about again.

  • Some wannabe hacker is working in the call center figures out that the default gateway, you know, whatever the password is to the default Gateway then tries the law again and tries to muck with things.

  • So the first reason you would use out of band management equipment is for security.

  • The second reason is the question of what happens if somebody puts a backhoe through your T one line or again you're you're I SP lines.

  • You have your main Internet connection, whether it's fiber or cable or whatever else, and sometimes tobacco goes through it, or sometimes that I sp connection goes down.

  • But the company or the office needs to continue running.

  • So a lot of times when the I S P connection goes down, you may have some weird, funky network issues that just take basic troubleshooting.

  • Maybe you have to reboot a switch or reboot a route or just go in and tweak a couple of configurations so that the internal the land functions properly into thinking you could get that I S P connection up and running Well, if you don't wanna have to send somebody actually out that office if you have out of band management equipment that's connected into a switch and you're into your router and into your server.

  • You can go and you can do basic administrative tasks.

  • You that is using that out of band management equipment while the rest of the office is completely off of the Internet.

  • So it gives you a secondary way in order to connect into your equipment if the main Internet connection is down.

  • So those are the reasons that out of band management equipment is really great.

  • Now you may be sitting there.

  • You may be thinking, Well, I don't understand if you're basically using a dial up connection to get into this equipment or if you're using an lt connection that may not have a lot of prepaid band with, How are you able to do very much before you run out of band with?

  • The important thing to understand is all you're going to be doing with the out of band management equipment is basic configuration tasks.

  • So you connect into your Cisco equipment using a terminal, or you connect into your your Windows equipment or Lennox commit equipment using something like S S.

  • H.

  • So you're connected to the equipment.

  • But the band with That's required in order to send commands and receive the acknowledgements from those commands is actually very small.

  • It is important, understand?

  • You're not going to be streaming YouTube videos over this equipment.

  • By and large, what you're going to be doing is you're gonna be sending command's looking for results.

  • And basically you're trying not to use very much band with with the stripe administrative tasks.

  • And that's why you can use something again, something a Slow is a 56 K landline actually can work in these situations.

  • And so that's what out of band management is.

  • That's why it's incredibly cool, and you should definitely look at using it if you have remote offices.

So the question is, is what is out of band management and the T.


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