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  • Once upon a time there was an old donkey who lived on a farm.


  • He was too old to work now, but he loved to sing, and used all of his free time to make up songs.


  • Hew-haw! Hew-haw! The roosters are in the chicken pen! Hew-haw!


  • One morning, the old donkey overheard the farmer and his wife talking about him.


  • That donkey is really getting old. I think we should sell him.


  • You're right. He isn't much use here, and we could use the money for a new table.


  • Hearing this, the donkey realized he couldn't stay any longer.


  • He made up his mind and ran away from the farm that very day.


  • As he trotted down the road, the donkey thought about what he would do now.


  • I am free to choose my own way now. I will go to Bremen and become a singer!


  • He came upon an old dog, sitting alone by the side of the road.


  • Hey, are you alright? Why are you so sad?


  • My master has thrown me out. He thinks I am too old to be a guard dog.


  • Oh...Well don't despair! Come with me to Bremen!


  • Bremen?


  • That's right. We will form our own troupe and sing together!


  • The dog liked the idea and joined the Donkey on his way to Bremen.


  • Soon, they became good friends and sang together.


  • The cow in the barn goes "Moo, Moo"...


  • Singing as they walked along they met a rooster and a cat.


  • Where are you two headed? What are you doing here?


  • My master was cruel to me, so I had to run away from home.


  • Me too. We were just deciding where we should go.」


  • Excellent! Come with us, then!


  • But where are you going?


  • We are off to Bremen.


  • And so the four of them set off for Bremen singing together.


  • The cow in the barn goes "Moo, moo"!


  • By nightfall, they were almost in Bremen, but needed somewhere to stop for the night.


  • They saw a house with lights in the windows. Coming closer, they heard raised voices.


  • Oh, I can feel a delicious smell from inside. I am so hungry. Maybe we could ask them for some food?


  • No, wait here. Let me take a look first, Ok?


  • The donkey looked through the window and was surprised by what he saw.


  • Ha ha ha! Look at that, we are rich now! You've done well today. Eat as much as you like.


  • Thank you, boss. Dig in!


  • The house actually served as headquarters for a band of thieves.


  • The animals talked the situation over and came up with a plan.


  • Draping themselves in a white sheet,


  • the climbed one on top of another and stood outside the door making lots of noise.


  • Hew-haw; bow-wow; meow, meow; cock-a-doodle-doo!


  • The thieves were frightened and confused.


  • Huh? What's all that racket?


  • Maybe it's a ghost!


  • What nonsense! There are no ghosts here.


  • In fact, the Boss wasn't so sure himself.


  • You get out there and take a look!


  • M..Me?

    「我... 我我我...我?」

  • Just at that instant the animals burst into the house, still wrapped in their white sheet


  • and continued making noise.


  • It's a monster!


  • It's worse, it's a ghost!!! Yikes! Let's get out of this place!


  • The thieves rushed out of the house.


  • As soon as the thieves cleared out, the animals removed their sheet


  • and shared a good laugh.


  • That was so easy!


  • Let's have a feast to celebrate!


  • A brilliant idea! This house belongs to us now.


  • Let's go, I'm starving!


  • The animals were used to eating the scraps their masters left in the barn or on the floor for them.


  • Now, they could have anything they wanted, and joyfully bit into all the delicious food.


  • After enjoying a hearty meal, the animals settled down to sleep.


  • The Cat volunteered for guard duty, nervous that the thieves could come back unexpectedly.


  • Go to sleep, and don't worry. I'm not used to sleeping at night in any case.


  • Comfortable and content, the animals went to sleep.


  • In the meantime, the thieves gathered together in a nearby forest to discuss what had happened.


  • I smell something fishy going on...


  • Yes, I was thinking the same, Boss!


  • What is it?


  • I think the ghost was too white, or something.


  • That's nothing! I think I heard animal voices...


  • Oh....I think I did too.


  • Hey! Go back and take a look. There is definitely something very odd about this!


  • We will stay here and cover for you, and you come back with a report.


  • What, me?


  • Yes, you. Stop being a coward and do as I say!


  • The henchman lit a torch and began to creep up to the house.


  • Suddenly, a gust of wind extinguished his light.


  • Oh, no! Now what? If I turn back, the Boss will be angry with me.


  • I have to go on and see what's happening at the house.


  • Slowly, he snuck into the house.


  • Squinting through the darkness, all he could see was a pair of bright red lights.


  • Aaaaa! It's a monster!


  • He was too scared to realize that he was only seeing the eyes of the animals shining in the dark.


  • He tried to back out, but the animals all rushed straight at him.


  • Ow! Oh, my leg! Help! Help!


  • The Donkey kicked hard at the thief with his strong hind legs and sent him flying.


  • The thief screamed as he flew through the air.


  • After that night, the thieves never came near that house again.


  • The animals took it for their own and called themselves The Bremen Town Musicians.


  • They all lived happily ever after.


  • Hew-haw; bow-wow; meow, meow; cock-a-doodle-doo!


Once upon a time there was an old donkey who lived on a farm.



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睡前動畫─不來梅的城市樂手 (The Town Musicians of Bremen - Bedtime Story Animation | Best Children Classics HD)

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