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  • do you ever wonder what successful people think when they look back, the road they've taken changes them.

  • You look at them and you think you know them.

  • But no, they only show you a side of themselves, the side that you can comprehend in order to protect your reality, like how apparent might talk to a child.

  • Truth is, you don't know them.

  • The road to success is a lonely and dark one path.

  • Unlit.

  • There are no maps, no short cuts.

  • You will need to find the way on your own.

  • There is no other way, and this is how it's always been.

  • If you choose to walk the path, you will find a few willing to talk about it, even when you are lost in your most critical moments, when you are all in, when you're very dreams are on the line, you are lost in the darkness.

  • Other people will seem to only want to talk about the latest TV shows, sports games, politics and the endless debate over what to have for lunch.

  • We're surrounded by mediocrity, contentment.

  • Most people will not want to hear it, either, not care, be too jealous or willfully refused to understand their own failures.

  • This isn't their drink, after all, and they won't share in your success for your failure.

  • Those on the road You know this how funny it is that people around them continue to show off shiny new toys, designer clothing, slightly above average cars or some weekend outing.

  • But if you make it to the end, you will look back and realize it was just so cheap.

  • Junk, cheap consumption.

  • These people have not produced a single thing.

  • Their consumers on the other side are the successful ones.

  • Those producing it is not the shiny toy thereafter, but rather something far more valuable time early retirement legacy, meaning This is no longer about social status, and it's not about proving anything to anybody.

  • This is about rising above that game about fulfilling your potential.

  • It's about freedom to live your life on your terms.

  • Do you control your time?

  • Does your employer Why is it that on weekends everyone seems so adamant about refusing to do any work at all?

  • They refused to even touch work.

  • We'll talk about it, and if they do, they expect to be praised.

  • No, their weekends belonged to them.

  • and that's a thing to be wasted on the road.

  • You may find that it is the first time you've ever done anything on your own.

  • You begin to understand your schooling was not your achievement, your grades.

  • Those were your parents.

  • Accomplishment and your job.

  • You've merely been following instructions from people who have been telling you what to do, what to study for a project to work on this whole time.

  • None of it was your own initiative, none of it your own doing.

  • But when you go out on your own, that's when the real game begins.

  • When the training wheels come off, when the mentors leave your side, when you cast off your teachers and bosses and you step forward into the world, most people I will never take that first step.

  • You're discovering the fragility of a dream and how, as soon as a dream is revealed, it seems to with them neither understood nor welcome.

  • Not my friends, not my family, not by the people closest in your life.

  • So only at the end, when you've attained it, that's when it is to be revealed.

  • People will laugh and say it was so easy for you.

  • It must have been share luck.

  • You're not the truth.

  • It was not just luck.

  • If you've ever thought yourself to be a confident person, this is when you realize that you and everyone else has been faking it this whole time.

  • Because success is never guaranteed to anybody.

  • It isn't about confidence.

  • Confidence will lead you.

  • A straight success is about failing and failing hard over and over again to the point where you've lost all confidence in yourself and nobody believes in you anymore.

  • And it will be about whether you can get back up one day somewhere deep in the woods at a time that you least expect Opportunity will peak.

  • It's rare head, and when it does, you will feel to hesitate.

  • It is the pool of mediocrity for you to go back to your TV and coach.

  • I will tell you just once to not look back to not hold back for this would be a once in a lifetime event.

  • Keep your eyes at times, you will be on the edge of this bear at times the edge of hope.

  • But is it ever a choice?

  • It's not about motivation is about an obsessive need to see a distant idea either realized or destroyed.

  • But nevertheless, to see it through, you will find that most people you've known to now people you thought you respected, we're never really adults never really mature.

  • They were just overgrown Children dressed in suits.

  • The road to success will be lonely and dark path unlit.

  • But when you just begin to see that faith light of success, you will know that you are near.

  • It's this darkest before the dawn.

  • And while everyone else is busy clamping that one over crowded Mountain, I know that it is a false speak.

  • You will cross the valley of darkness and emerge on the other side to find a second shrouded in the clouds really peak that few knew about a mountain that goes far higher, place fitting for your dreams and know that that will not be the end.

  • It's just beginning.

  • See you on the other side, a tech lead here.

  • I hope you enjoy that.

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do you ever wonder what successful people think when they look back, the road they've taken changes them.


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成功之路 (The Road to Success)

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