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  • Hey, guys, Welcome back.

  • And today I have the iPhone tennis for hands on review.

  • Now, I've been using this device for the past week or so and I'm completely in love with this phone.

  • It is amazing.

  • It is fast.

  • The camera has been amazing.

  • The pictures it takes are beautiful.

  • This phone is so slick.

  • It is amazing.

  • Look up.

  • Beautiful that this I'm involved with this phone.

  • It is so good.

  • Look how nice that looks.

  • It is edge to edge.

  • Beautiful display.

  • I'm really liking the resolution.

  • The screen just looks so good.

  • Uh, smells so good.

  • I really like the fuel of this.

  • It is so glossy.

  • And we take a look at the back.

  • Yeah, There are a few fingerprints, but it looks really good.

  • And says your iPhone X.

  • What?

  • Isn't this a excess?

  • What does it just end?

  • Ex?

  • Let me check the model.

  • Hold on to, uh it's just it's just iPhone 10.

  • It's just a standard.

  • I found 10.

  • Oh, that's weird.

  • Yeah, I guess.

  • I guess I accidentally got this mixed up with my old iPhone 10.

  • And I didn't realize that's just been carrying around the old one.

Hey, guys, Welcome back.


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