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the president's claim that Google is launching a Corona virus testing website.
But tonight, the reality check.
Here's ABC Rachel Scott Tonight mounting questions about the program the president promised the American people, it's gonna be very quickly done, unlike websites of the past to determine whether a test is warranted and to facilitate testing at a nearby convenient location touting Google's work on a website with easy access to Corona virus testing information, Google is 1700 engineers working on this right now if made tremendous progress.
And it wasn't just the president, Dr Deborah Birks of his Corona Virus Task Force, holding up this chart to explain how it would work, where clients and patients and people of interest can go fill out a screening questionnaire, the vice president jumping into.
And then at the same website you'll be directed to one of these incredible companies that are going to give a little bit of their parking lot so that people can come by and do a drive by test.
But about 1/2 hour after the president's event concluded, Google tweeting this statement on behalf of their sister company, verily their website as of right now is in the early stages of development and that it plans to world testing out in the Bay Area with the hope of expanding more broadly overtime today.
The vice president was pressed for an explanation for the discrepancy about the website.
Google's involvement.
Working literally around the clock on, I know that our whole team working on this public and private partnership, I couldn't be more grateful.
Toe all of the hard working people at Google that are helping to put this website together.
But tomorrow five o'clock will have very specific, very specific description tomorrow.
All right.
Rachel Scott joins us now from Washington, and Rachel, the vice president, when asked, repeated that more information about this website will be announced tomorrow at 5 p.m. Exactly Tom.
But again, the company behind it says that website is still in the early stages of development.
Vice President Mike Pence said that there were plans to launch a version of the site in the northern California area on Monday.
But as for a more detailed timeline of a possible national rollout, he said, that will come tomorrow.
Tom, hi everyone, George Stephanopoulos here.
Thanks for checking on ABC News YouTube channel.
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President claims Google is launching coronavirus testing website

69 分類 收藏
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