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So how do eagles target and safely catch terrestrial prey to find out?
Lloyd has come to Scotland to put his Golden Eagle Tilly to the test.
But first he needs something for her to hunt.
This'll is Rubio here, Designed and created by tech wizard Chris Watts with a fake fur coat and high speed motors, it can blend into the undergrowth or flash across the open.
It's also fitted with an onboard 360 camera to capture all of the action.
Okay, she's gonna roust.
Get ready.
Okay, a ah, in a matter of seconds till it locks on to talk.
She's got it.
She's done it.
Thank you very much, Kenny.
Good gal.
To challenge Tilly's hunting ability, they repeat the test in different conditions from strong winds and overcast skies.
Too bright some.
But the outcome is the same.
To reveal the secret to her success.
We need to go through the footage frame by frame first till he keeps a constant lock on robo.
Here's position.
Next she uses her wings to adjust trajectory as the wind changes or the target moves.
She keeps her legs tucked in to stay aerodynamic.
Then just 1/4 of a second before impact.
She swings her feet for words so both eyes can see robo hair on her talent.
She makes perfect contact.
What a gal.
Good, But there's a good eagle.


We used a "robo-hare" to analyse an eagle's ATTACK! | Natural World - BBC

31 分類 收藏
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