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  • way PICO PICO speaks way getting show.

  • I knew that way.

  • You sure you were about to jet Julian?

  • A squad that had, you know, holiday in surgical?

  • Mr Your thing.

  • Grass Marco.

  • Proud ingress.

  • Ingress.

  • Not Cassidy.

  • Fascist guayaberas.

  • Shopping it apart on our shopping Cylon.

  • Nothing.

  • It's not like, I think, some apologies.

  • The usual, you know, show in some power and and 16 Hollinger.

  • Mayes said school put his judges this morn Amish try in the mood.

  • I gotta go wash in a month, a week?

  • My w e in the e Actually, it is drugged up.

  • You don't know me.

  • M wantto complicate.

  • Mom Thought Do you want to say, Do I fire station, site and match?

  • It was easy, you know, I think I think saying thanks, team without saying treasure, that family's gonna pay separate agencies story my dramatic trials in prison.

  • But it happened.

  • A studio perceptible say sob a tramping back Portela biggest also for Theo.

  • Theo.

  • When Reggie They what?

  • So you want to pay the fee for the Sochi script video?

  • Is Louise ish to me that you've got there yourself?

  • Toys That is no longer feel that No feel your signature to a solitary What you see now?

  • I don't know about the double master say some way episode Granddaughter and I visited a ravine way said the syrup said They said daughter Okay, game.

  • It doesn't want the article coming soon I know you way back.

  • We think they know me Maja, my zing Back to whom you are feeling by a president now no more apple pie Spy Tocumen Amara By that also known happens It is always like magic.

  • It has softened by loud, is omitted seven You don't carry a gun on us.

  • You're doing only strong.

  • You want just people dodgy that I see you know what do they do?

  • But people brewing in my home when you're sick Okay, my co quel bruto can't says Can you come back and said You showing you say the minute I have never seen Sabine and that's a sudden it's a beak with Casey president after not feeling super, I can't cash.

  • It was your idea to sell sell out about not coming up.

  • So just you on your Jennifer told me what you saw Son said You know what, Watson shaking tomorrow.

  • You know what you can sell them.

  • And I saw three settlement.

  • Kiki said lately, Don't you got some kind of say yes.

  • They sent me back with my swing.

  • Theo.

  • Theo.

  • I got a key to Facebook it down.

  • Make it strong, Michael, that I know.

  • What this case?

  • Six.

  • Jet.

  • Just doing my border in Cuiaba.

  • No jail time on now.

  • Did you teach you about?

  • I'm bored?

way PICO PICO speaks way getting show.


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