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Whatever you thought of the movie, there's plenty of potential for the next movie.
Welcome to Watch Mojo and today will be counting down our bigs for the top Senate.
Craziest fan theories about Sonic the Hedgehog to You'll Never Catch Me.
Hard Evidence.
A fool substitute for Intelligence for this list will be looking at theories regarding the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog movie that we could see coming to fruition in the inevitable sequel.
If you haven't seen this film yet, you may want to get out there before we spoil anything.
Most important, you've got to tell someone you trust.
Now let's send the death egg.
Keen viewers have noticed that during his final scene, Jim Carey's Don't Robot Nick treks through the mushroom kingdom at Women.
Mushroom Hill's own with a very distinctive walk is body language.
Here closely resembles the way that the dead egg robot moved in the game.
Sonic the Hedgehog to this final bus fight took place aboard the death egg, which is apparently supposed to be a homage to some movie.
We think it was called like Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me or something like that.
Darth What did you call me?
No, no.
Nothing could carries Walk be a way of suddenly foreshadowing that the death egg is coming.
Yeah, it may be a stretch, but building a giant space station in his likeness don't seem like something that carries Robot Nick would do from a blind everybody.
Number nine.
Agent Stone takes his boss's place.
Agent stuff.
The doctor thinks your basic.
Now that robot Nick is trapped on that mushroom planets will take control of all the advanced weaponry and gadgets he left back on.
If the most logical person to run robotics operations would be his assistant agent Stone since Stone never came offers especially evil.
Perhaps he'll use robotics.
Tech toe ate our heroes, for example.
He could give tails the parts needed to build a transforming plane.
Then again, maybe Stone does have more devious ambitions behind his mild mannered demeanor, which would make him a bit like sniff early from the sonic sad am Siri's big around.
Finally, let's sonic feet here.
Or maybe Stone will leave the robotics industry and Kylie to pursue his true passion making lattes days.
I just thought you might like a latte with steamed Austrian goat milk.
Of course, I want a lot.
I love the way you make them.
Number eight Robot in it goes for eggman.
No greasy has diverted sonic to the far reaches of the planet.
It's time to launch the second part of my terrible black films.
Robotic has almost fully adopted his video game counterparts.
Iconic Look from the goggles to the shaven head to the mad scientist mustache, Carrie becomes the spitting image of Dr Eggman.
All that's missing is the character's round physique.
That said, perhaps the sequel will take things one step further by having robotic developed an egg shape.
Granted, we can't imagine the robot Nick would gain much weight on an almost room diet.
Who knows, though?
Maybe there's an olive garden somewhere on that planet with that kind your mind.
Number seven Animal powered tech The with no traditional power sources lying around the stranded robotic will have to get creative.
Inspiration may strike robot Nick if he stumbles upon some animals or alien animals on the mushroom planets.
In many of the Sonic games, Hagman's robots or bad knicks are powered using cuddly critters.
Robotic could do the same here turning bunnies and biddies into batteries.
Or if the sequel wants to go super dark, he could straight up rope, politicize the animals, detaining them into mindless machines under his control.
We've gotta get you back to knothole.
Sending is, too.
It's too late, Sonny Chuck.
In any case, we expect the sequel to do some variation on the idea Opinion.
Uncle Chuck, we'll be back.
Number six Sonics Homeworld is no Green Hills own.
So as I crashed into the cold, dark water of the Pacific, I realized a few things.
Now this would be quite a twist in the film.
We busy sonic blasting through and alien willed that looks exactly like the Green Hills own from the original Genesis game.
Of course, it's never clarified if this is the Green Hills own, especially since Sonic subsequently escapes to an EF down called Green Hills.
Whatever this planet is called were led to believe that it's Sonics Homeworld.
Seemingly nobody else on this planet possesses blue hair or super speed, though.
So what if Sonic isn't originally from here?
What if Sonic was born on another planet and Long claw discovered him in an escape pod or something since Sonics faster than a speeding bullets.
It'd be fitting if he had a Superman esque origin.
Number five Metal Sonic Theo.
For all the faults that the Sega CD head, it did give us one of Sonic's best games ever.
Sonic CD not only introduced Sonics kind of Gil friend Amy Rose, but also the antagonised metal Sonic.
The blue hedgehogs mechanical look alike would go on to play a key role in the Sonic O.
And he has since popped up in several other games.
Metal has to still be around here somewhere.
We wouldn't be surprised if metal sonic affected into the next movie.
Robotic already used one of Sonic's Quills to supercharge his egg mobile in the climax.
Next time he could use a quilt of power.
A robot modeled after his arch nemesis, then robotic could really give Sonic a run for his rings.
Is that all you've got?
No, but thank you for asking.
Number four.
Shadow the Hedgehog.
It's not.
It must be using the chaos.
Emerald Too warm.
I'm the world's ultimate life.
Another villainous double Ganga Shadow The Hedgehog made his debut in Sonic Adventure to where the public mistakes in for Sonic.
Somehow, according to eye witnesses at the scene, the suspect was identified as the world renowned hero Sonic the Hedgehog.
Seriously, we know that talking head jogs aren't run of the mill, but nobody can tell that sonic and shadow a different bloody colors.
If Shannon does appear in the next movie, however, the mistaken identity trope may make a bit more sense.
After all, only a few people know about Sonics existence at this point.
Tails hasn't even met him yet, meaning he could get Sonic mixed up with shadow.
Once Tales distinguishes one from the other, though, he'll team up with Sonic while Shadow allies himself with Robot Nick I.
Never since Geno was created by Gerald Robotic Egg Man's grandfather could be named dropped in the sequel as well.
Professor Jones, one of the greatest scientific minds in the world at my grandfather number three long claws lived to raise tails.
Your tail's thank you.
I have some argue business with master sort of trial today.
Think about your hard core.
Sonic fans might have been disappointed that there were many supporting players from the games in the movie.
Don't forget, though that the first Sonic game kept its main cast limited to Robot Nick on the Blue Blair.
It wasn't until Sonic the Hedgehog to on the genesis that we met.
Miles Tails Power here is bound to have a larger role in the next movie if the mid credit scene is any indication.
While they haven't been properly introduced, tales apparently knows you.
Sonic is how our guess is that Sonics mental lunk law survived the kidney attack and brought up tails.
It's only natural that tails would be raised by someone who could fly.
Since we didn't see Long Claude Die only injured before the portal closed, this is pretty likely.
So get out of here.
Time to go.
Number two knuckles teams up with Robot Nick.
I know something.
What about Sonny?
While it's unlikely that Knuckles was one of the kidneys that ambushed Lung Claw, this scene definitely provided leeway for Sonics rival to appear in the sequel.
The A Kidnapper tries to snatch Sonic to harness his superspeed, and robotic is just as obsessed with capturing the hedgehog.
Given their common enemy, it would make perfect sense if Knuckles teamed up with Roban IQ.
This wouldn't be too far off from the games where eggman continually trick snuggles into helping him.
That said, knuckles will likely switch to Team Sonic by the end.
Did you let him trick you again like you weren't smooth?
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Number one.
It's a hot crossover.
No way.
When you really think about it, it makes sense.
What if eggman kidnaps E B the Easter Bunny from hop and puts him in a bad nick?
You're dreaming again.
What if Sonic sets out to save him becoming the first Easter hedgehog in the process?
What what if Robot Nick turns the Easter Egg factory into the death egg?
What if Tom was actually Fred O'Hare this whole time on?
He was forced to go into witness protection after testifying against Okay, okay, just messing with you.
Number one for riel chaos.
Emeralds will be the focus are stocked with this Jule containing the ultimate several.
According to writers Pat Casey and Josh Miller.
An early draft for the Sonic movie had a lot more alien worlds, but the final product was mostly restricted to if, due to financial reasons, if the sequel secures a bigger budget, is hoping that we get to see Sonic explore the different wills on his map.
Actually, each world on the map could contain a chaos emerald, including the mushroom planet.
Maybe robotic uses the emerald to get back to is and travel to other worlds.
Thus, a race between sonic and eggman and sues to see who can collect all seven of the emeralds first, wherever the sequel take.
Sonic and Company We think the whole Hedgehog awards a storyline has run its course.
Don't worry, I know exactly what to do.
Do you agree with our pigs?
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Top 10 Craziest Fan Theories About Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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