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Today we're gonna delve into the brand's new game from Pokemon Pokemon Masters.
It's a free app game, which actually looks pretty cool.
I was watching Jim play it this morning and it looks awesome.
And I want to be a Pokemon master.
You wanna be a pro quo Masa, Get Let's do this.
What for the need to say you say Bond, your blue.
Come on.
Nice pitch yacht, But what's with what was that?
I'm blue.
I'm a pretty big deal around here.
Okay, um, we got the knock this guy down a peg or two.
And your nickname?
Unusual real name.
Unfortunately, my nickname has my real name in it, so that's here.
Okay, I hope he doesn't tell us off.
Check me out is on the phone.
Remember, this is actually insane.
What is my hair doing?
That's Ah, that's a strange one.
What color is my hair?
It's brown now, but I think I might keep it is blue because it looks kind of better.
Are you sure this is how you look?
Yeah, I think this is how I look.
But then off we go to the world off Local masters they graphics on this are crazy as picture.
Why start with I know it's kind of like is kind of cliche, but picture is definitely one of my favorite Pokemon.
Would you repeat what you like to register to compete?
If so, you'll be needing one of these aboard your phone.
That's a legendary look at that thing.
Are you perhaps looking for a team?
Yes, just me on my lonesome.
No friends.
I understand a hold up.
These two get to be our sink pairs broke a misty Let's go, No bags.
Let's take on the PML together.
I think that's Pokemon Masters League.
So good, you misty.
Have you heard of the Kansai Region leader?
They call the tumble use mermaid.
Wow, You sound so different, Misty.
Oh, they better get Brooke's voice right?
Brooke is one of my favorite characters in the Pokemon animate Please get it right.
My name's Brock.
I'm a gym leader when it comes to rock hard willpower.
Nobody could beat me.
It could be Waas.
It's no TV, Dad trouble in Central City, so I'm guessing this is like my first mission.
This game looked beautiful.
This is one of the craziest looking mobile games I've ever played.
Look at this.
It's so it's so pretty.
Let's go to explore.
I think this is where the mission stay.
Look, Main story thing is properly polished is a great looking game is through this new adventure.
New goal.
Trouble in Central City.
Oh, no.
This is Central City, the biggest city on Paseo.
You might be surprised.
Another Paseo is a completely artificial island.
Will you please stop?
It's against the rules to force the train.
It's bad if the door won't do things again.
Aggressive already.
Sounds like trouble when you think there are okay.
We should see if they need help.
Oh, this is Cynthia.
Isn't she?
Like the champion?
If you really wanna battle, we have to challenge her another day.
Yeah, Listen to this girl.
Oh, it is.
He's outed.
Very aggressive street thug.
Forget that you're battling me now, Champion.
There's no way I'm passing up a chance like this.
Come on, Let's battle authorities.
They've got adrift.
Luminal it, wick!
Super cute!
You two cut that out!
Don't you see you're bothering them?
I think that's their prime broke.
To be honest, broke Misty on.
This is Rosa.
I guess she's gonna be important.
Character You don't like.
You could use a hand, Rose.
And don't worry, We'll take care of these guys, okay?
I think he's ready to fight.
We should probably be careful.
Oh, I go.
Public nuisance to battles.
Recommended types, current strength.
And we've got broken misty on our side.
The team cannot be edited.
I'm guessing that's because we don't keep broken Misty.
But I could be completely wrong.
Let's do this.
I'm sure as a tutorial coming up.
Look, our teeth.
She has fangs.
She has actual Parana bangs coming.
You guys know the rules?
If two trainers eyes meet, they have the battle.
That's cool.
We fight, we want.
If you get our way, we'll fight you too.
I'm gonna She's so aggressive.
Look at this.
So she called to teammates.
You bow in threes.
They got piggy little eyes.
You back, we got star me or next MP.
You guys are so done.
Typical battles are foreign.
Team to three on three.
You control each year.
Three teammates first try attacking with Pikachu.
Use thunder shock.
Yes, 14 damage old lit week.
You're in trouble using moves to please your move gauge on your move gauged it fills up over time.
Okay, Top on Brooks.
We know.
Choose one of on excellently use rock throw.
Let Wick dead now.
What am I doing?
Oh, I'm attacking.
Let's use Misty.
I need two of these.
Move things.
A bubble beam.
Let's go.
Oh, okay.
Star me.
Please chill out.
That use Is this a weakness, right?
That is definitely weakness.
We've got destroyed.
You defeated punk girl.
Ellen, you come at me again with those big words.
Just don't bring the other guy because he looks like he could actually punched me in the face.
Just a bad matchup.
Okay, scary teeth.
Please get out of here.
Yeah, See you later.
You walk away.
She pulled the guys back up.
He actually wants to attack us.
Okay, We're battling him now as well.
These blockheads won't even be a good warm up.
But if they want a weapon, a weapon, they'll get.
He better be talking about Pope.
Otherwise we're in trouble.
Case added drift balloon Merrill and Geo.
Dudes, I want to tell me to do each sink pair has a type that is weak against attack with moves.
That match is weakness.
Type to inflict double the damage.
Okay, try switching targets to a boat.
One that's weak against your attacks.
Top of Pokemon on the opposite team.
Two targets with marrow.
You're going down to all three of them.
Attacked one Po.
Come on, let's do it.
His mouth was getting fried.
Try using boxes on it to target one of your opponent's weaknesses.
Okay, top of Drift Balloon Do rock throw.
He's trying to hex the star.
Me, but little does he know there's a rock throw coming his way.
Another Pokemon dead.
Two moves and then you start Mia's welcome.
Stormy is really powerful, and it's got the weakness as well.
55 damage.
Three attacks.
It's allover.
Who's the big man now?
This game looks amazing.
It looks so good for a phone game.
Yeah, you got a headache now.
After that pommel in graph, we missed our opportunity thanks to you.
Okay, were leveled up.
We actually got lost.
That's for the 11 more hp for up you.
Could you I wonder if you get different?
Pose more.
You must be able to surely or you collect the characters.
I'm not too sure yet.
All rewards as well.
30 gems, a megaphone and some cans of soda.
Cynthia and Rosa.
So this is just story time and looks like he getsem Gem's for free, which is good.
I can't believe we lost you Bozo's.
You'll pay for this.
Oh, really?
See you later.
Nice time.
And you guys, Cynthia and I are having a nice chat before those two started harassing us.
So that's what was going on.
A little.
I'm glad nothing bad happens.
Oh, I should introduce you to Dante.
And this is Rosa.
Famous trainer from you Nova region.
Always she from?
She's from black and white, isn't she?
Black and white And black and white too.
I'm pretty sure we were looking for you because I want to talk to you.
But imagine our surprise when we saw you with the CID.
No champion.
Who would have thought you'd be here too?
She said, Yeah, Champion, Just saying So you have heard of me.
You're correct.
I'm Cynthia.
Lovely to meet you all.
I'm flattered.
You think so highly of me.
Thanks for helping us back there.
I really appreciate it.
You, especially me.
Me, especially, is a magnificent battle.
I sense a great deal of potential in you.
Next time across pubs.
We should have a Pokemon battle.
Okay, I should probably trade a little bit first.
So take tested.
A bite.
She goes, look atyou.
You actually managed to impress these, Cynthia, But she was right to be impressed.
You were great in battle.
Thank you guys.
So nice.
We're looking for people to join our team for the PM out.
What do you think?
So that's where you came to find me.
I'm so flattered.
What's he gonna say?
But first things first.
We could have a Pokemon battle.
Should have seen that government.
Well, this is a boss and a megaphone is a reward.
All the animation into the battle screen is cool as well.
This game is so nicely done while you're on a cloud.
Who they are fledgling assn.
Ivy and adrift Flu.
That's cool.
Said book like that sink, move unlocked.
Sink news of powerful attacks.
People do a massive damage to your opponent's.
Every time you move your sink move.
Countdown goes down.
Oh, okay.
that makes sense.
I want to attack the drift.
Get him!
Or he's not gonna live long enough to use the sink.
Weakness off rock.
Do you wanna attack the fledgling use rock throw?
Okay, I'm getting the hang of it.
By what?
My moves to count down so I can actually use my sink move.
They're only doing six damage, so that's fine.
But when they're using their sink move.
Oh, no!
Okay, this could be bad.
Thes animations.
Grass auto.
Starman, you're dead for sure.
Okay, Never mind that.
A lot of damage, though.
You wait, I'm gonna get some revenge on you guys.
Which sink Move.
Should we do, we need Okay, We're actually gonna die soon.
That's not good.
Let's try and clear this sliding a snowmobile annoying me.
Let's do PICO choose because why not sink?
Let's go, you rats!
Get your butts handed to you by peek a Jew thunder of newfound passion name.
You're dead for a look at that.
No one could survive 293 damage.
Oh, I should have done that to the drift through that.
I've been doubled that have been like 580 damage on my picture was too powerful.
No chance, though, is insane.
Off the animations and stuff.
Got sweet.
Level up on Three of our guys are wonderful.
Gets keep broken, Misty.
They'll be kind of cool.
First time awards with some coins What coins are.
And then we got pretty much the same amount of items back as well.
I'm enjoying this so far.
This looks awesome.
I don't play it just to watch it.
It looks amazing.
Oh, my God.
What's he doing?
You poison for Instagram?
That was impressive.
Your Wave s and I expected I'd be more than happy to join your team if you have me.
You didn't change your minds, did you?
Well, until you did that pose, I'm gonna join the team.
Just kidding.
Yeah, Joint, please.
You can actually say no before you could add.
She rejected.
You just ate two different things.
Glad to have you on board.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Oh, gosh, This is so exciting.
I promise to give it my old you better.
Oh, speaking of which, I should introduce you all to my new friend Barry.
Show me, Barry, please Okay.
Looks like we're going to the beach.
What is this?
She's a five star.
I'll take you a free five star character.
Not bad shops open.
Tricia would scared welcome stairs a grand openings air.
Feel free to stop by and browse through our stock at any time at the shopping scalp new teammates exchange your items and acquire all sorts of useful things.
Lets you stink.
Pair scout to reach out some new teammates.
All this while I was just talking about Is that Whitney?
I'm pretty sure it is with a giant mill tank with this automation.
Oh, man.
Ah, The poor guy's phone is insane.
Scanning for people.
Someone has arrived.
Thes confirmations are so slick.
My name is Whitney Mama.
Gym Leader eight SIA Q T.
Okay, you're talking about the milk tank there.
Maybe try not to get too infatuated G's.
Okay, Whitney, calm down.
You found a new teammate scow against.
Reach out to more trainers and build your dream team, so it must be just random each time.
What's this level of your sick moves when you scout out a sink pair that you already have their sink move levels are Oh, Okay, So duplicates aren't too bad.
What's this Over here?
You can make changes to your team right over here.
Why don't you try doing it now?
This looks like a coffee shop.
Try editing your team in the new sink.
Okay, let's do this team first.
Like the sink.
Pay us to switch that off.
They're cutting Misty, but she has the better Pokemon Storybrooke incomes, Whitney to body slam and X speed.
There we go.
The sink pe sectors now part your team.
You successfully edited your team.
Trivia about free coffee for your boy as well.
The application, Mr Restart, in order to download Oh, no.
Be right back.
Poke about.
Outdone that self with this app.
The polish on it is crazy like the animations and stuff.
It's so good.
I am.
You're looking bright eyed and bushy tailed today.
Thank you.
I'm feeling great myself.
Let's get out there and do our best today.
Just do it.
We'll hold our special locking bonus.
So if you guys want to get this game 200 gems every day, I think Is that good?
I'm assuming that's good.
Lock in bonus 100 then you get another power power thing to one time only.
Gem spare?
Sure do.
There's lots of stuff in here already.
We have presence that's open them.
Lord Celebration Present 1000 gems.
I'm flattered.
Then we got another 100 another 200 then the level up manual use for leveling up sink.
There's nice claim all you want to play this game or you will play this in the future.
Definitely download it now because you get free gems.
You get a lot of free stuff already.
We go to the shop.
How much for a sink pair Scout.
It costs 300.
Or you can buy 10 out time with 3000 one daily discount to pay 100 gems to get a sink.
That's great.
And if you buy 10 at the same time, you're guaranteed five stars on these, the ones you can get one point for when we're gonna see people 1.1% 0 man, right.
That's no Ruin it.
I want to scout for one.
Just that we can do it well enough.
Let's do it.
I just want to see this animation again.
Foregoing phone.
Activate we're gonna get.
It's really, really low odds.
Get someone quiet.
Stars like 1% like one in 100.
Let's give it a role anyway.
That's you.
We get You got four stars.
Hey, that ain't too bad.
Lap Chris is absolutely beasts.
More alive.
She's an Elite four member.
I'm pretty sure that's a good one.
What's the chance of getting her 1.1%?
And to get four stars, 20% in a five star 7%.
Hey, that's cool.
So now we could go to team Edit team.
So we keep Whitney.
I might get rid of Brooke.
Just to put my new team member in there.
May I go with you?
You make a new chapter.
Unlocks winner on chapter Sue.
Oh, look at that island in the background.
The ice one.
That's crazy.
Of course this is Barry.
I forgot to search for Barry.
Barry should be just up ahead.
Hurry up.
I want to induce you'll.
Okay, calm down.
Hold your horses.
What kind of person is Barry anyway?
You're making him out to be an absolute hero.
Mask challenges.
Okay, let's do these battles We got new team members now.
Rosa spoke.
When you grasp that moves are having on your team will give you an advantage.
Top this button to edit your team.
He's gonna make me do it.
Maybe not.
So we want lightning and grass.
I'm just going to kind of roll with it, So I want to see these new to new Pokemon.
Yo, this dude is Barry.
No, there's no Barry.
Okay, I'm good.
A breaststroke freestyle.
But the flying, of course.
Poke one battles.
We look very similar, don't we?
Look Whoa!
Okay, they've got Carve Arnas and Marini.
That's a lot of different poke one in this game.
This could be Yeah, we should have chosen a grass type, but it's fine under shock.
Down the middle.
Let's go.
Big old exact.
Let's try a lot personal as well.
Just do a nice beam.
It's not very effective.
You need to wait for its finishing move.
Okay, Maybe is quite effective.
And then a body slam on this last Carbonneau.
Let's go.
All these two new ones of powerful apperance destroyed that Po.
Come on.
My team.
I like this.
I like this game a lot This is very cool.
Did I just lose a Pokemon battle even though I'm so good at them?
Well, maybe I'm just better.
Who's next for these guys?
Is that a rich guy?
Oh, said about mosques.
Sinclair Alert Sink peril.
Er, shish masked man.
It's fight hand over your partner Pokemon.
Wait a second.
Well, he's like Team Rocket.
Okay, I thought he was just trying to look cool.
Apparently, he's one of the teams he's got tomorrow and two Marrow's.
That's, uh, it's gonna be easy work already.
Want to use my sink, but I don't think I'm gonna have a chance to.
Let's ice beam this.
The bio Barrow is already destroyed a lap first, taking care of that marrow.
And now we shouldn't send a thunder shock that way as well.
Look at this hand over your Oh, come on, give me your marital Wait.
It's not that it's not dead quick paralyzed, so you can get, um, you can get status effects.
That's kind of cool.
Zap a peek at you.
Fry it.
Every guy Marel sushi for everyone.
You defeated the masked man.
So if he gets take my Pokemon if he wins.
Can I steal his poker morn?
If I win?
Did we know?
Prepare what?
Enough retreat.
You run away.
Oh, I'm levelling them up.
So we got to level eight with Peca Choo.
Did they just go all the way up from level 1 to 6?
I think they did.
They did.
1 to 6 in 112 battles.
That's not bad for stuff.
Since you're a first time customer like to offer you a training machine free of charge.
Don't mind if I do.
We got five.
All right.
I think we're gonna teach Pikachu a new move.
Come from that you have the required items I needs.
How many do we need?
You need to use five at a time.
Let's do it Fungible.
Okay, that's a good move.
Thunderbolt, once movies learned is ready to be used in battle.
Try learning some moves.
Your favorite.
Sinclair's nice work.
Thanks, Trish.
Appreciate it.
The thunderbolt requires two.
And the power 47.
Thunder stocks of 17.
Picture's gone.
Absolutely crazy boosts.
Since Barry has had a little bit of ah hype around him, let's meet Barry.
Shall we jump into conclusions, he better be here.
I've heard some rumors about these masked trainers, apparently a bunch of trainers where masks have been running around trying to steal people's Pokemon.
You actually lose them, though, that that would suck.
I've been waiting for you guys forever.
Barry's here.
Pitiful Oppa's.
Well, that pip up is so angry.
Look, you're there's team great guys on you play dumb and you'll pay a fine.
Oh, so they call team break, team break.
Woods thought, Oh, it's like you.
Barry, wait.
Hold on.
This is the guy you were looking for.
Why is he yelling at us?
That is people up to here we go pick up.
Let's show them what we're made off.
No, don't do it.
Don't do it.
No, no.
We're gonna have to battle him.
Barry, come on, now.
It's the first time I meet you.
This isn't a very good first impression, is it?
So all this is the boss.
We're gonna challenge Barry.
This should be easy mode.
I might switch out.
Whitney, actually.
Is that at it on?
Let's put Rose a vacuum because she is a five star after rule, and then we should have all the weaknesses covered.
And that is an absolute champion.
Barry, you're going down.
You're rude.
I'm gonna steal your people up.
Oh, my, You look, This feels rolling.
That's so cute, Right?
We're gonna thunderbolt.
Let's do this.
His pickup is going down.
Oh, my goodness is really strong.
It is healed.
Oh, no.
We're in trouble.
Does big, big trouble.
Everything has like to attack cost.
Let's use away its energy ball.
That is weak too.
It's weak to grass.
Come on, do the damage.
That's still not a crazy amount of damage from the shock.
We might be in trouble here, guys.
Okay, Those are a little bit weaker.
What has he done?
What is everyone doing?
Everyone's better than me.
I need to get his support broken One out the way because this isn't going the way I planned.
Always sink.
Moving us now.
Oh, no!
What's Barry got?
Water sink beam.
It should be okay on the lap.
14 damage.
You suck, Barry, I'm gonna wait for the double move.
It's taken a while, but we'll get this feel out.
Appeared so quickly.
We have potion as an ability is life.
You go about that, We just use them whenever.
Oh, still got smashed.
Just use the potion on lap.
Chris, that's cool.
I like that ex special attack.
Also, that increasing all of our special attack ready for the energy ball straight into pure bloods face.
Why is it so powerful?
What happens?
Okay, means to a sink.
Move desperately grassing Move.
Let's go snobby.
These animations is so cute.
Okay, Has way better to a thunder shop.
People up is coming in with a sink.
Move again.
This is actually quite challenging Now, water sink beam into lap for us again.
Doesn't like that Leprosy.
You gotta get vaporous or we'd potion potion rapturous real quick.
I'm just waiting for the energy ball.
Used the potion.
I don't mind if he could.
You guys Actually, I kind of do.
I should have said that.
Energy ball is must finish him off, please.
Yes, Ways.
He's still alive.
The finished little bit of how come on thunder shock must finish him off.
Finally, all that was stressful.
Barry's an absolute champion way.
Better get some decent experience for that good job.
We bought SNI V.
Otherwise we would have been dead.
Take that, Barry.
And then we got team break to learn about a CZ.
Well, this game is cool.
I played it for way longer than I thought I would for this video, but I think it's a very cool game.
It looks incredible and it's free.
Obviously, there's an app, purchases and stuff, as with any mobile game, but this game looks awesome.
Hope you enjoy taking a first look at Pokemon masters.
If you wanna check it out for yourself, go ahead, check it out.
It starts poking monsters on the android Store, the APP store Pretty much wherever.
Completely free.
Go and check it out.
I think it's fun for you.
Enjoy this video if you didn't even like me greatly appreciated subscriber.
You are brand new to the channel for daily videos are See you will in the next one.
Good, but swing back in Candle Camp four.


Pokémon Masters is BEAUTIFUL!

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