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you ladies might even jacks up the guy.
Rockabye Little bit life the job.
Forget about Patty Fitzpatrick.
I did.
I forgot the party even existed.
He was in our lives for a short little time and then he left for a while.
But he's back.
But you know what?
He needed a break.
Last time we talked to Shawn.
OK, I'm sick.
Leave me alone.
I can't fucking brain.
Last night we talked to party.
His half sister Faye came out of the closet as bisexual and she's been promoted to Corporal Fair play.
It worked.
I graduated from university.
Was an undergraduate degree in computer science gold me also reaching for the stars.
I was released from my position as lab assistant for shouting University as I'm no longer a student, Kira suffered a second trimester miscarriage.
Well, life wasn't great.
Sits but I have a good feeling about this.
Happiness is at an all time low.
It's a 20% but my looks have got up to 62%.
A plastic surgery done.
I can't remember what else I have done.
I have a house, I believe, But we have to go looking for a job now we all right?
What did it say?
We graduated us.
I graduated undergraduate degree in computer science.
All right, so we can go for a job as what are we looking for?
A computer programmer?
68,000 year.
That's pretty damn good.
I'ma, go for that play for this open position today.
This is good.
This is good.
Give me all your look.
My little party here has not had the best amount of time.
He's had a miscarriage with his beautiful wife.
He's been let go from his position.
He graduated, his dog's dead, his family's torn apart and some of them are dead.
We need this.
I need your look.
I know what you're saying, Jack, but you're Irish.
You should have all the luck in the world.
You think that?
But I'm sick and also got a tooth removed recently, so things were not on my site.
Play for this position by being interviewed for a computer programmer position on Oasis core.
You are asked the following question.
Do you prefer to call or text?
There are programming course they might say to text because they might want me to actually working on app that will work on texting or they want me to call because they know I'm serious.
And they know that I, um I prefer to talk in person.
Welcome aboard.
That's the right answer.
Come on, putty out, Abi.
Well, welcome to always a score.
That was a trick question.
They were like, Do you want to call or text about the position?
And I'm, like, drop my balls on the table like I'm a walking in person, like, Sir, this is a McDonald's drive through.
Please leave.
That's good, though.
Now we're earning 68,000 year, and I could just keep aging myself up.
What age am I?
Can we see 37?
All right, we got an undergraduate degree.
I'm 37.
I finally got a well paying job.
It's never too late to chase your dreams and do great things, but my happiness is really low.
I think me and Kira should have a conversation.
I think that we should pretend relationship counseling.
We might need that after we lost a child.
Kira hasn't talked to me for a while, and I've kind of just come home and shuffled my way through the house and I'll talk to her either.
I think we really need to air our stuff out.
I tried to make her pay to know.
Ask her to go.
Your wife, Kira refused to go with you to relationship counseling.
That's good.
Now it's fine.
It's a healthy relationship.
There's nothing wrong with it.
It's fight me and Kira get along like a house on fire.
Although how's that?
Fire eventually burns down to the ground.
But while it's on fire, it's great.
You know what?
I'm gonna do something on my own.
I I'm going to know I I'm going to go for a walk.
Uh, let's go for a normal walk for 30 minutes.
This is 2.6 K.
I'm a machine.
I have basically have mechanical legs.
My happiness right up from 28 to 36.
I'm getting my happiness up again.
Let's go.
Uh, let's Let's meditate.
They go out.
A boy happened is up to 40%.
That's not great.
All right, time to age up.
We'll go 38 years old.
Quality time.
Your father wants to take you to a soccer match.
Will you go with him?
Hell, yeah, I will.
Of course I will, Papa, I would love to go watch the football with you.
Yes, Papa.
Anything, Papa, I've wanted this quality time together.
Fucking runny nose.
Ella forces.
Of course they will.
I'm too busy right now.
Or argue with him.
Like how dare you?
How dare you want quality time with me?
Who do you think you are?
My dad?
Of course I will go times you into a soccer match with your father.
I'm up to 49% happiest.
You hear that, Kira?
You've lost a child, so that's actually really understandable.
Andi, I love you.
Still Sorry.
What whole lot?
There's a piece of information in here that I feel like was very relevant.
That they didn't tell me.
That tsunami has a tsunami has pounded the coast of Pakistan after a magnitude 3.1 earthquake occurred 39 miles off the shore.
It is expected that there will be tens of thousands of casualties, with most of the survivors being left homeless.
There's a pretty substantial thing toe happen, but bit life is all about my life.
It's all about me having quality time with my dad.
Ongoing relationship counselling with my wife, but no three point Earth 3.1 earthquake off the coast of Pakistan.
Now we don't care pot.
He's got more important things.
I see with the bank balance of 47 grand, have an income of 68,000 would have a tax rate of 24%.
That's not bad, all right, it's It's kind of in line with the rest of Ireland, all right, But if you made a company, you probably have to get, like, 12% tax, you know, because Ireland's really good for its corporate tax rates.
As everybody, as you all know, everybody knows that.
Monthly outflow 3227.
I have a network of 300 grand from the Make a tweet.
They love it.
You posted on social media, got 31 likes Fuck yeah, of course, I'm just a trendsetter.
What do we do?
My job.
Let's check out the popularity of having my coworkers.
Oh my God, Everyone hates me.
I only have a good relationship with Rohan Thompson.
Senior translator.
Adam sure hates me.
Amy Johnson hates me.
Evan Fran, Layla, Nathan Seriozha Sophie all fucking hate me, is it?
My face.
Is it because I'm telling you there's a lot more going on just cause they've had plastic surgery all over my face?
And just because I've made my Penis a different shape multiple times at this point does not make me a different person.
All right, So what?
Let's let's befriend know, have a conversation with her.
You're trying to start a conversation with your co workers.
See Russia about who will be the next UFC champion.
She told you that she is too busy at the moment.
Six years?
No, she really hates me.
What do they do?
Talk to her again.
You trying to start a conversation with the whole works here?
Not students.
Where should wear uniforms?
She told you she's too busy at the moment.
Oh, she's gonna She's gonna kill me in my sleep.
Oh, yeah.
That relationship went downhill fast.
Yeah, I'm too much of a talker.
That's the problem.
This is work harder.
Instead, I don't need people to like me.
They like me for my work ethic.
I hope relationships wait.
My happiness fucking collapsed.
God damn adorn its years.
You get in your head, buddy.
All right?
She's too busy at the moment.
But that does not devalue.
You was a person.
All right.
You're a beautiful man.
Let's talk to hear you told your wife, Kira, that she's a winner.
Come on, man.
You've been married for a while.
You've gone through some tough shit together.
The best you can come out.
What is that?
She's a winner.
So your wife walking through the house to be like, Hey, love of my life, You're pretty dang cool.
Actually, that's kind of cute who I have increased in age, which makes me irresistible to people.
Your coworker Elena told me she is happy to know my body is 60% water because she is very thirsty.
Jesus Christ.
What would you do if it gives me their looks like?
No, Layla, your stink Give it to her.
God reject her events is now I'm going to report someone to hate jar.
You can't do that, Layla.
You reported your coworker later to hate on for making a sexual events on you.
Hey, Char said they would look into it.
They fucking better.
Cure and I have been married for 10 years.
Way need to do something.
10 years is a pretty big deal.
I have been given a raise of 7%.
My salary is 72,840.
That fair play to your party.
Life is fucking kicking up into high gear for you.
We've married for 10 years.
We had a good run.
But you know why I'm 39.
Life is just starting divorce.
We'll make love first.
Your wife Kira made love.
My enjoyment was at 99%.
Hers is at 100% minds at 99% per because in the middle of it she flicked one of my balls and I couldn't really concentrate.
Dude ways your happiness at 40% you should be writing high and cloud nine Right now you fucker started.
It's hard to keep you satisfied.
Ah, my rescue.
The cure is at an all time high.
Ah, let's let's go to the movies.
Don't wait.
Spent time with her.
You took your wife Kira to build a pillow Fort.
That's fucking cute.
That's cute as heck.
I want to do something else, though.
I want to go out and have dinner.
Why is it only I could go to counseling, give her a gift and soldier make love or go to the movies.
There's, like date night.
Well, Layla doesn't like me anymore.
That's fight.
Let's have a conversation with her to see if she remembers what I did.
You trade start a conversation with a coworker Layla, about your imaginary friend.
She politely ask you to leave her long so she could concentrate on her work.
Yeah, that makes sense.
You know what?
I'd fair reason to report it to human resources.
All right.
She made a very strong sexual advancement on me.
I felt very uncomfortable.
Oh, my God.
I forgot that my car was stolen.
My car was in terrible condition.
I wanted to repair it and said your stolen Ford Mustang does not currently need you, Rob.
The whole ask.
I mean, putty did.
I had no part in any of this.
I'm not capable to be arrested.
All right, Soldier Media Most desires Update five likes the warrant out on me.
They don't like me anymore.
The door like my tweets.
About how I sculpted a pillow forts out of potatoes.
Damn it, I have some stuff to give, All right?
I didn't realize you could spend time with all the damn it.
All relationships.
I think I did that already.
And I just forgot you invested time in five relationships.
Your stepfather refused to spend time with you half.
Welcome, anyway.
All right, it's time to level up.
We are now 14.
Workplace annoyance.
Your coworker Nathan, just squeezed out affairs as you walk past.
You saying better out than in.
What will you do, Nathan?
You dirty bastards attacked him, I think.
No, You know what?
Let's go and surprise me.
I kind of have a talk about I want to beat the shit out of them because I'm about 40.
Now it's time to change up my life.
It's time to really start Boston out.
Some advancements.
Yes, it hurt me.
It wanted me to attack him.
What could I do?
Pick your move.
Scratch Spent elbow power point.
Poke, kick, hook.
Oh, God.
Um, Nathan, keep it in a backhand.
His nose!
In your filthy fuck!
You backhanded your coworker.
Nathan's nose.
Then you kicked his pancreas, altering his insulin levels.
I did not say that I didn't tell you to go kick in his pancreas.
Now that's a lot of damage.
Is really the backs up his nose.
She's great.
I'll escalate quickly.
Am I OK?
Do we still have my job?
I'm fine away.
It says I got kicked out of a buyer for calling the server API on.
What the hell is my character do in between?
Segments Have no control over that worries me.
All right, I'm 40.
It's time to start messing shit up.
I think it's time for some more crying.
Commit a crime.
What are we gonna do this time?
Should try murder someone pretty little much.
Arrange a contract killing on Nathan Nathan Brown?
I hired a hit man to kill my cold work.
That's actually not as much as I thought it would take to kill someone.
That's kind of scary.
Uh, yeah.
You phone?
Ah, Hit man going by the name of Hannibal Lecter.
Oh, God.
He's not gonna kill him.
He's gonna eat him at the same time.
I'm less evidence.
That's good.
Don't tell Kira.
This is our secret.
If you fucking tell anybody, I will hire a hit.
It's joke.
You trip is joke.
Please let me video go out to all subscribers.
Uh, your hit man, Hannibal Lecter pulled off the hit and your coworker Nathan using a hunting knife.
Holy fuck.
It's kind of scary.
Wait, What you hit?
My Hannibal Lecter is now threatening to kill you with a hunting knife to unless you pay him another 21,000.
W do.
Oh, shit.
I can't do anything either.
Paying the extra 21,000 fat chance I can fight him.
I could take call the police, run for my life.
Tell him a deal is a deal.
O God, What should he do?
I shouldn't call The police just called police.
Don't go to Northern a hired hit man to kill Nathan.
I could run for my life or to summit you stand your ground.
A deal's a deal.
Your hit man Hannibal Lecter.
Apologize and explain that he has difficulty behaving rationally.
It sometimes.
Yeah, this was all about.
Okay, put on my big boy pants.
I just went in and I was like, You know what, Mr Hit man, who killed someone for me for 21,000 euro 1 21,000 year or else they're going to kill me.
No, not today.
I shall live.
He was like, Yeah, you know what?
Fair enough.
I didn't think about it that way.
That's great.
Jason's dead.
That's what he gets for squeaking off of fire in front of me.
Let that be a lesson, sweetheart.
A squeak off of farting for the jack I hire a hit man to kill you You're gonna do I I'm gonna work even harder.
Hard work betrays Known your coworkers away This court I've noticed that you've been working harder.
Nathan's gone.
There's a position to fill I will fill the quota off hours worked So I look better.
So I can hire more hit men.
Okay, I am going to, however, write a will and testament because shit's about to get wild.
Okay, Party's life has become too boring.
Too mundane, too normal.
It's time to start crying.
It's crime time.
So I will leave the vast fortune of my estate to my beautiful wife, Kira, who, after this won't even be able to look at me.
All right.
Crime time.
But what else should we do?
a porch.
Pirates steal a neighbor's mail.
That's that's tiny stuff.
Now I've robbed a Karen killed someone with someone else's hands.
I can't be going off and being like, Oh, pennies from someone's pockets.
No, we're in too deep at this point.
Rob a train central Butterfly lion, Southern Aristotle who are starting high new suit at midnight you waited for the certain air startled light train at midnight, but it didn't show up.
Cock blocked by a fucking bad time table.
Alright, happiness.
100% health.
100% smarts.
100% looks.
Listen matter.
So we have 63,000 euro in the bank.
I have a great job.
I'm 41 years old.
How is my wife doing?
She's lovely.
She's grand.
Fair play to work.
I think it's time for more crime.
Wait, let's go into our job.
Let's see who he who we can kill this time.
Who's gonna piss me off?
Do you have time for a conversation this time?
Choose your answer wisely.
This could go very wrong with the touch of a button.
I could end it all free.
What do you wanna do here?
Uh, conversation in a conversation with your coworker seer ship.
Kira Sears That my It's my wife.
I got the wife of the brain because I just love her so much conversation with your co workers.
See Russia about which superpower you would most like to have.
Excellent choice, Sir Sha, the first person who doesn't want to talk to me gets the knife.
Mind being Dylan talked about the standing call.
You try to start a conversation with your coworker Freya, about your celebrity doppelgangers.
She told you to shut up.
That's the way.
All right, Hannibal's busy.
We got Paul Vitti.
Hire him.
You hit my poverty.
Pulled off the hit on your coworker friend using a flamethrower.
Holy shit, Paul.
Out of a window with a hunting knife.
That seems like baby work at this point.
A good man, Liam.
We talked about whether or not Adam Sandler's funny fucking legend.
Good man, Liam, you live to fight another day?
Oh, Leyla.
Oh, person.
I reported to Human Resource is earlier.
What's going on?
Layla, you tried to have a conversation with Leila of a quantum physics.
She politely ask you to leave her alone so she could concentrate on her work.
Answer quickly is not on the list ways, Layla.
Not on the list.
Why can't I kill Layla?
She has some sort of weird power over me.
Lena, what's going on?
God damn it, Leela!
All right, fine.
If I can't kill you, then time will, too.
You hear your wife, Kira?
Call out another man's name while having sex?
What will you do, Kara?
Whose name was it?
Rumble with her.
Can we go into the W W e ring and fight?
Let's get ready to rub.
All Okay, Let's argue with her.
You showed it at your wife, Kira, for cheating on you.
But did she cheat?
There's a big difference.
Showing out someone else's name.
Still a cool, uh, Or cheating.
Let's let's try counseling again.
You're right.
You refuse to go to your relationship, cancel my hitman fingers or tingling Kira, You and your wife Kira had a chat about your celebrity doppelgangers.
Don't you fucking dare.
You knew that I wanted to talk to my coworkers about that.
You're using that against me, Kira.
I'm the senior computer programmer now.
Who wants to go?
Layla, What's going on?
she politely ask.
You should concentrate on work.
I'm gonna kill Layla.
Where is he?
There she is.
Oh, later, you find a hit man worth 18,000 Europe.
Not bad.
What's his name?
Frank Costello.
Great hitman Frank Costello pulled off the hit on your coworker later using a banjo.
Oh, very nice.
Good job, Mr Hit, man.
I like that.
I like the originality.
I like to uniqueness.
Very clever.
I have no murdered three people.
Should I make it?
1/4 is gonna keep hiring hitmen until I go bankrupt.
Who else?
Who else wants to go?
It could kill my step He never wants to spend time with.
This is horrible.
I just want to see how far I could go with it before the game is like, You know what?
Maybe you shouldn't keep killing people.
You weren't able to find a hit man to take care of your stepfather.
He's too much power.
You know what?
My car socks.
I'm just gonna have selling the black American.
Nobody wants to buy your stolen Ford Mustang wants my piece of shit.
Karen, what a scrap it.
All right.
And we're gonna steal another one.
I'm very good a crime at this point.
So what do we want?
Yes, Go over the big boys.
You successfully sold a Maserati grand charisma.
It's easy, people.
Crime is easy.
They say, Don't do the crime If you can't do the time.
My character is immune to the system.
My character's immune.
I need to not get too involved, Okay?
It's a different character.
It's not me.
It's just Patty Fitzgerald.
It's in great condition, too.
Do you think the people working with me or like guys, have you noticed that everyone that party tries to talk to you just mysteriously dies?
They should learn better.
That shouldn't be like maybe we should report it to the police.
That should be more like, Hey, maybe we should talk to him.
Let's let's talk Thio, Sophie or evidence.
They have a very bad opinion of me.
Dylan's always good for a conversation.
What about you, Dylan?
Talk about Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey.
It's just a barrel last until it.
It's probably a good time, though, to get plastic surgery, because now they're going to know who I am.
They're going to know the Hitman Club off.
People are gonna know who I am.
So if I hire them again, they're gonna be like a That guy's hiring too many hit men.
We're all gonna get caught.
I need to change something.
I need to get a face lift by Dr Ronan.
Ryan has inspected you closely and determine that you are eligible for faces.
18,000 euro doctor.
And you know, I could have someone killed for that.
Have you killed for that?
Roman, Wait!
Could I kill Dr Roden?
No, I can't Wait.
You get a random prostitute.
Where would you hire a hit man?
To kill a random prostitute?
That some fucking bizarre?
Alright, Doctor Ronan, I'll get the surgery.
Here's face lift was successful.
Look at my stats.
100% happiness.
100% of health, 98%.
Looks and smarts.
Those are good statistics.
Those air.
Great statistics.
Everyone at work's gonna talk to me now.
I tried to talk to Sophie about how many people are killed and she told me to shut up.
No one wants to kill Sofie, Huh?
No one wants to kill Sophie.
Why not?
Your coworker Emma started a rumor that you believe the Earth is flat?
How dare she?
I know that the Earth is a dodecahedron.
Fucking okay.
Have a talk with her.
Pay no attention.
Start a rumor about her.
Charge her.
I think we should kill her.
Charge her.
Oh, you mean charges in, like run at her.
Um all right, let's Let's wait.
Let's bite.
Let's bite her mouth.
You bite her groin.
Let's bite her school.
You bet your coworker Emma's school.
Then you stop.
Stepped on her toe, cracking her toenail.
She died from her injuries.
No, I'm not supposed to actually kill people.
I'm supposed to just make the hit man do it.
These people are so touchy.
Hey, Char has launched an investigation into you for attacking your work.
I just kill some.
They're like, maybe maybe it's ours to take care of it.
Oh, no.
Holy fuck.
Don't spread rumors about me.
Anybody else wanna go, Huh?
Oh, Adam, It's not looking good for you.
Oh, hit men don't want to kill Adam.
Oh, whatever.
What about my step down again?
You're hit.
My mystique ran off with your money without pulling off the hit on your stepfather.
My happiness is at 0%.
You know what?
I'm just gonna have to call it quits.
I'll quit while I'm ahead.
I'm haven't been arrested yet.
I've killed what?
Four people?
Maybe five have lost count after the 1st 1 It's whatever, but let this be a lesson.
Don't double cross.
Patty, If you double cross Patty, he will hire a hit man or he'll bite your school and you'll die from your injuries after he steps in.
Your total crasher told him.
Okay, pleasant dreams.
Bye bye.
Bid Life is an absolute roller coaster.


I Hired A HITMAN To Kill Everyone I Worked With | BitLife

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