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Repeat after me, Tyler.
CTU Justice.
City of Justice.
Ah, city Love.
If you have loved city of peace, you're not Get the same energy back City of peace for everyone of ah, for every one of us.
We all believe it.
You know what?
I'm used to killing it.
I'm keeping you killing you.
He openly almost done.
Thank you.
We all believe in me without it.
And living on it without in hit away to Jack.
Come on, you know it.
God, no note.
Oh, no.
Gotham City got from IHS.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
You got let off because he didn't.
You were mad for a second.
That was making him sing it.
I have four Children.
Oh, Dio Oh, Where Jordan?
Oh, what a revolver.
Yeah, but I mean it.
My God, of course.
What is my Oh, my, what?
Talking nasty to me for 151 tax shot.
That's a lot of healing.
That was a lead.
Water everything.
Oh, everything.
Get Curtis cardio.
Oh, dude, grab it, please.
I got to know how I choked.
And then Monday rolls around.
It's back to work back to the crying flying above us right now, Monday Night football is like that thing.
That shouldn't happen.
But it does.
Are you?
I have to get over 131 123 damage.
So you can kid may if you want to look at me one more time and so angle or you I want to rethink that punk.
E are you?
Yeah, our hate Tyler.
Not again over there.
Are you kidding me, You marshmallow skin man hit a rover 105.
Already got blue on the other guy.
I'm looking for the same marshmallow skin is Lily to be free land?
We're number on that on the blue night.
That kid has this entire six Social Security number of his name.
Pretty sure.
Well, I got a really fun game.
You can play gravel.
Who wants a drop?
Small ammo.
I do.
I win.
I win.
What do I get?
No, it's not an elbow.
There are three other more.
I'm gonna wonder.
Seymour, you're 15.
30 underneath that build battle left is right and right Is wrong, Jax.
What did he say?
What often?
Sure for your blue on one you could not get.
But what should do?
Nice, Because we a little I like think.
Come on.
Oh, absolute one shop way would have tracked what happened, man?
What is actually going on?
I'm just not mentally ready.
Fisher's about to bleed out.
I'm gonna let him.
I'm going to get in and get you guys all over the same time.
There's a slurping.
Minnie's here.
I actually think it's a good play.
Now you're gonna have a negative on your 100 help we're gonna have on you're gonna play?
No, it's a way to save these shields.
And this is a really great play.
When you go up top, there is a trap up there, so please don't run into it and then you'll let me Thank you Got from seed a trap behind the stairs.
What a play.
I think that imagery e I know you guys all have ah, 100 homes are 100 100 man.
F p s like arena FBS or we're all gonna be, like, playing together here way doing modern warfare there.
I didn't miss Tomato.
That model work for it was so fun.
Oh, well, Kurt.
No, it's fine.
Were you even in?
Never first.
That's how that's how forgettable your game play was that I love him.
And he's having a rough day today, man.
So if you could just not You could just not good at it.
I mean, yeah.
We're going up from here.
Jack, I want you to have your ammo to someone else.
The mirror, somebody.
I'll have it to America.
That's what, But Jordan, me, you miss Nothing nice, I think.
Okay, what is going on right now?
So the scent of a little A different effect when I could put you down.
Come on.
Oh, please.
Old tractors shield.
It's pot 54 white, please.
Thank you, Module.
Thank you so much for the 100 hours, man.
Thank you.
But you think you crazy a little nut ball.
You'll not balls.
Todd, I dunk you a chicken of each other.
The little playground you would do.
You would dunk him in chicken.
I don't know, like dunk someone.
Yeah, I called you.
Does it catch up?
You said you dunk him in chicken.
Can we get a clip on that guy's said it don't come in chicken.
You said you don't come and check.
It wasn't Chad Gen guys.
He said he'd Duncan and chicken, right?
No, don't.
Ella Mae.
Oh, me chap.
What did I say?
I will Thank you in shaking.
Well, wait.
Probably over here.
Avery head on that guy.
Uh, coming up right now.
Get out of here.
Okay, well, he just, like, ran through builds that I thought was blocking him, so that kind of really sucks.
I'm not paying attention this game.
I feel like no one's paying attention.
Any games completely?
Oh, no.
Hey, yo.
What on earth am I looking at it?
You're cracked it.
I've been beating people, you know.
You're running low on ammo, Quote.
I will dunk you in.
And why would I say that?
Okay, man, I have no memory of saying any of those words you were.
You would be on yourself, bro.
You were like like you know, nobody's perfect.
You live in.
Hey, stop!
Do we kill the guy behind us?
Yeah, I'm trying to stop.
Power blew up their way.
Get 20 Gifted Gordon.
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna come.
You just have mats for you.
I could split a little bit of back.
All right?
I had math here.
Where is that guy?
We have.
So let's go.
We don't want to sort of get Tyler's taking the battle to them.
Ninja, now pushing on through his shop down on one cannot connect.
We'll decide to build up here for a moment of mortal players now on a screen swamps of attack from JIA's.
Well, it does not matter.
Two knocks Come on through the final player.
Just panic, Mark Tab for the high ground.
But ninja has backup Now from your time player gets knocked down with three players knocked one Just above Down they go.
Oh, my God!
Eliminations this game and there's no end in sight.
I was kinda hot.
Dude, that was kind of heightened.
Go on.
Oh, look, you got the knock.
Comes in from reverse to K in the push begins now.
Five enemies remaining four alive, one still not short of fisher on the high ground from one player in the box down low, frantic call outs coming in reverse to K as he continues to selfishly set up top and not help his team by any means.
Jordan does with the first trying to get control of the room hasn't quite yet.
Let's swap on over to reverse River.
Still raining.
Fire on down with the scope.
They are one player pushing from behind and from their southwest ninja now whatthe spray.
He wants to get the opponent spot deal.
Got the track.
Go Italy 20 feet to K.
Wanting so weak in their 100 damage pump still gets the elimination.
Has to watch out for this trap.
Georgia Fisher, the mechanic beginning to set in one player remaining reverse to Kay and Jordan Fisher up against the person in that skin, Not much field left.
Flashes coming out through can reverse make the play happen.
So far, every three limbs in total.
And this is brilliant.
I love this decision right now because he's able to get fully healed on up.
Fisher now back up to 150 infected HP the nineties coming on through Georgia.
Fisher, trying to retake the high ground reverse.
Still playing with low ground.
They have made it into the zone and Here comes the mouse pad plays reverse to k, trying to show it how we got carried by an engine of 51 straight victories going for the high ground.
At the moment, the impulse comes through the shock wave to the skydive and an absolute savage on the map.
He does not care what he has to see.
One player bouncing all the way down these air free shots.
But unfortunately, reaction time to slow from A versus George Fisher fails 3rd 90 in a row.
Bounds play dropping on down reverse.
Now just one box away.
Still waiting for help.
This guy's got no, I don't think you can build a river for the shock wave.


Gotham City The City Of Justice! - Commentated by CourageJD

4 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 26 日
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