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Well, hold on.
Who's this guy?
Oh, they were destroyed, man.
They update this game quickly.
Welcome back.
And two tabs.
Totally accurate battle simulator.
If you haven't seen this game before, what you do in?
But don't worry.
You'll get the hang of things pretty quickly.
So today they have released the brand new faction that they revealed they were going to release in the previous version of the game.
And it's already out of the sandbox.
And then you have a dynasty.
The dynasty tribe.
Oh, look at this level.
This level of schools got waterfalls.
Kind of our Japanese theme, the cherry blossoms.
No, girl.
I thought that was a birthday cake.
I think it's I think that's marshmallows.
I'm not sure that looks pretty dangerous.
I'm kind of hoping a few people fall down there.
That's a big, mammoth sized holds.
The new faction is the dentist.
The faction We have a samurai firework archer Monk, Ninja dragon.
Where Dragon?
You kidding me?
Oh, that got a dragon.
Quit Shar at a monkey King.
But I have the secrets inside my brain.
I have the secrets, Apparently their arm or secret units, including that guy at the start, he is called.
What is he called?
I think he's called Ice Giant and he's obviously insane.
So we're gonna do first is unlocked all the secret unit, and then we're gonna pit them together to see who is the strongest out of the new faction.
So the first thing we want to do is plop a samurai.
Either side's just so that we can explore the map a little bit because just as with the other hidden units, you need to start a battle and then you need to find their hidden weapons around on maps.
I'm guessing all of them are going to be in here.
They might not be, but the 1st 1 is down this well, it's literally right there is right underneath.
That's crazy.
Then we have to look at it and they will explode.
There we go.
Now it is unlocked.
The samurai giant Nice.
Next one is on the farmer maps That's plopped samurai either side out of their hometown on.
Apparently it's in this bush here.
Is that it?
What even is that a giant Ishaq Dragon wheelbarrow dragon That looks pretty phenomenal, actually.
Nice Ancient two is next And now we need to check out the shrine.
But there's a few of them are think we've used this map yet.
This map looks completely new.
I am looking for a large stone man.
Is it all that that's his t shut.
There's reduces hair.
I don't think that's any of the right ones.
We'll wait.
This might be it.
This might be it.
Look, the thinker here it is.
I think they've only just started whipping each other with their swords as well.
So that's good time in the teacher.
Is that Shakespeare?
I mean, I guess we're gonna find out bags.
Is this a new map to?
I feel like it is all.
We've just not been on them a tool during the campaign.
I I think this one is down here, huh?
I found you.
I think this is the found bearer.
I don't know how much damage they're gonna be able to do.
But you know what?
That's pretty big fan back to Dennis T.
And I'm pretty sure this one's really obvious.
Yeah, there it is.
Sure reckons I don't want this Unlocks, though.
Sense say he looks wise.
The next one is another giant and it should be near one of these trees on the outside.
Actually think it's this tree?
Yeah, it's physically the tree.
Look at it.
Look in it When your eyes Oh, the red one.
OK, it's fine.
Look at this, dude.
You got giant trees because he's the tree giant, you idiot!
This one should be another giant.
So we're gonna have Battle of the Giants today is in No in there.
No in there.
I'm looking for a clearing inside the forest.
God Sha.
Is this a head?
You are looking Rose.
Sleepy, My friends, I want to see what you look like.
Oh, this guy's going to be sick.
Is that three giants we've got now?
One more to go and it's right here.
The stump with a wig.
What do you sport in, buddy?
Who's Wiggins?
Oh, it's not even a wig.
They could be holding wigs because they don't have any hair.
The cheerleader.
Okay, I think that's everyone.
Let's go to the brand new map and we to face all of these units against each other.
Let's do a samurai's versus samurais.
Let's see what happens.
And then we're gonna do the battle of the Giants.
These guys look pretty awesome.
They've got a lot of Oberon.
I didn't look how much they cost.
Does anyone fall down the hole?
That's all I want to know from Mama's full down this hole, I think the Reds.
The Reds have not got this afternoon.
Yeah, he's going down.
He's going down there pushing him.
Harry goes.
Oh, this guy just survived by defying the laws of physics.
Not bad.
Not bad.
There are 100 forty's that isn't bad.
It's all next up firework arches versus the monks.
I'm just going to do one versus once we get through this quicker.
Oh, oh!
That's stuck in him.
Oh, he's not dead yet.
Is he dead?
You good, buddy?
I impales them with a firework, and then they explode.
That's amazing.
But one of the monks do.
I don't think we're gonna be able to find out because the firework arches too Good looking.
I start with Okay.
The monks just have a giant stick.
00 no.
It's right in the Oh, right in the leg.
Oh, you're in trouble, son.
You're in big trouble.
You can spike one of them, but you can spike to.
You're gonna get hit.
Oh, straight into the lake and drowned.
I like the firework arches.
They're called right.
Ninjas, buses, dragons.
Three of them.
Let's see what happens here.
Can these guys float all the spit flames?
They were burned to a crisp.
We didn't even get to see what they did because the dragons was so powerful.
These again?
The ninja's?
That's to do Ninjas versus ninjas.
I'm guessing that it's gonna throw samurai stars, right?
There we go.
Too nice.
And finally, the Monkey King versus what's all know the Monkey King is going down.
Always going down.
That is a lot of arrows.
He has beautiful little Heras.
Well, or hats.
I'm not too sure going.
Oh, always He's missed it.
Oh, no, He's no straight to the head.
That is like raining 1000 arrows.
Good work, son Could work.
You are powerful buying.
You were in that monkey King versus Monkey King.
What have you got?
This Big Staff's hard.
Okay, okay.
Where did the little ones come from?
When they die, they sport into little ones.
That's awesome.
You know what's happened to this guy?
The freaky eyes alert the new unit.
Now we have the secret ones.
But I'm gonna go to a flatter map for this ancient perfect, right?
Let's do what everyone came to this video for Ice Giant is 6000.
He is a monster.
Let me have the tree giant as well.
Who isn't so much of a monster.
And then the samurai giant I wanna put samurai giant on the tree versus the ice.
Let's see what happens.
The ice is not on his own, his home turf.
So he could be in a bit of trouble here.
But the tree joint is victory carrying a tree.
Oh, it's big!
Oh, it's big damage.
He has got the longest arms.
There's not much muscle on him, but he's got big arms here with that treat.
Oh, the sounds are amazing.
I think the ice giants got this.
There's no way Look at this.
Straight to the dome of the tree.
Punch in the gut From the ice giant on the tree Giant falls ice trying reigns Almighty Do is an absolute beast.
What else we got?
Fan bearers?
The teacher.
We're gonna pitch a ll the new secret ones against the ice giant cheerleader.
I don't think I could be very useful with that.
1000 The wheelbarrow Dragon sends.
Say, Artemus, we're not gonna use Artemus right now, But let's see what all of these do, shall we?
The wheelbarrow Dragon is going for it with his beautiful, bountiful locks.
He's going in on the wheelbarrow, spits flames That could be pretty.
Could be pretty effective against the ice giant being comes a fist He's missed it just crushed him with his middle What else we got?
The teacher?
The Cyclops?
You supposed to be a Cyclops?
I think that's rare, But let's see what you've got, Buddy.
The cheerleader seems to be having some trouble.
Not quite sure what you're doing.
Well, it's a lot of samurai stars spinning so fast looking on in his stomach.
Okay, this guy's Opie Dude, we don't get to see what the others did.
So let's dio we did Will.
Barry Dragon.
We know what they do.
Let's do cheerleaders versus cheerleaders.
They cost a lot, so I'm not quite sure what they do.
They're really not doing anything.
Are they You guys need to calm down.
What's going on?
Where's the party act?
You just killed yourself.
What happened?
I'm not sure about this one.
This is weird.
The teacher.
Let's do the teachers against each other.
Are they supposed to have one eye?
No, I'm pretty sure that was special.
What do these do?
Who's well?
Oh, okay.
They by that time and then go in for the story.
The blues absolutely annihilated.
Then finally, the fan bearers.
I'm sure this is going to be an enthralling fight.
Let's see what you got.
Show me your best shot with those big fans.
They didn't blow each other over.
There's no way anyone's gonna win this, right?
Unless someone falls over and knocks the head on the rocks which don't exist.
Okay, Someone's hurt themselves.
This again is the worst fight ever.
Cheerleaders versus fan.
Barest would be exquisite material.
See, I told you, they just blow back the cheerleaders.
The cheerleaders have a great time and knock themselves out.
Nice bowtie, though.
Family eras when?
Never mind.
Much more thorning than I thought it would be, Brother.
Final tests since we are focusing on the Giants we'd find something that will take down a nice giant, I guess the sense they did right?
Can you do it by himself?
I'm amazed at how quickly these ice trying can't even get near him.
They're all going straight into his Abs was a big Where does he fit all of these?
Into his pockets.
Oh, okay.
By himself, The ice trying can still destroy it.
Kind of looks like he's taken self, you know.
Finally, arts Miss was an absolute beast last time.
I'm sorry for calling Optimus a boy Last time I completely messed up You guys!
I didn't listen in history.
OK, Arts, Mr Female is ready to go.
Can Artemus take down the giant?
The too hard bodies off this game!
Go Vista fist!
Is he gonna make it in time to throw a punch?
Yes, he is OK.
He has like a 1,000,000 arrows in his chest.
Me don't care!
Look at him!
Look how happy he is!
Sorry, Artemus.
Real sorry, but your brain has been overthrown.
Hold on, I've got one more thing I want to try.
How many fireworks does it take to launch an ice giant in the air?
This is going to be great going.
Launch him, Lordship.
Here they go.
Okay, it's pushing him back.
It's not going in, is what?
It's working, but they're no and his limbs that is pushing him backwards.
He doesn't know who's Jimmy.
She meets them off and then he's good to go.
Yeah, this is really awkward.
Not as epic as I thought it would be.
Very guys, that is all your giants, I think five or six brands, new secret units as well and, of course, the entire brand new Dynasty faction.
Now, if we go to the main menu, there is a complete new campaign just for the dynasty.
Look how many there are.
It's insane, but those new secret units are awesome.
I love the Giants, especially the ice one.
He's definitely a new favor of mine.
Guys, thank you so much watching if you enjoy this better than people, even like me greatly appreciated.
Subscribe to your brand new to join Team Tien today for daily videos.
You don't want to miss out when I'm do you?
Are you looking out for more updates on this game and I'll see you in the next one?
Good bye Swing back in candle campus.


BATTLE OF THE GIANTS! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #5

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 26 日
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