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Welcome everyone. Look who's here. Brought her back baby, to play the greatest game of all time (yay)
What (you've never played tuber simulator?! ?)
You never played minecraft?
So when you look at that, when you look at that meatball, what does that-What does that tell you?
Use this to look around. Well, that's my giant meatball. This is my world in Minecraft Marzia.
wait am I supposed to look at there or here
*happy marzia noises* :)
We have this really awkward setup, and your name is James Charles fan because that's my secret Minecraft account :c
Ohno! They will know now, I'll change it it's fine
Yeah, I do I'm wearing this uh... I'm wearing this spooky helmet. you look cute, you're wearing a
You're wearing a diamond helmet (gold*). See if you press I think f5 you can change so you see yourself. that's how you look like.
Yeah, you're wearing diamond armor you should be happy with it, all right
marzia: so how do I break stuff?
Don't break anything. NOOO :o
Hey, hey, hey, hey relax
you told me one button, and im pressing it
Yeah, you're in creative mode I don't know how to get you out of it, okay, I got to show you stuff
Okay, so this-
Marzia! come over here! Okay, that's my slave- I mean my worker, I pay him minimum wage.
So there's this uh, this is my automatic farm, you come over here and press this button.
Yeah he's doing the machinery
Don't worry about it.
Press this button.
No, just right click on the button
Starts to farm and if you follow me here
marzia: you know, im not very fast ahaha its the first time I use this
No, you're doing good maybe the farm isn't that impressive okay
It's just like I'm getting stuff, follow me. This is council of water sheep.
Yeah. Hey! Hey! Hey! oh my god no!!! you let out council of water sheep :c
*marzia vehemently denies cruel and destructive allegations*
Get back to work Council. All right quick quick quick they're council of water sheep. No, I don't know.
Okay, so I'm building this like oh I gotta show you IKEA Tower. Follow me
ohmygod stop changing the [subject] its so annoying
Look at IKEA tower look at look at the IKEA Tower! [in all its glory]
Woah! Woahhh! Wow!
is it a horse?
Yeah, that's Joergen, that's Joergen 2
Are you trying to grief water sheep?
Follow me to the meatball!
Okay, we'll do our own level in a second. I just really want to show you like what ive been...
Why you haven't seen me in the past-
marzia: what is in the WAter?!
that's a creeper
not that, that
Oh, that's a squids marzia: why are they so big?
what happens if I fall in the water?
pewds: they'll eat you >:-) don't fall in the water
marzia: woah, really? pewds: no. you can actually breathe in water cuz I have this like things set up
marzia to squid: whoa, what are you gonna do to me? concerned pewds: idk what do you wAnt it to do to you
i wanted to give him a ride
(I wanted him to give me a ride)
Well, you can ride horses and stuff but now
You can't write squinch my see ya
No one's ever tried it I like the thing with my crap everyone these things you can do different things
Alright, you should come up over here
Yeah, go up thing now ignore the city
Okay, this is a my Japanese house that I built for spend. Oh, yeah, you can fly cuz you're in creative mode
Okay down there
This is Sven
And this is men's boyfriend and this is friend's son
Oh shit. Yeah, come on. That's Q and then there's a liberal. Wait. Oh, he didn't name. Yeah boyfriend
I haven't named the Sun yet. I need a name tag, but it's gonna be sensing
What are you doing Tim? Well, everything's judging you right now, let me take you to my freaked onion
Hey, what's that attacking me? Oh
It's a fan thumbs. Hurry up. Okay. Oh, yeah, they're so annoying
It's cuz I haven't slept in the game these annoying things come from the sky
Hey, I gotta get my training back
No, it comes back after all, okay, so wait wait wait where Specter
That's pinky comes and goes so this is what their sheep and dungeon you press this it opens up
That's tower a llama
She likes tower I'm impressed by Minecraft fiancee this is nips
Finally tower love. Let me show you Tara. Llama no one likes tower llama
It's alright. So this is all the my workers. So after they in the freak dungeon after they they are done freaking thing
I release them hearing. Hey guys, you're free
Activated my own tribe by accident. Okay. Look
Look look at him
And then I send them up with a thing they go to work
It's great Oh up there is do you want to try it? You can try and go into tribe making sure
He's fine. He's fine
Yeah, yeah gonna trap
The Travis to good she can't find it. It's it's a
That's not that is not the trap you want you mixed it. It doesn't matter
Look, you're one of the workers. Yeah, what job do you want?
You can be whatever you want
Spence mother
That's so you. Okay. Well that bets it then Wow
Why is he doing in my bed?
Get out
Is my bag
You're not gamers. Good night gamers. All right, we should play our own world up. Okay, what should we name our seed?
It should be called like if we have a sanctuary what would it be called bug lion?
So I'm creating a new world front
This is gonna be our world. But now no more fun and games Marzia. We have to survive no fun
We have to serve
Oh my god
Someone do that please for us. Oh, here we are mines yet. Oh, you're so kawaii. Look you have lazy old outfit now
What are you looking at?
We have to survive this is important. Oh my god, there's for arrogance
You're James Charles man, you can talk to me their donkeys look a baby. Thank you. So cute
Okay, well
Hmm, you can get only if you right-click it, but it will kick you off cuz you need to tame it
Well, it looks like you're doing more than k me right please there is not work like I can get out you just hit me
You're in it. Oh
Yeah, you did
He totally just pushed you on down. But okay. What about Beast?
You can try the sheep's as far as I know you can do other things
Frickin stay yeah, that's a button. So the world is completely like random randomly mates. And this is our world night will come though
I see if you look at the sky. So we need to make our farts home
Yeah, yeah
So if you follow me
The first thing you do in Minecraft is cut down a tree with your bare fists to get some wood
It's a pick a pick a tree that you hate and just start punching it. Thank you
Well, we can replant the trees which one are you going for?
So you just hold you just hold down that button and you see it started decreasing
Yeah, you know you got your first block in Minecraft
Yeah, that's how they work that's how signs work notch made this game he decides if you press e
You get like your inventory?
Okay, okay after you and then you have like this crafting area, right?
Yeah, if you bring the blocks there you can make them into wood we're more wouldn't like planks or whatever
So you just right right click there? Yeah
Yeah, and then place them in with your Eamon turn and then you have more and then now you can make other things
So this is like log and now it's like planks and then you can take the planks to make other things
For example, you could grab more
Yeah, you can do that and then you place one
Right click in there and then click left click in the different spaces
If you place one in each thing you make a workbench, which maybe isn't that important or orange? Steak sticks are good, too. Okay
Yeah, it makes sticks and I'll make a workbench you
Know we have to make a
Well, well we can make an axe so you can break us up faster
So if you give me your steaks I can make you an axe. Alright, I'll make your necks anyway
You click on the crafting table and you make this pattern
Well, I can tell maybe if you watch my let's place
There you go, there you go she's making workbench next up you'll make a cobblestone generator I
Think you have enough sticks. Okay. So come over come over to your boy. Hello. Stop. Don't punch me
You know, I have an x-ray Wow
Wholly say that you need an axe to we're gonna build a house Marzia
Don't eat the mushrooms
Your point they're poison mushrooms no, they're not you can make mushroom stew if you want
I'd say we have to build a house zombies are coming at night
Here grab his hands grab that axe. I give you an axe. Just keep chopping
Yes chop wood might see a chop shop. You have to say
Reach yeah, you break faster if you say chop chop
Okay, once we get it enough wood we should pick a spot
No, they can drop like apples it might be good to have a little snack
You know, I was just gonna murder one of the cows
What did you say nice murder nothing what I would never do not do not are we doing a vegan let's play
But then we have to it's so much harder
Hi, all right well eating mushroom we're eating mushroom tonight gamers
Okay, I think we have enough wood
I think what we can do now is we can find like a nice spot where we want to build our house
I up we're underwater or whatever you want. Okay, maybe not underwater. That's a good idea
Okay, I like that I like that see this is
Where do you go? Are you going up? Okay, I see I see
Yeah, so 200 part. Let's play incoming Peter pine James Charles fan. Do you like to any Charles?
Well, no, I don't like you don't like this is so cool this is incredible
All right, you pick a spot whatever you want
But it doesn't work if you're gonna break up Emma we can replant trees. There's flower biomes eyz
Okay, you're using an axe to cut down PP which is not very efficient, so here you go use this for
The dirt stuff and use this pickaxe to cut down the gray stuff
Are you doing good? Yeah
Yeah, but here I'll use this one. I sent it. This one is prettier
I made a better one for you. If it gets dark we can let up this place. Oh my god
It's getting dark real fast Marcia. Oh my god. They quicker. My Zia is getting darker
I'll make torch. Are you blind? Oh my god. There we go. What should we name our home?
Potato I like that we should build a giant potato that shouldn't be potato
And then we only grow up with paedos, wait, what are you doing I'm helping you. Excuse me. Oh, sorry
Sorry, I'll be right back. If I die Marcia, just no, what do you mind? I just know that that is
Abandoning me. I'm just gonna
I'm coming back. I'm coming back. We just don't have any food. Where's the hole? Oh, here we go
You pick that you pick the good home. Yeah, I did this. So now we can put
So evil people don't come in for the door here. Perfect
You like that
Okay, I have a bit and then Fedor here
That's good. I like this. I thought it would look good together. Just like using different. You know, what nevermind?
That's yeah, they don't have them they don't have big doors in this game careful making the Lord make a door I did
Can you make yes
Yes, cuz I want to keep them the natural effect. That's right. Yeah, you can make how's this?
And we can have a little
How many years of Minecraft experience
Did this whole is like the night
It's kind of cool
If we murder a couple of sheeps we can use their wool to make bends and we can sleep sleep
Oh, we don't have to marry anyone of course
I'll guess I'll make a mushroom stew instead because we're poor my say wants to be poor
Yeah, yeah, I'll give you some torches you can place them. Hey wait watch this I never done this before
That's so cool. Oh I
Have to dig holing
Dang it
You're very demanding lady but of course, of course here it is you're my minecraft girl and I do anything
Right a right-click there you go say anything any block you have you can replace I
Gotta say this is a nice hole
Hi Sue, why do you have so much food? Why am I dying and you're not are you still in creative mode?
No, I'll make a mushrooms
Some what you said that you have perfect. Yeah. Yeah, but then I need to kill some enemies
I need to kill spiders
What about chickens? Yeah, no chickens. You want to head out then?
No one died. Maybe I should make a sword. Actually. They just cleaning up. Okay, here's something yeah, I
Protect you my dad, don't worry
Yeah, take the sword ah
Behind me there's a baby killing kill the baby Marcia. Yeah. I hate them. Oh my god. Please kill it
It's gonna it's gonna kill me all thank God
You'll learn where's my sword, uh, it's probably new inventory I really want to kill the cows Marcia
No, I won't do it. Oh
My god, I thought that was you I almost died Oh careful
And you wait for the sword to charge up you look like you've taken a couple punches thing
Okay, Polly, all right Oh
It's full of people. There's so many my dear. Where did you go? Oh my god. You're so far away
How did this happen
The Sun is back. Okay, that means the zombies died when the Sun comes up just keep living
Keep living for me Marcia and the animals
Are you stop that? I don't think there are crocodiles in Minecraft
The fishes yeah, you can use a bucket. No, we just started might see one step at a time
You didn't hit it with the ax oh
You drown
But yeah, we do we look at our fishes. Oh my god. I'm gonna die, too
Well you you can respawn you
Just lose your items but it's okay. Oh we have a trader here. Oh
My god the llamas are gonna kill me. Oh
My god, I got killed by llamas don't tell anyone. Okay, I'll find him one second. I
was surprised
Nothing I just killed it I killed a traitor and I have a present for you
It was further north so where are you right now?
Hey, oh, yeah, I see you I see you with stained water. Hey, yeah, there you are here my dear
Hey macho, you must be so scared
Ler I have a present for you Marcia
You have it follow me my dad, this is our home I was close you were close
We can old I have a lead now so we can also take hostages like this
Chicken can come with us and be our house pay
But we kidnap in you don't want to chick in
Months. My sir doesn't want you. Sorry. He says he has nowhere else to go his family abandon him
He says please maybe one day might say will change her mind about me
He said he loves your YouTube channel Hey fake sad fake bad
Okay, so what I'm good, how do I get stuff back your meter would away I can't breathe right I can make us some beef
It fell on the ground ha ha it fell on the ground in front of me
Look, I make flour in front of my house. I'm tired of being hungry. I'm starving literally starving
There was a cow and nothing
The cow had to go. I'm sorry
I don't eat a spider
Alright, so what do you want? I can make you a wooden sword. What do you want anything? You want like anything you want?
Anything make me a cow. I'll make you account
Yes do
Yes, damn you sure you have good intuition
How I go where are you you keep disappearing everywhere what are you doing I'll leave you for two seconds two seconds
You want more snow you want a house full of snow you want to eat glue
You're an eagle
Yeah, at least changing. Yeah, look at these mountains. They're sawsan, aren't you your feet cold. So am I saying you wanted more snow?
What are you laughing
Yeah, yeah. Okay, so you can make snow blocks. Let me see. I don't remember
You used to shovel. So I hear use the shovel to get the snow
So we should have a location, you know, it's like the hole
Yeah, you can go as tall as you want so wanting the clouds
Yeah, I never thought of that I shouldn't do that on my own
No, why not
What do you want to do
You need you need me to help you out. Okay? Okay. Okay. Let's just make like a cute and called it an igloo
I would make it a little bigger that
Would make it like bing bang
I'm like pushing you away cuz you're in
and I look like a clown and I don't make it a little like
a little yeah
And then leave one open so we can see the skies and stuff
Hey James, Charles fan. Here you go more
We don't have a lot of time Isaiah zombies come soon soon chop chop chop chop chop chop chop
Now don't panic don't panic. You'll be fine. You'll be fine
I would like get on top of it and then I would
put one more up and then like maybe like that you say I'm saying oh
God, we have a visitor Marzia boise ones. Oh, he's outside our house. No
Go away. I'll push him up the moon
Look at our beautiful igloo. Look at that. Thank Martha
it's a beauty a
Truly a spectacle to be absurd
It's lovely what matters is the insane. All right. What else do you want?
See, you know
I protect my ground
Run that's yeah. Yeah. Yeah
Hey, I just saved you a lot of offense
a wot a
Bridge here out. You can put the fence of you on. Oh, yeah
Good fence. What? Why? What did I do? I'm trying over a year. All right. I'm doing the bridge
Building a bridge for your minds. Yeah
This is minecraft, we build bridges. Oh god, it's so far. No
That is actually not bad, ah
I never build anything. It's not before we should yeah, we should find it in our hostage
Dogs, do you have any bones? I have a dog bone we can tame one. I don't think you like that
We tame him he's ours now
This one is he tamed I can't tell
Even plot I need to cook the food maybe
Dawn budge him
He's gonna kill you mind that you're sorry about that
Why again
You were trying to give him a flower good dog, all right well guess it's just me and Sven to Anam
Thank you for joining my Zia it smash like subscribe hundred million merch
Cool all right
Well, you haven't tried to pursue Malaysian citizen II after 50 million app troops
too much
Just now it's still relevant just download it


We finally play Minecraft! - Minecraft with Marzia - Part 1

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