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  • it was gonna go.

  • So another way that I want to celebrate Shar Month this month is by having a shark loan brackets.

  • No, this was something that I thought about Doing on my own is like a separate video doing like a power ranking sort of summer like we did on Gumpel attack last episode where we took a look at power ranking the different series of gumpawa.

  • I want to do that with all the shark loans, but I'm just There's a few that I'm just not really that familiar with.

  • So I thought it wouldn't really be very entertaining to watch me guests about different clones that I really don't know that much about.

  • The character is someone leave it up to you guys.

  • We're gonna have a public vote.

  • And so what I'm gonna do is basically be using my instagram Facebook page as well as my YouTube page here to share this as we're going through the things.

  • So first up on the different social media, I'll post up the picture image of the bracket.

  • You guys be able to see that I've got 14 different shark loans from different Siri's, some things that you guys built to see that, and I'm gonna have the voting just as public voting here on my YouTube channel in the community to have up there.

  • You guys appealed to go there and we'll have a new poll every day and they'll have a new pairing.

  • So, like the first day will just be the first pair.

  • Then the winner of that will move on, and we'll just make our way through the bracket with the new poll every day with the different parents until we get to the ultimate shark alone.

  • So it's just something fun.

  • And I thought we could do just You guys built a way in and vote on your favorite shark loans are, as there are quite a few of them.

  • So just make sure you're following not only here on YouTube but also my Instagram and Facebook pages.

  • So, in case you missed each day's pairing, you guys built to see that, and you can come here back to YouTube to the community tab and place your vote there for which one you prefer out of that day's pairing.

  • So pretty simple.

  • If you guys have any other questions, though, of course you can leave those down in the comment section below.

  • And thanks so much for watching Thanks so much for your support and your votes as we go through and find out who the ultimate shark loan is should be fun.

  • So have fun, you guys.

  • And I'll see you later.

  • Bye bye.

it was gonna go.


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終極夏爾克隆支架! (Ultimate Char Clone Bracket!)

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