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  • When people ask me what is the business case of sustainability?

  • I always answer.

  • I would love to see the business case.

  • Next time you think of a gift for a new mom and her family.

  • Don't look for a buyer.

  • It's the most beautiful invention in public health.

  • If we don't allow Children to learn how to take control of their lives, how can we expect them to grow up with the skills they need as future adults?

  • I ask you now, what can you do?

  • How can you innovate to give meaning and value?

  • If you actually want to make a difference, you have to do something.

  • We have to educate the body confidence.

  • We really do have to solve the problem off food waste.

  • Let's use the food that we do produce much more effectively.

  • Business cannot thrive unless society and the planet are thriving as well.

  • We're not separate.

  • There is no such thing as corporate social responsibility.

  • Without individual such a responsibility, you have to invest strongly in energy way, have to use it much more efficiently than we have to make it clean.

  • Let's make the next 100 years the best of centuries.

  • I was always told as a kid, if I'm not part of the solution, part of the problems on challenging everybody here today, including myself, from here on forward to be partisan, pushing, thank.

When people ask me what is the business case of sustainability?


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