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  • my name.

  • I'm a musician, and as you see, I play the drums.

  • Sometimes people ask me what I like most about playing music at one of the things I always enjoyed.

  • His improvisation, two crates open on the spot is a magical experience.

  • It has to be a spin, the source of many discoveries.

  • So I'd like to talk about improvisation, not just as a North Forum off, perhaps as a useful idea for everyone.

  • The possession is probably believed as performing without preparation.

  • Reality go improvisation requires a lot of preparation.

  • Much of this preparation is about acquiring a state of mind that allows us to function without security off a set total cold to have freedom, visual lives recognize and exploit unexpected opportunities at the spur of the moment.

  • This idea has also created some negative connotations about improvisation, because most of our lives are guarded.

  • Bye precept protocol.

  • What and how we learn needs sleep, work, socialized and relax.

  • Most people only improvise when things don't go according to plan, and the results are usually regarded as being provisional and a lesser value.

  • Because of this, many people believe that improvisation is better left a small group of elite before in art.

  • Improvisation can be challenging, but it's not the privilege of a chosen few.

  • It's an inherent human capability that all of us have.

  • Anyone who was ever tackled will not expect the challenge successfully has already tapped into the emotional reality of improvisation.

  • It's a deeply rewarding and connecting experience.

  • It connects is with our presence, future and our past kids.

  • We were master improvisers.

  • We could.

  • Three.

  • Lee Rome Imagine associate and make sense of unlimited possibilities.

  • I'm still we had to surrender to the restricting protocol, off school and adult life.

  • So let me pick up where we left off kids and look at improvisation as a game.

  • As any game you get better by playing beginner.

  • It might appear to be a game off chance, but to the expert player, it clearly becomes a game off.

  • Skilled at the base off that skill is what I call framing.

  • Framing is the awareness toe.

  • Understand what it finds era where improvisation happens.

  • It's written that frame will reconnect to create a desirable outcome.

  • For instance, what you have unexpected guests for dinner framing much more likely to include your kitchen.

  • Then let's say the bicycle repair shop.

  • Let me give you a very simple used, for example, or framing.

  • Can you complete the following written nickel sentence?

  • Very good.

  • Thank you.

  • Framing here was a well, the shame that allowed us to perform together without a rehearsal.

  • Once afraid is established, the next step would be great variation.

  • That's if we increase the complexity of those variations.

  • They could become something completely different now.

  • It's not just a variation of the theme that can mutates during an improvisation.

  • Frame itself can change when it becomes subject to outside influence and new impulses.

  • When this happens, improvisation becomes real time.

  • Great order from chaos.

  • Recently I started to perceive improvisation as a response to a new cultural challenge.

  • The challenge often increasingly unpredictable and fast approaching future.

  • A future were familiar in precept or a coal could fail us a future where effective planning might become more and more difficult and improvisation might become more and more important.

  • Instead, ultimately, improvisation is going to be a part off the frontier that distinguishes humans from machines.

  • I think today we have an opportunity.

  • Much is to rediscover inability to wants, had his kids, but the opportunity to refine and develop our ability to improvise as adults and ability that allows us to encounter the unknown no longer as an enemy but as an accomplice to our creativity, our growth and our authentic lives.

  • I think we have an opportunity to start playing and possibly better than ever before.

  • Thank you.

my name.


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