A2 初級 35 分類 收藏
it is going on, guys, let's say we're taking a look here at band eyes Figure eyes standard 1 12 scale older man's suit version 7.3 fully armed.
So this is, of course, just a variation of the version 7.3 suit that we saw before.
Just being the fully armed version, As you can see once again sporting some awesome box are here in front of these boxes.
If you haven't seen my review of the birds and 0.3 and the type B gets before, definitely check those out because I really, really like to those.
They're awesome kids, and this one will be too.
So the main suit, as far as I know, is totally the same.
It just got the addition of some extra armaments and stuff in here included, which are pretty cool.
So yeah, just like with the previous do we reviewed Awesome box are here on the front, love like the Ultraman text there on the side.
You even have little fully armed there as well.
Let's go around here, over to the side of the box.
Just come in the same artwork there, nothing really to special there on the side down here on the bottom of the box, you can see just images of the kitchen of painted sample.
So it's got these really cool.
What are those on there?
I don't know.
In the 1/6 scale version of this kid that I built up recently, not the band diversion, the dimensions studios, one that would there were space CM crushers.
Then I'm not sure what they're called in this one, though I know they're a little bit different.
So band eyes, Let's see if I can remove this correctly.
I might have this backwards.
Wedding band.
Eyes are the weapons that were featured in bend Eyes are the designs from the enemy and in the Dimension Studios wants the 16 scale kit that I reviewed not too long ago.
Those are based on the manga, so I think that's great.
This is those This is the design from the enemy.
It's got those big, giant cannon things on its arms.
Also got some machine guns that are stored up on its back, so it should be pretty fun to pose that up, although, if you see again, if you've seen my review of the previous to these kids aren't the most possible.
Just because they have led gimmick, which is school led led gimmick is great.
But it was very, very much restricts the articulation here in the center and the torso section of the body.
So that means, like the arms and legs move.
But like, the body is just a stiff block there.
So that does.
It is a little bit restricting when it comes to posing this kid.
But it also comes with these Cool this old least, Yeah, two of these?
So these air rifles that look very similar to the one used by the B type sort of very just blocky style of That's really cool that I liked as well.
And then these weapons here, which I believe are like, pulled from the back of its head something like that, right, that the regular 7.3 came with us Well, as well as the sort.
So the original version of the kid just came with swords and these bits here.
I know this is the longer sort.
They're smaller ones that come out of the back and said those I think maybe you're probably also included in here, I would assume as well Let's go around here to the other side.
We'll see what always included once we get the box opened up.
But here's a little bit more about that.
Could see a nice big back view of the kid there.
And over here, just highlighting the molding of the kid in the red is molded in a high gloss red.
And then the silver is molded.
Silver or not motor.
It's kind of plated silver, so looks pretty nice on.
Then you're gonna need a couple of batteries for the led unit and here to light up the eyes.
No, this price here on the box.
But if I remember correctly, I think it's around 5800 yen off the list price for this.
So 55 $60 for this.
So it's a pretty expensive kids for a lot of reasons.
Again, as we've discussed before, it comes with the led units.
Got the silver plating on it and just the fact that it's Ultraman.
I think Ben dies paying listen, licensing fees for that way as well.
So, uh, whatever, There's multiple reasons why it is how much it is But I think if you're a fan of these, then they're definitely worth.
I mean, the kids look great while it, like I said, a possibility is a little bit limited.
They look awesome.
It's obviously just got a bunch of parts in here.
A lot of that's going to you.
Of course, all the new weapons parts and who who our work here for the manual is pretty awesome.
That's some really cool artwork here for this.
So that's one thing that I have really enjoyed about these cases, just the artwork on the box and on the manuals as well.
They have different artwork on the manual from the outside of the box, and all of them have been really, really cool.
This one is pretty awesome as well.
It looks de badass, all loaded up with weapons there.
In this scene here, I like that a lot.
So that's awesome.
Artwork would love a poster of that and some of this other stuff.
I have to be awesome.
Just have a nice like poster set of artwork from these kids anyway, all right, back to the backside of the manual.
You got some information here, and everything's in Japanese and English.
But English is incredibly tiny on their says.
Adjustments were made to the control system of the seven suit itself used by more bushy when it was to be operated with additional armor.
Although there aren't any changes in its appearance, the suit is referred to as the version 7.3 for convenience sake.
So, yeah, I think that it was It was just version seven, right, this one a 7.3.
It's because of the added stuff.
So it's got the whoa looks like those.
Or maybe just extension barrels there for the ex rifle and then the ice longer, which is, um, that we saw before.
And then we've got the layout for the sticker.
So this is going to come with some sticker markings for this.
They're all a bunch of, like, really tiny ones.
There's go around on.
The kids haven't really used them just because they don't really seem all that useful.
But we got the color guide there at the bottom as well.
It's all listed in Japanese and in English.
All right, so let's see somewhere in here we should have our parts list to fool this all the way out.
There is our parts list for that.
All right, It looks like we are gonna have a couple of leftover parts there on a couple of the runners.
Those maybe just ones that were use for a different version.
But this is on all through all of the construction.
Got a bunch of that all here in black and white and then on the color pages.
We've got some here as well.
So the color pages basically covering the weapons and weapons and weapons and in the lighting units will give you some instructions about that and then the batteries for the led and all that and then the bases.
Welcome with Baesa's.
Well, just pretty nice.
It's pretty useful, but let's not waste any more time.
Let's get into the actual runners, shall we?
Are its first up here is the foil sticker sheet for this cake and who it's a pretty bad one.
So that is one of the worst things about this kid of these kids.
They're all unfortunately have been pretty sticker heavy.
So the lack of articulation I can kind of deal with that.
You know, the amount of stickers that you need for these.
If you want to go for, like, the full color accuracy, let's go a lot of painting you got on your hands there or, you know, if you want to use the stickers, yeah, you've got a lot of stickers to put on the kid.
That said, the stickers do look fine once they're on the kid.
I won't say that they look terrible, but it's got a lot of oil stickers.
And then again, here's that sheet of just marking stickers.
So again, just a lot of really tiny little ones that just are You know, when you're getting that tiny and you're looking at the stickers markings on there, you're gonna be noticing the outline of the stickers for these just as much as you're noticing the stickers themselves, just cause how tiny the markings are.
So not really the greatest for these, either.
We have our little led unit here does a single led and you just need there's button there on the back and in the screw there for batteries in.
That's pretty much it very simple.
I I was wrong, and this should be very much proof for you guys of how forgetful I am is that the original version was not the river.
Just version seven.
It was 7.5, and this one is 7.3.
So kind of I'm not really sure why they would be counting down.
But anyway, again like that, I'm not familiar with the mango or the animal.
Have not seen it.
So anyway, this is running a one.
And so you've got some parts on here.
This is all just from the original gets.
So this runner is Mark's just version 7.5 million.
You could see that nice silver coating on these looks really, really good.
And then we do also have a runner, a two, which is a copy of this half over here.
So you will have those smaller blades included here as well, like the throwing ones that he pulls out the back of his head.
So I've heard and we've got Runner be in that nice, really sharp looking high gloss red here.
Be one I should say so.
This is once again just all parts from the original kid.
We do have a B two, which is a copy of this corner of the runner up their undersea One is some joint parts and hand parts and stuff.
This is all in this kind of dark, gunmetal sort of color.
So you got a nice kind of dark, silvery shine for that as well Do it severed her seat to which is a copy of this part of the runner.
We've got Runner D, which is just a few clear yellow parts there for in the neck behind the eyes and then the visor there.
All right.
And the runner is our first new runner for this kid is just obviously some parts there for the weapons.
And this isn't just kind of a standard medium gray color.
Got two of this, Your Honor, these are marked 1 12 Ultraman suit, version 7.3 on the runners there.
That's Amore.
New weapons parts here on the F one runner.
We got some new hand parts there as well.
I think those words for holding the new weapons and this Werner is once again in that kind of dark, gunmetal colors that we do also have runner FT.
Which is copy of this runner.
All except for the hands G one here is Interestingly, a new chest piece.
Apparently that's gonna be slightly different in the shape for that.
And then we ever energy to which is some more new parts here in silver now, because we have the new chest piece, but nothing really plugs onto the chest.
And in these new parts here for this side, I'm wondering if these new parts will improve the articulation in the stomach section of this a little bit, even though it's still got the led unit in there.
Maybe these new parts free up.
A little bit of articulation in there.
I've been seen anything about that.
But that would be my guess, possibly at the moment.
But yeah, I'm not sure at the moment we'll go over everything in the review, of course.
And then we've got this Clear A B s runner here, runner A for just the bass part.
So you've got that nice big base and then some arms for opposing the kit and the weapons and stuff like that on here as well.
All right, So that is it for the unboxing aversion 7.3.
I can't wait to get this built up.
And do you guys in the review.
You want to see a comparison with the 1/6 scale version.
Obviously, the styling of them is going to be a little bit different.
Weapons are a little bit different, the right thing, and obviously just the size is gonna be the main difference.
But if you guys want, I'll try to include that in the review for this guy, as always, guys a huge thing.
Get us.
I've got in store for their supports.
If you guys want to check out some figure out standard kids Ultraman kids or Gump lick its or anything else there on us again.
Of stores site, the link is down below and coupon code.
There's a gorilla's 10 is there as well.
Used that to save yourself 10% off everything on their sites.
So if you guys have further questions or comments, of course about this, feel free to leave those down below.


Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Ver.7.3 [Fully Armed] UNBOXING

35 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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