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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to Sherman to curry dot com.

  • I'm hip, I'm Manu Gia.

  • And today we're gonna show you how to make a very simple but yummy onion chutney.

  • It's called Little Bundy, and it's again, I think, from Carola.

  • And it's just basically such a simple quick fix chutney recipe.

  • And again, everything is so to taste.

  • This recipe was given to a spy.

  • Shanta Aunty, thank you so much for that one.

  • Let's get started.

  • So, technically, for this recipe we need to use shallots, but we didn't have any on him.

  • We have a red onion, though, which is a good substitute.

  • So we're gonna use that.

  • It's 1/2 of, ah, large red onion and like and understand everything is to taste.

  • So if you need to make a big batch, go ahead and use as many unions as you want, or you can make a small one for two.

  • So we're gonna start crying now.

  • You need to use a smaller Great.

  • Now there's two different.

  • There's one larger one in a smaller one.

  • You need the smaller the fine one, unfortunately, but I really make you cry hard on food.

  • Processor is not a good idea for this recipe.

  • Well, then it just stops crying.

  • So we got quite a bit of grated onion here, and it is hard to grate the onion when you when you get to the bottom.

  • So the scraps that are left, we can go ahead and finally chop them up with a knife.

  • But it's important to have at least a majority of it.

  • That's that nice, pulpy mixture, and that's kept up pretty fine.

  • Can add it to the rest to this.

  • Now we're gonna add some salt, and some were actually about so you could make it as spicy as you want in here.

  • Have some coconut oil that we heated until it started smoking, and then we turn it off and just allowed it to cool.

  • If you have some leftover oil that we're using for something else and it's just laying around, you can use that.

  • But I guess the technique here is to use smoke.

  • Doyle.

  • So right, and we're gonna add about a tablespoon.

  • This is a check me that's had been the Italy or those are and that concept of the raw onion, which is like it's got a totally different player, and it's totally on me.

  • So you got a little overboard.

  • Maybe with the refugee boat, too.

  • You know it's for us.

  • So that's it.

  • That's it's ready to eat immediately because the oil is cooked and you and it also matter, needs the onions and put on I really need to stop crying.

  • Good.

  • So if you can stop yourself from crying, enjoy this delicious and quick check me and join us again on another episode of shipment home, having a pinch of spice really and ears to your life.



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蔥頭/洋蔥酸辣醬食譜 - 咖喱秀 (Shallot/Onion Chutney Recipe for Idlis and Dosas | Show Me The Curry)

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