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  • - Hey everyone, it's Natasha of Natasha's Kitchen,

  • and today I'm gonna teach you how to

  • make your own cake flour.

  • Now you might be wondering, why would I wanna make that?

  • Well, there are a few reasons.

  • Either you found a recipe that needs it,

  • and you just don't have it in your pantry,

  • and you really wanna make those cupcakes,

  • or, maybe you wanna use better quality ingredients

  • like organic all-purpose flour.

  • And then finally, it's just a whole lot cheaper

  • to make it at home.

  • Now you guys, this recipe calls for just two ingredients.

  • For every one cup of all-purpose flour,

  • you'll need two tablespoons of cornstarch.

  • So start out by measuring your flour.

  • And it's important to scoop the flour

  • into the measuring cup, because that's

  • the most accurate way to measure.

  • If you just pushed your measuring cup

  • into the flour, you'll compress the flour

  • and you'll get a lot more flour that way, in your cup,

  • and you can test that by weighing it at home.

  • So, then just scoop off the top,

  • and you get a perfect one cup.

  • Next you're gonna set up two medium bowls

  • and you'll need a fine mesh strainer, or a flour sifter.

  • You're gonna take your one cup of measured flour

  • and add it to the sifter,

  • and then we're gonna take out two tablespoons of flour,

  • so measure them with a measuring spoon,

  • scrape off the top, put 'em right back into your flour pot.

  • Okay, and then we're going to add

  • two tablespoons of cornstarch.

  • So, the same process here.

  • Scoop it in, scrape off the top, and add it right in.

  • One and two.

  • Okay, and then we're gonna sift that together.

  • Altogether, we're gonna sift it about four or five times.

  • And that's to get the cornstarch

  • really well incorporated into the flour,

  • get that whole mixture nice and airy.

  • And that's going to be perfect.

  • So, the reason why we add cornstarch

  • and pull out some of the flour for cake flour,

  • when we remove some of the flour,

  • we also remove some of the gluten,

  • and cornstarch is a tenderizing agent.

  • So it'll give you that nice, soft, fine crumb

  • that you want in certain recipes.

  • So that's really all there is to it.

  • Now if a recipe calls for more cake flour,

  • just increase everything proportionally.

  • So for two cups of all-purpose flour,

  • you'll need four tablespoons of cornstarch.

  • It's so easy.

  • Now, I hope you enjoyed spending time with me in my kitchen.

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  • Thanks for watching.

  • (upbeat music)

- Hey everyone, it's Natasha of Natasha's Kitchen,


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