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(happy music)
- Hi, everybody!
Today, we are going to make delicious seafood stew.
Made with what?
Korean crabs.
Here you go!
This is Korean crabs, kkotge.
We call this kkotge.
Isn't it a cute name?
Today, I'm going to make Korean crab stew, kkotgetang.
Fresh crabs are so tasty.
But you know, in America, I can't find fresh flower crabs.
So I just got this from a Korean grocery store.
They're all cleaned and frozen.
I thawed this out in the fridge.
Probably you guys are more familiar with blue crabs
because in America, all the crabs,
are like easily, you can get blue crabs.
The problem is that blue crab shells are too hard,
but Korean crabs are softer.
Very meaty inside them,
lots and lots of meat,
and price is so cheap.
for just more than one pound, it is only $4.99.
You can make for four people, four servings.
I try to find my T-shirt to match with today's theme!
These guys are cousins of crabs.
I'm going to put these guys back into my fridge
until I'm ready to cook this.
First, I'm going to make rice.
White, fluffy rice today.
First, milky water, I will throw away.
Second one.
I'll just reserve this water to make this kkotgetang.
Put some water here.
So I'm going to let it soak, maybe 10 or 20 minutes,
and then I will just start making rice.
Meanwhile, let's make stew.
We need around three or three and a half cups of water.
When I make kkotgetang, I always use the milky water,
but you don't have to.
You can use just plain clear water.
Just a little more, three and a half cups, let's use.
These are dried anchovies.
Dried anchovies are optional.
If you don't have, just skip it.
Still delicious, because delicious stuff
is coming from crabs.
But if you add more, seven anchovies added,
it'll be more tasty.
This is an anchovy bag,
sold also at a Korean grocery store.
I will just keep these anchovies inside of this bag.
Anchovy bags, but if you don't have,
just put it there.
Later remember, seven anchovies, take it out.
Let's remove the inside.
head, and see? here.
It's a kind of black stuff, this is intestine.
I'm going to add here, put it here.
You guys are following my recipes,
you saw me use, a lot of times, dried anchovies
to make a stock delicious, right?
At the beginning, probably you were scared, you know?
"How can I remove this?"
But now, many of you guys know very easily,
"I'm good at removing guts!"
So I'll put these all in this bag.
And then, cover, like this
so that it's secure,
and put it inside.
Next, we are going to add some radish.
I already washed and peeled.
When you make kkotgetang, you need radish.
Just a little bit, four or five ounces.
And cut thinly.
Slice into bite-size pieces.
Add this here.
And then, we are going to add doenjang,
Korean fermented bean paste, around two tablespoons.
And this is hot pepper paste, gochujang, one tablespoon.
And then, let's boil.
Medium heat.
I'll just boil for 20 minutes,
and then I will add crabs and vegetables.
Zucchini, around 4 ounce of zucchini.
Just a little bit, because zucchini
is very tasty when you make this stew.
And this green onion.
Just one green chile pepper.
Green chili pepper, you have to use.
It gives a really good flavor.
And onion, one small onion.
Four large cloves of garlic.
You see the steam?
Really good smell!
The radish is not cooked yet.
I'm going to lower the heat to low.
So let's take care of our crabs.
They're all cleaned, but we still need to clean more.
Still a little frozen.
A couple of hours ago,
I transferred this from the freezer.
And you see...
look at this.
This part, we usually cut it off, like this.
And then, just bite-size pieces, like this.
Tip of this.
I also always use shells, large shells,
Everything I use, but always cut off the tip.
Because after making, this tip doesn't look good.
So you need to clean up.
We are going to wash, rinse just quickly,
because it's already clean.
I don't want to wash many, many times.
Because, in case of that, all deliciousness stuff is gone.
And one more time.
Let's open this.
a little translucent,
so we are going to cook longer.
And just let's take it out, these anchovies.
And then, these vegetables.
Vegetables and garlic.
And turn up to a medium-high heat.
Add these crabs.
Close the lid.
Cook this over medium-high heat
until all the crabs are well cooked,
radish looks translucent,
the stew, the soup is very, very tasty.
Now it's time to make rice.
Rice is boiling over, and stir this and lower the heat.
The soup is... wow!
It smells really good.
Kkotgetang smells so good.
This smell's a real kkotgetang smell!
Use a wet towel to always clean.
I'm going to turn down the heat.
So 15 minutes.
15 minutes, I'm going to cook.
A total of 35 minutes.
Let's prepare some red chili pepper
and Chrysanthemum greens.
It's called ssukgat in Korean, really fragrant.
I'll just add this in the last minute, these two guys
because they're colorful.
You can eat it all, this stem part is also really tasty,
and when you make ssam wraps,
lettuce wraps with ssamjang,
you eat whole this thing.
Really tasty, I love that.
Then I'm going to show you my side dishes that I made.
This is eggplant.
So it's time to eat.
And this is cucumber.
And this is jangjorim, braised beef brisket.
The rice is done.
Turn off.
My rice!
And then the stew.
Just one teaspoon.
And this.
That's it!
Ooh, wow!
Very flavorful.
Earthy, because we added soybean paste.
And spicy.
And from the crab, really delicious sweet stuff coming out.
And this radish, I like to eat the radish.
Radish, I always have some
in the corner of my refrigerator.
Any kind of stock I'm making, I just add.
A little spicy, sweet, and savory.
A little crabby, and tasty.
So how you can eat.
You can grab this, and there's some meat here.
This kkotge, flower crabs, the shells are softer.
You can suck the meat easily, and I'll show you how to eat it.
Like this.
With your teeth.
And this small guy, I don't know how much meat is inside.
And soup.
Really delicious.
I made all freshly made.
That's why it's tasty.
Definitely, this is not for the first-time date food.
Can you imagine?
Suddenly, once he or she sees this, like this.
Later, when you get to know him or her better,
you don't have to worry about it.
Today, we made kkotgetang, Korean crab stew.
Enjoy my recipe.
See you next time!
(happy music)


Korean crab stew (Kkotgetang: 꽃게탕)

8 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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