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  • Hey, guys, how's it going?

  • My name is Makayla, and I've just gotten back from very hectic week in Tokyo.

  • I made time to visit the YouTube creator studio in Rome.

  • Pony had a casual photo shoot with one of my favorite Tokyo photographers, and I even made time to go shopping in Harajuku, which is something I really wanted to do because, as you know, I'm heading to Canada, actually, in two hours, um, to some work again for the Canadian Tourism Commission.

  • I'm heading from Vancouver to Toronto, and I wanted to have some good clothes, and I kind of wanted to stand out a little, to be honest, because it's always weird going to Canada, representing Japan as a white person.

  • And so I figured that, like if I wore, how did you could close?

  • Somehow I would.

  • It would make sense that I came from Japan or something anyway, so I pick some items that are kind of representing the current fashion trends here in Japan, among young women like myself, and I thought that maybe you would be interested in that.

  • Maybe a first thing that I knew that I wanted was flower pants.

  • I've always wanted a pair of flower pants, but, like, I feel like they're so out there that I'm not sure if I could rock them.

  • I don't know if they're ever gonna look good on me, but I wanted them so bad they were 2000 yen.

  • So 20 bucks, Uh, I'm not really sure about the length.

  • Like, I think Japanese people have shorter legs than me and smaller butts than me.

  • I have multiple butts.

  • Flower can another super cool china in Japan right now.

  • Is everything galaxy in space field?

  • Last time I was in Harajuku, I bought this crazy spacey jacket thing.

  • I never wear it.

  • And it's kind of too heavy first spring, so I don't wear it now.

  • So this time I got something different.

  • Jar these beautiful.

  • Aren't these the most beautiful space shorts you've ever seen?

  • Look at these.

  • They're, like, shiny and silky.

  • These were like 25 bucks, I think.

  • And I love them.

  • They're so insane.

  • I'm gonna put them on right now.

  • These are, like, super cute.

  • Oh, my God.

  • See, now I feel like some weird Japanese.

  • Grab your idol.

  • Another super big trend in Haji Crew right now.

  • ISS, Bart Simpson.

  • Bart Simpson.

  • I think this is just so ridiculously, um, terrible looking.

  • But this is one of those things that I think that you just have to buy because it looks terrible.

  • This is like the kind of shirt you buy it purposefully represent yourself as someone who has no idea what they're doing with their life.

  • Basically like I love it and I hate it at the same time.

  • And this was also about, I think, $30.

  • 504,900 I can't remember.

  • This isn't necessarily trending, but I loved one pieces.

  • I love one pieces.

  • So I got this comic book a comic strip themed one piece which actually looks really cute.

  • I'm gonna show you.

  • I'm gonna show you right now.

  • Sad woman crying woman Weird cottons.

  • This is also kind of Gotti hottie.

  • Everything's hot and today's Japanese word of the day is hot.

  • This is hot as well.

  • One of the things I also really love about pieces like this is that it's a great conversation starter because a lot of people just love reading English.

  • That doesn't make any sense.

  • I think This was about $20 as well.

  • Finally, I knew that I wanted an accessory, but I'm the type of person that loses jewelry almost instantly.

  • I decided not to get a necklace with these Giant as head falls instead.

  • And these were super cheap to these were about 1000 yen for that price.

  • They are basically an accessory.

  • Um, they do work as headphones, they function as headphones.

  • But the thing is that they were quite loud.

  • I mean, you can't listen to music on a high volume, but not when other people are around, because they will get very frustrated with you.

  • No, I aim to spend about 100 bucks, and I think that it's pretty close to that.

  • But now I'm really excited because, you see, after this in one hour, I'm going to ride a plane to Canada and travel across the country working for Canadian tourism would love some advice from you about what you would like to see in the videos.

  • Aside from that, I'm going to try to make another Japan related video to while I'm there.

  • So those of you who like Japan will not feel so alienated and, uh, the Nestle videos will be up every Friday.

  • I hope you guys are doing well and I will talk to you soon.

  • Okay, bye.

Hey, guys, how's it going?


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