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Greg is after me again today, because what's your question?
That you want to see him in my videos again?
I've been getting tens of questions about going to school in Japan.
What it's like, how I got into university in Japan and, like, a 1,000,000 things like that.
So I decided that we should do an updated version of my school in Japan.
Q and A.
So that's what we're gonna do today.
And I asked on Twitter for your guys, these questions and you sent me tons of good one.
So thank you so much.
So I'm gonna be looking at my phone and reading your guys those questions off here.
So let's get started.
So first of all, how did you guys get into school in Japan?
Well, me and great book Two different programs.
Actually, I started off with the same program that great did, which was one year language programs to come here and learn Japanese language and culture.
And then I transferred into the school to finish my bachelors.
So the process is a little different.
In Greg's case, he started off at American University, right?
And then how did you end up here?
Well, I talked to my Japanese teacher about once a study abroad in Japan and that she's the one that referred me to our international center and from their international center.
Since most schools usually have sister schools with schools and different country, I came here to Tokyo, so I studied here for one year Japanese in Japanese culture.
Yeah, that was how I started off.
I was enrolled in the university in Canada, and then I just went to the International Center and asked them what kind of programs they have for coming to Japan.
And they gave me a list of, I think, three schools to choose from.
Um, and I just chose to come here for a one year Japanese language program to start off with, and I was planning on going home, but I really liked it.
So I stayed here and I transferred to the university.
But having that one year experience here in just the Japanese language program, I made lots of connections, a university, and I think it made my transfer process a lot easier.
The people in the office were willing to help me out when I had problems with the forms I was filling out and stuff.
And, um, I think it was just a good idea to come here for the short program to start off with, just to see if you like it and to build those connections with the school.
You can transfer directly into a Japanese university if you want to, but I feel like the process would be more difficult.
So personally, I recommend coming here for a short exchange program to start out foot.
Is tuition in Japan really expensive?
Especially since you're a foreigner.
Well, actually, the school we went thio they gave us a discount because we were foreigner, my university in Canada.
They would charge foreign students like think twice or even three times the price for tuition.
We're really lucky.
Our school here gave a discount to foreign students, so I'm not sure if it's like that everywhere in Japan, it could have just then the school we went to, but it's possible that it is.
So what were their requirements for entering the school?
Do you have any departments rendering the language for grounds?
We have to right, two or three?
Actually, um, director of my school actually came in interview this hustle.
I didn't have any interview when I entered the language program.
I did write some essays.
Just why I'm interesting going.
That was about it for entering the language program.
But when I wanted to transfer into the school to finish my degree, I needed Thio.
Philo, maybe 30 forms.
They love forms in Japan.
He'll spend lots of lots of time filling out forms for everything you do.
I did that.
And I had an interview with about three different teachers.
Basically does asking me why I wanted to study in Japan, But I thought it would be a good idea to finish my degree here.
What I want to do in the future, etcetera.
As for language requirements, um, you don't need any Japanese for the school that I went to, but I wanted to take some classes in Japanese.
So in that case, I needed to have the jail, Petey and two levels to be able to do that.
I was about it for requirements.
Um, good grades.
You probably need to have good grades, but that's kind of a given.
How hard is it to make Japanese friends, huh?
I feel like death.
Nis people, maybe like American people, are very different when it comes to being able to make friends.
It's a lot easier to make friends in America, even for a lot of my Japanese friends that went abroad.
But to make friends in Japan, it's kind of hard or you don't really see them so much.
But they still consider you like Oh, but we're friends and maybe they don't talk to you so much.
Yeah, I think like the definition of friend is different here, like in Canada.
You'd make a friend and you guys would hang out all the time on the weekend.
You'd always text each other, but here you can be friends with someone, and maybe they'll they'll never invite you out anywhere or the lever invite you to their parties.
But you'll see them at school and you'll wave to them and maybe they'll come over and talk to you at lunch.
Sometimes I feel like it's it's really hard to make, like a really good friendship here, making acquaintances and people that'll come hang out with you.
Lunch and talk to you is really easy.
But, um, making a really good friendship where people are gonna invite you out to hang out on the weekends and stuff.
I don't but yet I feel like that's harder when a teacher smash your cellphone.
If they saw you using it in class.
Definitely not.
This guy said that he saw a video of a Japanese he just smashing a student's cell phone that was probably in high school.
I would definitely believe that happened in high school here.
They're so strict.
But to make up for how, like, horribly strict they are in high school.
The university's air just ridiculously led it.
Yeah, why I say good.
80% maybe 93.
Science of the students in my classes will just be like staring at their phone playing games, talking on their friends, watching videos or sleeping s.
Oh, yeah, but the teachers are very.
They just let you do whatever you want.
But, um, it's up to you.
If you want to study and get a good grade, you could do that.
Or if you want to sleep through the whole class and fail, you could do that.
The teachers will just let you do whatever you want.
Financial stuff.
How did you pay for school?
You have scholarship to Great.
I got a really good scholarship from an organization called Jessel.
I will link to it down below.
Um, I got believe it was, like $800 the equivalent of about $800 Canadian a month for one year.
So that paid for, like, all my living expenses.
And then I just have to worry about tuition.
I got a scholarship from my school.
Actually, you made a video, right?
Okay, I'll link to great scholarship video here, so if you want to hear more about that, but maybe just tell us a little bit about what it's called.
So there were two Scottish is actually thought there was one from my home university.
I think that was about two dozen dollars.
So if you look into what your home university will give you to study abroad, maybe they have something to you.
And then the 2nd 1 I played for it is us ownership is called the Gilman Scholarship, which I did make a video about Andi.
They gave me $5000.
I think you can get up to $8000.
Actually, study abroad, so yeah, yeah.
So look into scholarships from your home, university, your country, and then also look into one's the Japanese government offer, or maybe the school in Japan offer Is there really tons of different options?
And then once I transferred into the school here, I got a scholarship from the university here for abo $500 a month.
Um, for a year, I have that forest, though it helps a lot, so definitely look into scholarships.
There are so many students that don't bother looking into scholarships, but some of them are really easy to get Is just not enough people apply for them, So if you apply your, like, guaranteed to get it, so definitely look into scholarships.
Is bullying as big of an issue in Japan as it is in America?
We see a lot of stuff on the TV about bullying in Japan.
I would say that it's probably around the same level as it is in America.
It's probably the same as where, once you get university, that kind of stops.
It's really just high school and middle school and elementary school, where he see bullying problem in Japan, I'd say I don't really notice anything in university.
It all?
Can you work as a student?
Um, I wonder if it's different for country.
Depending on your visa as a Canadian is the same for Americans That you had to work?
You okay?
Like as a Canadian and American.
You're allowed to work part time with the student visa, so I could work 28 hours a week.
Um, I'm gonna make a video all about working in Japan, though, so I'll save all the work related questions for later.
I got lots of questions about my part time jobs and stuff like that.
So, yeah, I will say that for a future video, and I will link to that video here when it is made here.
Most people party a lot and fail or any people like that in Japan.
I don't think guzzler partying.
Just don't do it.
A big chunk of students will just not try not show up the classical.
My my leg next door.
Neighbors, they always have people.
I don't think it's like a full on party, but you're kind of different that they are kind of a job.
He's party.
Hold it.
Talk, drink, dri.
Click one beer each.
It's really not the kind of partying that you have as an image for, like, North American or European list tiles, But, um, I'd say it's not.
Yeah, it's just cause they slack off if any of them failed.
Is smoking allowed in Japanese schools?
Yeah, way school.
When we first came, there were, I think maybe three or four different smoking areas, like designated smoking areas, but they've brought it down to one now, so I think they're eventually trying to phase it out completely.
But at the moment, yes, it is allowed, but in designated areas, Yeah, simulate to this car.
Today s M.
U S.
Um, let's see.
Well, for Christmas, we don't get much of a vacation.
Sometimes Christmas Day isn't even a vacation.
It's not a holiday here.
But how long did we get for Christmas vacation?
Like two weeks?
We usually have about two weeks in that area.
The New Year's area, and then the semester will finish in February.
I just finished now, beginning of February, and then you'll have a break until some around the middle of April So that's like your big break really is the February April stretch, and then the school year officially starts in April.
In Japan.
You don't really have much of a summer vacation, either.
How much too weak?
Yeah, three weeks or something around August.
It's really random.
It's a lot different than the schedule, but in Canada, but basically your big break is February.
So that's usually the time that I used to travel around or go back to Canada.
All right, so that is the majority of your questions.
The ones that I didn't answer.
We're probably related more to work in Japan, so I will answer those in my work video.
So look out for that.
Thanks for joining us big.


How to Study in Japan Q&A 日本での留学についてQ&A

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