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Velvety... it's like a baby kitty :3
Hey guys! I have a new friend to introduce to you today!
This is Miranda Ibanez! Did I say that right?
Yessss my Spanish is getting amazing
She is here visiting from Mexico
And she is just the sweetest person in the world
So, her videos are in Spanish
But they're awesome just to watch even if you don't speak Spanish
If you can't understand them don't worry, just go check out her channel
She makes the cutest cooking tutorials like Hello Kitty roll cakes
She's just so talented, so make sure you check out her channel
So because this is her first time to Japan
I've brought all my favourite Japanese sweets for her to try today
So I hope you like them!!
I'm obsessed with sweets, so...
The first one is THIS!
Oh my god I've wanted to try that for so long!
Really? You haven't tried it yet? Oh~ I'm so happy!!
You guys have probably seen this in my videos before
It's sakura mochi!
I wanna try it so bad!
I'm excited, I'm so happy that you wanna try it
This is just delicious! It's really a spring snack
But you can get it all year round
It's mochi wrapped in a sakura leaf, which is interesting...
I hope you like it! It's a really like...
original smell
Like roses or something
Yeah, yeah
What does it have inside? Like, anko?
Anko, yep
I'm so good at Japanese
Yeah, itadakimasu!
It's salty! Why's it salty?
Yeah, the leaf is like pickled. It's salty.
Oh my god, so cool with
anko and sweetness from the mochi
It's a nice combination of flavours I think
It's so weird!
Because the first bite is just like all salty from leaf
Like pickles
Oh my this is so interesting
It's really good with green tea
It's a really good combination
But I just eat them all day long
Mmm so good, it's like the best combination ever
Do you want some?
You read my mind
She already ate a lot of mexican snacks
You guys have to check out the video on her channel
She brought this gigantic suitcase full of Mexican snacks
And we tried them all, it was so much fun
Sakura mochi, right?
So good, you have to try it
The next snack is this Yuki Ichigo
It is a daifuku with strawberry and whipped cream inside
It's just like all good things combined together
I hope you like this one, we're gonna need forks for this one
It's like a cake basically
Don't you just wanna touch it?!
Oh it's so squishy
Right! Isn't it nice?!
Haha we're such weirdos.
Oh my, yeah it's like so soft that you just touch it
I wish you guys could feel this
It's velvety~ it's like a baby kitty
Alright, here we go
Oh my god, the mochi is so good!
Right? It's so soft and gooey
Yeah extremely gooey
I don't know how to explain mochi if you don't know the texture
And you can already taste the strawberry
So good. Oh and there's cake inside too!
Yeah there's a layer of cake!
It's so good
Can you guys see the strawberry in the middle?
It's got a whole strawberry in there
And those are expensive here!
I know right! This is worth like 5 dollars
you can buy this for about two dollars at the convenience store
It's so good, I love it
You just bring cool things for me
Mine was like all spicy
It's good, it's a good balance
The last one, I wonder if you've tried it before
I stopped at the bakery on the way here
And I got a box full of choux creme
They're I guess, creme puffs?
Is it the same as what I have here?
Yeah, kind of! That one has chocolate on it
These are just like regular cream puffs
They're so delicious
Oh they smell so good!
These cost about $1, 100 yen
You can get them at bakeries or convenience stores
How do you call it?
choux creme! (shu- kuri-mu)
Choux creme cheers!!
Whole bite, ok
It'll get all over your face, totally worth it
It's like a custard
It's really soft
These ones have nama kuri-mu in the middle, fresh cream
It's like a soft biscuit
And the bread is so fluffy and light
This is so yummy
She loves sweets, Sharla, I know that
I saw all of your videos
I'm just constantly eating sweets >_>
Who needs real food, right?
With coffee or hot cocoa
Omg hot cocoa, that would be so good!
So if you guys come to Japan, definitely try the choux creme
It has a weird name, but...
Is that your favourite, out of all of them?
Aw I'm so happy!
I like to mix flavours, like weird flavours
So that's why I love it so much
It's a great combo
There are so many people that don't wanna try it because there's a leaf on it and they're like wtf
But it's so good!
Yeah it's really so good!
Alright, so what did you think about my Japanese sweets selection?
So so so so delicious.
Sakura mochi! My favourite!
Sakura mochi. You have to try it.
Don't care about the leaf, just eat it.
Don't be like me! When I first tried it I was scared of the leaf
so I tried to peel it off
like a loser
Eat the leaf, it's good!
Or it's gonna stick to your hands
So good
Yaaaay! So maky sure to go over to Miranda's channel
and check out our Mexican food video
It was amazing
She bought me so many cool things
Miranda is gonna start an English channel here
All about Japan
That would be youtube.com/mirlyfejapan (link below! ^^)
I'll write that here and in the description box
So make sure you guys sub to that channel
Yay! A channel that I can understand from you! I'm so excited!
Thanks for watching guys, I hope you enjoyed that
And we'll see you again soon, bye!


The BEST Japanese Sweets with Miranda Ibanez ♥︎ 日本のスイーツ ベスト3

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