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R: So here's a napkin for you in case you gotta spit it out.
A: Is it that bad?
R: I don't know.
R: Hey guys! I'm here with my brother Andrew and my sister Bri.
R: And my other brother Daniel, who's a
D: You better edit that!
R: My other brother Daniel, who's a scaredy-cat and he's not gonna-
R: Don't put the fur on my napkin!
D: Boots with the fur ♪
A: Oh, I'm sorry. Is it going to mess with you when you throw it up?
R: And today we're going to try, um, I forget the word for these.
R: These are like Japanese snacks you eat when you drink beer.
R: The first one we're going to try is this: fried fish skin.
R: This is probably the best one.
R: I chose this one for first because it probably tastes the best
and it's probably going make everyone else think the other ones are okay.
R: Here. Take a piece of fish skin.
D: Feed a piece to Henry.
A: They're little crunchies.
R: Hi other kitty!
R: You already ate it!
A: Oh, was I supposed to wait?
R: Okay, well, let's go ahead and eat our fish skin.
A: Tastes like crunchy snacks.
A: I'd probably snack on them.
A: What do you need beer for? They're all right.
R: This one's not that bad.
R: Well you can have this, then.
R: All right. Our second one here is dried squid tentacles.
A: Looks like bacon.
R: So uh, yeah. Just pretend this one's bacon.
B: Pretend...
A: Wanna split it?
D: That smells terrible.
A: All right.
D: Smells like wet cat or something.
R: Would you WAIT to try it until we-
R: It's a squid tentacle.
B: Ughhh!
A: I mean, it's not really bad. It's just kinda hard to eat.
R: Here's my squid tentacle.
R: I can't chew it.
B: I can't either.
A: It's not really bad.
R: Wasabi-flavored salted fish!
A: Is that gonna be hot?
R: Wasabi isn't like, super hot.
R: I'm gonna get the cat!
D: He's chasing after something.
R: YEAH got another kitty-
R: Bye, kitty.
A: That's got its eyes and stuff still!
D: Oh jeez.
R: Yeah, these are WHOLE fish.
B: Is that safe?
R: Yeah it's-
R: Oh, yours doesn't have eyes! That's cheating. It's just a tail.
B: I don't think it has an entire head.
R: There you go!
R: All right! I hope this focuses so you guys can see this.
A: It's not bad, actually.
A: They're actually pretty good, Daniel.
R: Is it really?
A: Isn't it?
B: Yeah, it's not bad.
R: What?! Both of them ate without me!
B: Oh, I'm sorry.
A: Want another one?
B: I'll have another one.
B: What is that?!
R: Do you like fish?
R: Oh no, it's wasabi-flavored.
R: I'm not gonna give that to the cat.
R: Wasabi-flavored fish.
A: Oh, I'm sorry Leo. Is she taking your rest[ing spot]?
R: That's not... That's not his name.
A: Wait, which one's this one?
D: Henry.
A: Henry, okay.
A: All right, if you say so.
R: This is ume.
B: It's a fruit?
R: Yeah. I think this one's pickled, though.
R: All right, go ahead.
B: Oh my god!
A: That's not that great.
A: All right, I'll use the napkin.
B: Is there a pit in them?
A: Yeah.
R: I don't know how to eat it.
A: Exactly! You guys don't even explain how to eat this, whether it's got a pit in it or not!
R: You know what you need to do?
R: Daniel, take this back to your house and hand these out to all your roomates.
R: Say this is a candy from Japan.
D: Okay. I'll do it.
R: All right, this one is fried shell.
B: Of what?
A: Shell?
R: Like the inside of a shell-fish?
A: Ohhh. I was gonna be like, I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat like seashells and stuff.
R: Oh, this!
B: It's like rubbery.
R: Yeah, it is rubbery.
R: Okay. All right. Let's go.
A: It's chewy.
R: It is chewy.
A: It's not bad, though.
R: Since Andrew likes them, you can have this bag, too.
R: I knew he'd eat anything.
A: She goes to Japan and gets me all sorts of candies.
R: I bring him back dried fish every single time.
R: ALL RIGHT. And then here's the finale.
R: They're GIANT fried fish.
R: Or, dried out fish.
A: Does it taste like wasabi?
R: Nope.
R: This is just fish and salt.
R: Oh, you got a little baby one. Omg.
A: He's swimmin.
A: The cat's watching with his head!
R: Okay.
A: Is that your napkin, Bri?
B: Do you need it?
A: Just in case.
R: No cheating eating the tail part. You gotta eat the head part first.
R: Here we go.
R: Don't you cheat! Put that in your mouth!
A: It's kinda dry.
R: That's not too bad actually.
R: Tastes like a really salty fish.
A: So, what was the best one?
B: The little wasabi fish.
R: The wasabi fish?
A: Then these.
R: Oh, really? You like the shell?
A: It's close between this wasabi and the shell.
A: Then it's the skin.
A: Then it's the squid,
A: Then it's the dried fish.
A: Then the worst is the fruit.
R: That fruit... that you're gonna give to your roommates.
R: Don't tell them what it is.
D: I'll tell them it's candy.
R: All right, so, thanks for trying my Japanese snacks I brought back.
A: Thanks for the candy.
R: Next time I'll try to bring something that tastes good.
R: All right, see you guys later!
R: Okay, stay there!
A: Hey Daniel! [blows fur]
A: It didn't make it.
D: Actually, it did.
R: It was like you were blowing a kiss to him.
R: That's what it looked like from my angle.
A: A kiss full of cat fur.


My family eats Japanese fish snacks 弟に梅を食べさせたら・・・

13 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 24 日
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