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  • the wrong way.

  • I'm Stephan.

  • Oh, my.

  • Yes.

  • This is so weird.

  • I'm Stefan Mahendra.

  • I'm 23 years old.

  • I'm from London, and I'm a singer.

  • I first started singing when I was 18 years old.

  • Before that, I was playing piano.

  • I'm really into music kids.

  • First CD I was ever bought Was 50 cents get rich or die trying.

  • I managed to convince my mom to buy it for me.

  • She didn't actually know what the songs were about.

  • Anything.

  • Which probably a good thing.

  • I currently play in a band called Brown Sugar.

  • We do a lot of weddings in bars and pubs, weddings of fun and everything.

  • But in this kind of gig, man takes takes it to the next level.

  • The voice could really change my life.

  • It would mean everything if any coach turned for me.

  • You?

  • Yeah, that was a thank you very much.

  • Good night.

  • Where you from?

  • I'm Stefan.

  • Mahendra from South East London.

  • Nice by 18.

  • What?

  • Really?

  • That's how you play.

  • Have you come here today?

  • Uh, she came with my band way.

  • Brown sugar, brown sugar.

  • Come out of the O is a man.

  • No way.

  • I'm breaking down.

  • How long have you guys been together?

  • Like a day.

  • Oh, I get it.

  • You guys are underground.

  • So look, that's awesome.

  • That means like, whoever you pit, we could try to finagle the band to be your band's on one of the show's gotta soothe.

  • I remember.

  • I remember.

  • I remember because wait.

  • So have you seen this tradition aboard?

  • So usually, what supposed to happen is if a singer city someone in the audience has blown away with throw the shoe near the stage Not on this Holly doing on it could've hit someone ladies in General Brown, Sugar Way or Mrs Production is your potential, Jennifer Kind of other singers.

  • Do you have on your team?

  • I don't have anyone like you, sweetheart.

  • Bye, Ee, I have been waiting for male vocalist and you have blown me away.

  • I think far beyond what I could have imagined in every way.

  • Um your range you damage and your commitment to music.

  • I can see it like all right here.

  • And you have truly blown Theo.

  • Go ahead when it strikes.

  • I'm on the UK told this year words right here on this state.

  • If you do I tell you to do.

  • And I cut you through this show.

  • I will have you on brown sugar support.

  • I need to be on here because you'll be headlining your home.

  • Yes, even any of you Tell me.

  • Decision Drumroll, please.

  • It is.

the wrong way.


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Stefan Mehandra演唱Childish Gambino的 "Redbone"|The Voice Stage #10。 (Stefan Mehandra sings 'Redbone' by Childish Gambino | The Voice Stage #10)

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