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  • Hello.

  • How does one doing after these years, you would like to me?

  • They're such a It's wieners if you you But no, wait.

  • You're talking like a hole.

  • So faking.

  • Hey, so real.

  • I don't know You been baby?

  • I don't know you.

  • Thank you.

  • You tell the boys Thank you.

  • No, no, That won't scare me away.

  • You know, she carried on you card and stop.

  • If you try to eat it to Bill chose so no time I'm gonna try.

  • Would you beautiful me?

  • She shakey shakey scene me she needs to see beneath your beautiful He's all that.

  • You look so wonderful in your tracks.

  • I love your hair like that way these lies and people who talk too much You got the kind of look in your eyes as if no one was anything but should this be lasting.

  • I see.

  • I want you to know it's enough for me that you are so 11 so in love.

  • So you in So you in gobble about nations have the smell.

  • You look so on food in I love your hair lying that in the moment a new you wait way thing.

  • Wait Way.

  • Theo, Wait Jacey?

  • No, I am a Kumar.

  • I got the power to rule you King of the class.

  • I stand up in school.

  • Yeah, I am a puma.

  • I am a Kumar.

  • I got the power to get king on the class standing school A more sensible road out of fools Who with the kicks And lucky for you, I am who I am the baddest I am Buddha.

  • I am a man who was massive tools of cats in the vision from nothing but fewer hard work Amassing a second This is like to make it so mathematically making Travis has got the faces Instead of facing me in the face of places to put you in your place, link up in bed.

  • Reading is in the dark tunnel top Your first got on top of your life So you better rehearse or you better just run cities Rapid disperse See these rappers become I'm the king of that Don't joke that local like your goes back and forth Now if you want I'm a sort of killer like Michael in a damn boy.

  • You like you were a dancer.

  • I'm on limits.

  • What kind I do?

  • That's my Jules I am just coming.

  • No trying to Oh, can do you say my hand?

  • Share things with me.

  • Good way, Theo.

  • Wait.



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