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What castle is this? Kiyosu, in Aichi.
How many times have I come to visit you, and you've never brought me here?
Um, I took other foreigners.
You took everyone except your wife.
It just looks like a face.
R: It's the only thing I can see. J: I never thought about it, but yeah, maybe.
R: How could you not? J: I don't know. I just don't look at castles
like that. R: It looks kind of angry.
J: Feudal lord (tonosama / 殿様).
R: Do you think you could climb the rock?
J: Uhhh without any tools? R: And get into the castle?
J: I guess I'd have to be a ninja. I think ninja could do it. I think they used to do
it. R: Really?
J: Yeah. R: Is that what their job was? Scale the castle
walls? J: I don't know, like the claws, like the
main guy from X-men has. R: Oh, the claws?
J: Yeah, the claws. R: If you had Wolverine claws.
J: Yeah, Wolverine claws.
R: It has faces on all sides!
It's the four-faced castle.
These are all sakura. In the spring it's really pretty.
All the trees over there are sakura, too.
R: Those ones on the other side of the river? J: Yeah. They're all sakura.
R: How come you never brought me here! J: You weren't here when it was spring.
R: So they don't have to open the big gates--if they just want to let a little person through.
J: This is not for a little person. R: It's a little man door.
J: This is for a normal person.
R: It's a little door for a person.
R: This type of zen garden with the sand or rocks-
J: Nihon teien.
R: Are they playing music?
J: Sounds like it. I think it's koto. You know what koto is?
R: Yeah, the... J: Japanese stringed instrument.
R: Yeah, this. That's my motion for koto.
R: That's such a beautiful tree.
J: That's momiji. I told you this is my favorite tree.
R: I love momiji. J: Yeah, it's beautiful.
R: Especially when they're red. J: Yeah.
R: They're gorgeous. I want momiji in our garden. J: That'd be nice.
R: Pretty! J: Yeah, I know.
R: Beautiful.
R: He's following the small one.
R: I wanna go for a walk down by the river!
R: I'm getting wet!
J: Hey Rachel, look over there! There's a face thing!
R: I wanna do the face thing! J: But her hair's black. It doesn't match
up with your hair.
R: Jun's waiting for me to come out of the bathroom.
J: Are you recording?
R: Yeah.


Kiyosu Castle 散歩・清州城 Japan

66 分類 收藏
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