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  • Welcome to T P M Vids.

  • Disney beat Spotlight Siri's where we take a look at a specific visiting related ride.

  • Events or performance.

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  • When we upload a new video today, we're gonna be taking a look at a little fantasmic mishap.

  • The show started off great at Disney's Hollywood studios.

  • Mickey appeared at the beginning, the fountains were working and the pyro from his hands went off.

  • Everything was looking great.

  • Well, that's until the line King segment started and Rafiq Ease Barge decided to play a little game of bumper barges.

  • Burgers usually get close, but this time they got a little too close.

  • But those cast members played it off very well, also at the same show.

  • John Smith, for whatever reason, didn't swing across the mountain on the rope.

  • Other than those two mishaps, it was a perfect show, including a fully functioning dragon.

  • On on the new addition of marijuana on Steamboat Willie during the finale, it looks like marijuana has taken over stitches.

  • Former spy at the front of the boat.

  • So here's some more clips from the show because who doesn't love a look at some footage from Fantasmic?

  • Enjoy.

  • Thank you.

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Welcome to T P M Vids.


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