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You know what?
Never had common sense.
But I had enough sense to call my ass down to make my dollar straight.
You know what?
Never had common sense.
But I had enough sense to calm myself down and make my dollar straight.
I'm like basketball net making dog connect strong.
So the leg come back when the bus Nick ejecta.
If you don't come from the set, I don't respect you.
Better get a jump on the jet, Get checks up.
Never give nothing less than the best you could tell by the weight of the dress.
Great bottom.
Emma dreads.
Always fresh.
Smoked so much A sweating, the blessed no so much a slime, a genius And I'm que yo *** swing calling the diva too much time online with your property She a big old freak up Pull it out You got time to kill because I'm so will my knickers I could have checked this year, but I'm a chill I gotta tell that they take in time It will when they come to be a certified of siding Sale's signed deals inside 16 I've been getting creamed young take a smoke weed like a stick of team made my Sean's brother.
Why should kick it with the whole team.
Smoked Hella Never tried that.
You never know.
Young complete blow.
Someone cried a boat off the six joint center had a boat.
I don't write it down in a vegetable profession Note from there.
So big vegetables with smoking?
No, a record.
Never peddle slow week to sketch and go.
And when I'm finished with this shit is gonna be set in stone A real thing Before I'm done, I have to get a throne better known as the *** Killing every fucking burst and put represent a hearse.
And when you do it like me, Nika, seek your blessings as a curse.
You said I could be doing worse.


Wiz Khalifa - Smokin Section

4 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 21 日
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