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  • right Today, I'm on set in the middle of Brooklyn, New York, to catch up with fellow chef Greg to discuss one of the biggest shifts the Russian industry have seen in the last 20 years.

  • For me, every customer walks through my doors.

  • Is the critic on all my chefs are obsessed with taking pictures off ingredients, and they're finished dishes on a daily basis.

  • That's why I'm teaming up with Google Pixel, and the chances are right now you're probably watching this on your phone.

  • Quayle.

  • I'm gonna get you.

  • He's on table seven tonight, right before you entered ingredients, restaurants and social media.

  • I want to get into this.

  • The Google pixel three.

  • Now, from a chest point of view, I'm always traveling around the world looking for inspiration.

  • That's why this comm proved to be a very powerful tool.

  • Now that is beautiful.

  • They say the camera is like no other, but look, the design.

  • It's slick, it feels incredibly comfortable.

  • But on top of that, the ghoul ends, which when you're photographing ingredients dishes, you'll actually tell you what it is right there.

  • And then now, whilst Greg is in the kitchen whipping up a storm.

  • I'm dying to get out of that garden in the middle of bloody Brooklyn and see what in grease I can identify Middle of Brooklyn on.

  • Look at this weather reminds me off England.

  • Wow.

  • Look at that.

  • That is a visual quail.

  • Let's see if this phone can identify this plant here.

  • There is Ryan's for people like that.

  • Brilliant.

  • Great.

  • Good to see you're about to see, Are you Well?

  • Well, first of all, congratulations.

  • Thank you, sir.

  • You now have one of the most evil Russians for anyone to get into.

  • You know, from assessment of you eat with our eyes.

  • Absolutely.

  • Look vibrance before I want to taste that, you know I'm gonna do.

  • Yeah, sorry.

  • Hopefully take a video.

  • Does that get you excited when these pictures become viral and they go across the world within seconds?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, it's flattering, and it drives business.

  • This pixel three has become my new sushi chef.

  • Look at that.

  • I mean, seriously, how beautiful it is.

  • Now.

  • You know, I teach all that cooks.

  • Is that visual impact?

  • Your ham point is that for you we try to present food in a very photogenic way.

  • but it's still very familiar.

  • This is delicate squash.

  • So what we do is we can treat it like an onion ring.

  • So we just dip it it in our own.

  • You're cocky, and then we have these little trees that looks beautiful, like one of the most glamorous Christmas trees anywhere in the world.

  • Our most popular dish, the only flavors are some flowers, carrots and clams.

  • I'm sat OK in the middle of London on.

  • One of my chefs were here and took a picture of this character and it looked incredible.

  • What's so special about this?

  • So this is care and clam juice.

  • We cook the clams, we take the clam juice, we reduce it with carrot juice, and then we combine it with carrot obliques that we blaze and the clams themselves.

  • It's a rather simple dish.

  • Now that looks amazing.

  • Cockles and parents, it pops.

  • Right.

  • Quick picture That looks beautiful.

  • It looks like no aces on the plates.

  • Hey, Google, please remind me to send this picture off cockles and carrots to my youngest daughter, Matilda.

  • All right, I'll add that to your reminders.

  • One more thing, Quick.

  • Selfie with the team in the garden, please.

  • Yes, please.

  • Right quick, Selfie you mind?

  • Please.

  • Thank you, Rights.

  • So you all can get within.

  • Widen the lens!

  • There we go!

  • Right.

  • Excellent way.

  • Even the fourth inkwells and shots, thanks to Google Pixel for the partnership.

  • And don't forget to check out the Google Pixel three on the other amazing videos across this Siri's.

right Today, I'm on set in the middle of Brooklyn, New York, to catch up with fellow chef Greg to discuss one of the biggest shifts the Russian industry have seen in the last 20 years.


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Gordon Ramsay在布魯克林的Olmsted找到了美食的靈感。 (Gordon Ramsay Finds Food Inspiration at Olmsted in Brooklyn)

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