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  • a songwriter.

  • I've had a lot of songwriting sessions via Skype, and it's a really cool thing to be able to say that you're a part of Ah, Ted talk via Skype.

  • It's kind of dough.

  • There's a lot of really cool people on the panel.

  • I'm not have done a lot of pretty awesome things.

  • I mean, I think I can learn a lot about crowd sourcing, crowd funding, um, fan engagement, even my nervous.

  • There's definitely nerves.

  • This is something that I've never done before.

  • I'm gonna try the best of my ability to offer as much as I can.

  • I'm stoked.

  • I'm excited.

  • He'll be fine.

  • Hello, I am Alan Walters.

  • I am the ideas editor at Ted Andi.

  • I am here to welcome a panel about the creative economy.

  • No longer is support for entertainment and distribution of entertainment coming from traditional media outlets, but instead is coming from everyone from all of us have an astonishing panel of creative professionals.

  • So Amanda Palmer, you came to Ted last year and you knocked our socks off with your talk.

  • I think we're now moving into an era where, like okay, we get crowd funding and now we're going on, we're finessing which tools will work in what situations and for what?

  • Artists At what time?

  • Yeah, it's the social joy going, Hey, I supported this thing, and it's really cool, and you should, too.

  • You're making something with the community, and you are also distribute directly to them.

  • And so that's a relationship that you're having to respect.

  • It didn't want to bring in some of the guys on Skype.

  • So, frank, you are a classically trained cellist and you're just dabbling.

  • You'll toes into this.

  • But do you have questions that you wanna lost these guys?

  • How can one gauge what constitutes a large enough fan based yield results when embarking on a creative project?

  • You do need a crowd in order to crowd fund.

  • You need to know that you have people to go out to.

  • Are there any negative implications if a campaign doesn't necessarily succeed, make your minimum extremely low so that there's pretty much no chance that you can't succeed.

  • What excites you the most about these types of platforms?

  • As an independent artists, we have the power to engage with fans, so I think everybody so much for coming for being on Skype really appreciate it.

  • Thank you being able to participate in this particular panel.

  • Ted is definitely inspired.

  • I think that this talk will change the way that I connect with my fans, especially looking at potential of starting a Kickstarter campaign myself.

  • I don't see how anyone can participate and attend talk and not be inspired first that I'm not alone.

a songwriter.


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音樂家弗蘭克-貝爾在TED2014上 (Musician Frank Bell at TED2014)

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