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  • My Neighbor Totoro is one of the most iconic Japanese movies of all time.

  • Even if you haven’t seen the movie,

  • youve probably seen Totoro pictures around the internet,

  • or in cameo appearances in other media, like Toy Story 3.

  • He’s a beloved character basically treated like a giant teddy bear

  • and apparently I’m only person who thinks he’s terrifying.

  • Well, there’s one other person.

  • And now in Japan you can visit a replica of the same house from the movie,

  • where the children Mei and Satsuki lived.

  • It’s inside in the Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park,

  • the location of the 2005 World’s fair.

  • The fair was held for 185 days and had 121 countries participate!

  • Did you know there are World Fairs? Because I didn’t until I came here!

  • The next one is Milan in 2015, by the way.

  • Mei and Satsuki’s house is on the far side of the park.

  • The park is free to enter, but visiting the house costs 500yen, about $5.

  • They have pamphlets in English but the tour is in Japanese.

  • Youll have 15 minutes inside the house where photography is prohibited,

  • and then 15 minutes outside the house where youre free to shoot or film.

  • Unfortunately, there’s no Totoro in sight, but to make things interesting, I took pictures so you

  • can see the comparison between them and the house from the movie.

  • Inside the house youre allowed to go through drawers and open everything, although you

  • can’t go up onto the second floor. It’s quite a small house, but if you want a glimpse

  • of what older houses from 1961 Japan may have looked like, you might find it worth the money.

  • They only had a squat toilet, by the way! The kitchen floor was ground level, as opposed

  • to raised like the rest of the house, and was concrete.

  • And the bathroom had the two tile tubs just like in the movie!

  • The items in the drawers all seemed to be truly vintage.

  • They did have an old tin container that reminded me of Grave of the Fireflies, and immediately

  • ruined my immersion in the magical Totoro world.

  • All in all, I actually enjoyed other parts of the park more.

  • The expo’s theme wasNature’s Wisdomand they had an actual forest school,

  • like literally a school to learn about the forest, which was really cool.

  • I took a video there, so I’ll show that some other time!

  • And they had a waterpark and an ice rink, as well as a large ferris wheel.

  • The park seems like it would be really beautiful in the springtime,

  • and I want to go back with Jun next year.

  • It seems like it’s not a very well-known spot for foreigners visiting

  • Nagoya, so if youre in the area, think about checking it out!

  • It’s emptier than it was during the Expo,

  • and it does feel a little bittersweet to have missed something

  • that seems to have been so incredible, but it’s still a beautiful park and worth visiting!

My Neighbor Totoro is one of the most iconic Japanese movies of all time.


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我的鄰居龍貓的家在現實生活中!我的鄰居龍貓:櫻月和小美的家。 (My Neighbor Totoro's house in real life! となりのトトロ サツキとメイの家)

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