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  • (TED-Ed Club presents: Seven Way to Perfect Your Public Speaking)

    (TED-Ed Club 推出:讓演講完美的七種方法)

  • (Presentation tips from teen TED speakers)

    (TED 青年講者的演說訣竅)

  • (Tip 1: Talk Slower)

    (訣竅 1:慢慢講)

  • If I had one piece of advice to give to someone who's about to give a talk,


  • I would say to practice talking slower than you would actually do it and then you'll have a bit of a range to not talk really fast, but not talk really slow, and you'll find that perfect balance.


  • As long as they are readers willing to devote themselves to any story, the packaging doesn't really matter.


  • So, remember: Don't forget to read.


  • It's so much fun.


  • (Tip 2: Positive Body Language)

    (訣竅 2:正向肢體語言)

  • Have your shoulders open and relax, and it would make the audience know that you are ready to give your talk and that you know what you're talking about.


  • We are the generation of problem-solvers; we can come up with better, newer solutions, and it starts simply.


  • (Tip 3: Leave Your Words on Stage)

    (訣竅 3:將你的言語留在台上)

  • To leave your words on the stage so that the audience can soak it in once the conference or your talk is over.


  • So, be passionate, be emotional, and, um, just... just bring the fire.


  • My walk, my talk, my swagger, my collar⏤I'll pop it, my kicks' so sick even Jagger Mick couldn't get with.

    我的步伐、演講、昂首闊步、我要翻起的衣領,還有我這雙酷炫到連 Jagger Mick 都望塵莫及的鞋。

  • (Tip 4: Make It a Conversation)

    (訣竅 4:把它變成對話)

  • If I had one piece of advice, it would be to have fun with it, to literally just make it as personal as you can.


  • Treat it like a conversation, treat it like you're having a conversation with the crowd.


  • Every time you hear someone being talked down to or taken advantage of, you're going to make a decision.


  • And that role you choose will define you, and, ultimately, define us all.


  • (Tip 5: Stage Presence)

    (訣竅 5:舞台存在感)

  • Really have a stage presence, and, um, touse the full extent of the stage, and really connect with every single member of the audience.


  • It's really the golden era for innovation, and, so, the question I asked all of you today is:


  • Why wait? Together, we can build the future today.


  • (Tip 6: Talk to the Heart)

    (訣竅 6:往心裡聊)

  • Connect with the audience's heart⏤I think that's important.


  • That's when people listenis when you appeal to the part of them that is human, that is emotional.


  • I trust blindly and I love unconditionally.


  • And I held my sister's hand in that hospital even though I had no idea what would happen.


  • (Tip 7: Imagine the Applause)

    (訣竅 7:想像掌聲)

  • Imagine that you've already given the talk, and people are applauding and cheering for you, which makes you give a more confident talk.


  • That would allow you to empower our new generation to go faster than any generation ever has.


  • Thank you so much.


(TED-Ed Club presents: Seven Way to Perfect Your Public Speaking)

(TED-Ed Club 推出:讓演講完美的七種方法)

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TED-Ed 與 Adobe 1423 計畫 - 讓演講完美的七種方法 (TED Ed and Adobe's Project 1324 - Seven Ways to Perfect Your Public Speaking)

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