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  • hi guys happy Sun Sunday today it's going to be a little different

  • weekend vlog just because I was away from my birthday with my mom it was an

  • awesome surprise that Gary put together for us and I was actually not planning

  • to film at all so we were supposed to skip weekly vlog but I filmed a little

  • bit just to have some memories of our vacation and I decided to put it into a

  • highlight reel for you so you feel like you were there and I have to say my

  • mother has out parted me

  • have you birthday my beautiful angels

  • like Emma would figure malaria would get used to

  • seeing you appear magically answers what point are we gonna disclose to you

  • patient of this trip Wow I just feel it's gonna be anti-climactic

  • but I just know it's a place that you mentioned you wanted to go

  • when am I gonna know we're with Victoria is that you I made it chuckles look is

  • that for me I bet a five-year-old is there not only is your mom coming with

  • you but the real gift is that I'm not going

  • so you are spending four days with your mom to chill and decompress and for you

  • to relax I'm not going I'm going home take care of the kids you're going with

  • your mom nothing Randy stuff mostly towels okay

  • this is for you to reconnect with your mom cuz I know you've been saying how

  • you don't spend enough time with her and you wanna what you wanted some alone

  • time with your mom so here's you're a long time with your

  • mom that is your gift enjoy believe you're not coming

  • oh my god he left last night at 7:30 after dinner because he showed my mom's

  • husband Dima where she should hide it that you're yeah this thing he has

  • victor has to stand right here here Nessa huh mark

  • specifically what sparked the Rosewood

  • how are you lovely ladies doing today

  • that's the beauty of staying at a resort yes gonna put everything on the room and

  • escape that sucks it's okay ruin my day yes exactly

  • exactly happy birthday happy birthday - happy birthday - yeah happy Thank You

  • magical human I'm so honored to meet you so much really thank you - okay a room

  • is not ready yet so we decided to come and have some

  • lunch yeah but when you go buddy

  • yes see we have a semi yeah can I do

  • mom just Okanogan she a German actual dynamic that was music telephone pasta

  • Acacio in the score a pretty clear the stewardess Kerman birthday again

  • oh thank you put your what the class is grouping we

  • jump embassy in

  • TV its creators of share which you to take an extra the national to extra good

  • at the prosthetic the extra flexible talk of fine dining mama okay

  • yes Zilla extra dirty martini chapters Nala

  • the analysis Cigna at amigo

  • we live in

  • what

  • we shot for you a little closer Hiroshi

  • it's amazing when you go to Resorts they blast the AC so much that you get sick

  • outside it's hot but inside is so cool and I cannot get sick

  • it was showers it was rain and there's a little bit of Sun and I am running out

  • okay oh oh what the world is not ready for

  • you all my goodness star sets in their heads she's something else

  • Oh a Christian coming up as a future see our coming in

  • yeah which mind that bitch damn I just had a glorious hour of a nap in the Sun

  • and it was magical and my mom woke me up at 6:00 p.m. and told me it's time to go

  • back to the hotel room to get ready we have dinner at 7:45 and the rain started

  • going look at this Oh wet and getting fresh just like I'm

  • gonna get for our dinner party operation dinner patrol action

  • but she doesn't matter yes man if accommodation had a my baby

  • chuckling - this night must only choose to

  • just try to think

  • there you go and the only life of the party

  • my mother can make a dance party happened

  • and a lobby

  • hi my mom hearted me last night yeah couldn't keep up so the rain hasn't

  • stopped we mainly just ate today then we took a nap then he went for massages now

  • we're back we're hoping the Sun will come out but for the rest of the day

  • meeting

  • my age

  • but we should go

  • that means

  • I love you mama coming back home work to new pimple and lots of stories

  • bye-bye thank you so much to come to the Bahamas with me for more family

  • adventures first here to check it out

hi guys happy Sun Sunday today it's going to be a little different


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我永遠不會忘記的生日驚喜 - **最棒的生日驚喜**。 (Birthday Surprise I’ll Never Forget | **Best Birthday Surprise Ever**)

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