IPA [ˈjeloʊ] KK [ˋjɛlo]
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vt.& vi.(使某物)變黃或發黃;



Color the duckling yellow, yellow, yellow.
把鴨子塗成黃色的, 黃色的, 黃色的.

II. sulfid, include yellow iron ore, white iron ore , yellow bronze ore, yellow tin ore etc.
含鐵硫化物的礦物有黃鐵礦 、 白鐵礦 、 黃銅砂 、 黃錫礦等.

Cation golden yellow bismuth dyestuff is synthesized by cation golden yellow and bismuth nitrate.

User 6 and above yellow diamond and yellow diamond annual fee you can upload local video!

The surface of white or yellow light yellow - brown, translucent, ring - shaped section profile.
表面呈黃白色或淡黃棕色, 半透明, 有節 狀 環紋.

神秘的台灣飛碟村 (Mystery of Taiwan's Abandoned UFO Village)

神秘的台灣飛碟村 (Mystery of Taiwan's Abandoned UFO Village) Image 18:35
  1. can you see that yellow looking structure right ahead?

  2. i don't know if you can see in the middle there - right there, the yellow -

    我不知道你是否能在中間看到 - 就在那裡,黃色 -
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【TED-Ed】顏色是什麼? (What is color? - Colm Kelleher)

【TED-Ed】顏色是什麼? (What is color? - Colm Kelleher) Image 03:10
  1. so, what if you had a yellow pencil sitting on your desk?

  2. the pencil looks yellow because it reflects yellow light more than it reflects the other colors.

    鉛筆看上去是黃色因為它反射黃色 比反射其它的顏色還要多
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【TED】達芙妮‧芭菲莉亞: 你的大腦在電玩遊戲中 (Your brain on video games | Daphne Bavelier)

【TED】達芙妮‧芭菲莉亞: 你的大腦在電玩遊戲中 (Your brain on video games | Daphne Bavelier) Image 17:58
  1. ["horse"] db: yellow. audience: yellow.

    [馬] 達芙妮‧芭菲莉亞:黃色觀眾:黃色
  2. ["yellow"] db: red. audience: yellow.

    [黃色] 達芙妮‧芭菲莉亞:紅色觀眾:黃色
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【TED-Ed】我們如何看到顏色? How we see color - Colm Kelleher

【TED-Ed】我們如何看到顏色? How we see color - Colm Kelleher Image 03:43
  1. and in-between frequencies look yellow,

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  1. [Yellow] is the colour that divides edible [snow] from non-edible snow
    You shouldn't eat yellow snow If you eat yellow snow, you'll probably get sick
  2. 1. The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between orange and green. 2. A racist remark based on the skin color of Asians. 3. That song by Coldplay.
    "Yellow" by Coldplay: ~Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do, Yeah, they were all yellow.~
  3. To be cowardly, or a pussy
    What a yellow belly!
  4. A pretty color.
    Like the sun.
  5. A word meaning a pussy or pacifist. Used in the novel "The Catcher In The Rye".
    Juancito is yellow when it comes to fights. He won't actually hurt anybody.
  6. Yellow is another word for "hello".
    "Yellow, how are you?"
  7. The colour yellow stands for: attraction, activity, communication, eloquence, intellect, confidence, travel, concentration, agility, inspiration, happiness, luck, optimisn, faith and balance. It is the colour of the sun and the colour of smiley faces everywhere =P. Having yellow as a favorite colour may speak volumes about what kind of person you are.
    Today feels like a yellow kind of day. (I know it's lame but please bear with me)
  8. to be in a good mood happiness
    And we can settle this affair If you would shed your yellow take my hand And then we'll solve the mystery of laceration gravity
  9. Is the cat/player color, when you are playing a cat and mouse game on Starcraft theCatis yellow. There was a joke made in this game in witch brown was given the joke that his probe was full of shit because of his color and his slowness and so someone pointed out during the game that the cats must have to go pee. This joke was created after a two hour long game in witch things were assigned to each color.
    Whats up with yellow?” “Hes a computer” “That explains a lot
  10. 1. A warm color and part of the visible light spectrum 2. A coward or wimp 3. One of the first generation Pokémon games for the Game Boy. It seems to based upon the first season of the Pokémon anime.
    The sun is yellow, right? What the matter, runt!? You yellow?! Yellow was my very first Pokémon game.