• US /ˈrɛslɪŋ/
  • UK /ˈreslɪŋ/
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  • v. 扭鬥; 搏鬥、鬥爭;
  • He was wrestling with his brother on the couch
  • I'm wrestling with myself about whether to buy the new car or not

幽雅的宇宙 The Elegant Universe 02 (中英文字幕)

幽雅的宇宙 The Elegant Universe 02 (中英文字幕) Image 48:42
  1. only a few young physicists were still wrestling

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Obama Denounces NBA Team Owner's Racist Remarks

Obama Denounces NBA Team Owner's Racist Remarks Image 02:54
  1. are committed to wrestling with those issues as well.

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真人真事紀錄片:大麻的真相 (Truth About Drugs Documentary: Marijuana)

真人真事紀錄片:大麻的真相 (Truth About Drugs Documentary: Marijuana) Image 08:30
  1. i was wrestling, i was in football, went to school, got a's. you know, i was a good kid.

    我以前玩摔角, 踢足球, 甚至到學校上課而且拿到A. 我以前是個乖孩子.
  2. it took away my chances of wrestling in college or playing football in college, going to college for academics -- because i was capable.

    我曾有過在大學裡玩摔角, 踢足球, 和取得學位的機會, 但現在都沒了.
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恐龍會永遠消失嗎? Will We Ever Run Out of Dinosaurs?

恐龍會永遠消失嗎? Will We Ever Run Out of Dinosaurs? Image 04:03
  1. might sound like a funny thing for scientists to ponder, but it’s really an extension of a larger question that they’ve been wrestling with

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【看電玩學哲學】我們真的能相信媒體嗎? (Can We Trust the Media? (Baudrillard) - 8-Bit Philosophy)

【看電玩學哲學】我們真的能相信媒體嗎? (Can We Trust the Media? (Baudrillard) - 8-Bit Philosophy) Image 05:07
  1. and if people still believe the lie that wrestling is real how are we ever supposed to find out if paul mccartney is alive?

    而且如果人們仍然相信「拳擊是真實的」這樣的謊言,我們怎麼可能知道保羅.麥卡尼到底是不是死了呢? (亦即閱聽者應該培養媒體識讀的能力)
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【TED-Ed】奧林匹克運動會的起源 (The ancient origins of the Olympics - Armand D'Angour)

【TED-Ed】奧林匹克運動會的起源 (The ancient origins of the Olympics - Armand D'Angour) Image 03:20
  1. the combined running, jumping, wrestling, javelin throwing, and hurling the discus events known as the pentathlon inspired world-class competition, and the pankration, a no holds barred fight where only biting and eye-gouging were prohibited, ensured the toughest men were victorious.

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  1. The toughest sport out there, in which you go for as many as 5 days with no food, 2 without water, and work out in a sauna after impossibly intense normal practices to make a low weight class. You then beat the shit out people in 6 minute matches, some of which last up to 10 minutes if they go to overtime. No pussy rests like in football and no slow pace like in soccer. It is all out tooth and claw WAR for 6-10 minutes against a MAN your exact size who has trained all season to kill YOU. After a match, the you are nearly dead and sometimes cannot stand. You will eventually stand and then fight up to 5 times in one day.(Up to 50 minutes of pure hell.) If you are tough and survive the first day you then go home, get six hours of sleep or less, and do it all over again, with your opponents getting tougher every match. You will probably have been injured at this point and have to fight through it. Last man standing gets to call himself the champion. In order to be good at this sport you have to give up all unhealthy foods and train hard at least 3 times a day.
    You can play football, soccer, hockey and rugby but you cant play wrestling.
  2. The greatest sport in the world. Professional "wrestling" is a bunch of bullshit. It requires hard work, self confidence, self determination, and personal sacrifice. It teaches life long lessons and skills that no other sport can.
    Once you've wrested, everything else in life is easy.
  3. Wrestling is a sport as old as mankind itself. Since the dawn of time men have been pitted against each other in physical hand-to-hand combat, making this almost certainly the most ancient of Olympic sports. Greeks immortalized wrestling on their coins and first introduced it as an event in their Olympic Games in 776 BCE. Turkish mercenaries taught the Persians the finer points of wrestling during the early middle ages. Dubbedkoreshits various techniques quickly spread throughout the Islamic nations. Europe and Brittany modified these early forms of wrestling to suit their own preferences of the day and Medieval knights even added wrestling to their fighting repertoire. It's a simple concept. Two men or women wrestle until one is declared the winner. Over the years, wrestling techniques have become more sophisticated and generally speaking the winner of any wrestling bout is the person who has the better technique, strength and overall fitness. Wrestling is split into Greco-Roman and Freestyle disciplines. In Freestyle wrestling the competitors have a much greater freedom. They can use not only their arms and bodies, but also their legs and can take a hold of their opponent anywhere that allows them to overpower and gain total control of them.
    In Greco-Roman Wrestling, it is strictly forbidden to grasp the opponent below the belt line, or to trip him or to use the legs actively to perform any action. In Free Style wrestling, however, it is permissible to grasp the legs of the opponent, to trip him and to use the legs actively to perform any action. Female wrestling follows the rules of freestyle, forbidding however the Double Nelsons. Various styles of wrestling for which British Wrestling is the national governing body are: - Freestyle (Male and Female) - Greco-Roman (Male) - Cornish Wrestling - Cumberland & Westmorland - Grappling
  4. The harderst sport in the world. No, not WWE, real wrestling. Wrestling where you spend six days a week practicing, then going home to eat nothing so you can make weight, then waking up the next morning to practice again, all so that you can get your six minutes in the ring with no breaks or timeouts trying to put the other man in the ring to his back. All the while giving up your social life so that you can practice and lift when you have the free time. Then, if you're good enough, fit enough and determined enough to win your match, you walk over to your coach to get a few last minute pointers, and then go to your next match for another six intense minutes in the ring. Furthermore, it is not a gay sport. Wrestling is called gay by many people only because they know that their sport is nowhere near as difficult as wrestling. They call wrestling gay because they don't want to admit that the reason they don't wrestle is because they're lazy and afraid of the pain.
    -yo, wrestling so gay when you feel up other men and all that stuff -shut up, you don't know the first thing about wreslting. Why don't you join the team and see how hard we work instead of doing the track team.
  5. the most intense sport there is, ofter misunderstood as the TV version.
    I won my wrestling match
  6. What men do during boy's basketball season.
    After wrestling, everything else in life is easy.
  7. The best sport in the world. Professional "wrestling" is a bunch of bullshit. It requires hard work, self confidence, self determination, and personal sacrifice. It teaches life long lessons and skills that no other sport can.
    Once you have wrested, everything else in life is easy.
  8. the toughest sport around, pussies like to call it gay because they are not tough enough to do it. people who say that it is easy must come from a very shitty school that gets trampled by their rivals. "pro" wrestling is like a redneck ballet at which toothless, skoal chewing hillbillies watch juiced up actors pretend to slap eachother.
    pussy: wrestling is gay, i could do it easily.
  9. One of the hardest sports you can ever compete in. "Professional" wrestling like WWE or ECW is a bunch of bullshit, half the stuff they do aren't even real or legal wrestling moves. The only "professional" wrestler worthy of attention is Kurt Angle who has actually competeted in REAL wrestling. Oh and it's not a gay sport. Yes you do dress in spandex uniforms and "grope" other individuals of the same gender. That does not make it gay. Wrestling is no more "gayer" than football, basketball, swimming, baseball...etc. Wrestlers work as hard as, probably harder, than any of the competers in the above sports.
    Simpleton: Hey, did you see the WWE wrestling match yesterday? Man, that was sick! Real Wrestler: No, I didn't, you faggot. You know why? Because I spent an hour practicing for my match tommorow with no water breaks, no rest breaks, and no mercy. I wrestle for REAL.
  10. Perhaps one of the most underappreciated sports, wrestling couldn't be described as anything less than hell. Practices chock-full of cardiovascular and muscular torture to make a soldier cry, terrible weight-cutting that is illegal yet encouraged and respected, and intense, brutal matches all constitute a life-changing experience. There is wrestling practice everday, and one is only allowed water for dinner after practice. One also, in order to be as strong as possible, must lift weights on their own time, on an empty stomach. Technique is all in the mind, as wrestling is a thinking man's game. When finally match day comes, the fun has only begun... Wrestlers may be called gay or homo, but they brush off the ignorance with the satisfaction that they are the strongest, toughest, and most disciplined athletes at school. Wrestling is hell.
    He is a wrestling champion. The punishment and glory he has defeated an observer such as you will never know.