• US /wʊd/
  • UK /wʊd/
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  • aux. (表示假設)會;就會; (表示婉轉的請求)請; 請示(某事); (表示喜歡)要;想; (表示推測)大概;會; (表示過去的習慣)總是;總會; (表示意願)願意;要;
  • The school would close if we had a lot of snow
  • Would you please show me the restroom?
  • Would you please help me with my homework?
  • Would you like beef or chicken?
  • I would cry if she told me she found another man
  • He would smile every time he saw me, but now he doesn’t seem interested
  • If you ask, he would help you, but you need to ask
  1. a person whom "you would" have sex with and a game by the same name with friends. to expedite the process, 'would' will suffice. however, this small game has gained massive momentum and the creative forces that be have expanded to an entire would/wood game. Further definitions will follow. wood if bored (particle board), wood if drunk (driftwood), cherrywood (virgin), weeping willow (flexible,athletic), redwood or teakwood (one you want to marry), laminate wood (fake tits or just fake personality), mahogany or sandalwood (addicted to money, rich), bamboo (hot, but dumb), oak (ok, but still would), maple (under 18, sticky situation) and Pop would (amazingly beautiful) there are much more, have fun with it
    example 1 [two men, sitting on a dock, observe jessica alba walking by] man #2 - would! example 2 [same two men, no jessica alba] man #1 - what do you think of scarlett johanson? man #2 - Pop Would! man #1 - naw man, i want to marry that girl she's redwood. man #2 - very true