IPA [wɜ:kt] KK [wɝkt]
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v.(使)工作( work的過去式和過去分詞 );(使)運作;運轉;(使)產生效果;


He worked and worked till the sun was setting.

The spell, that I foresaw might be worked, has worked.

My grandmother thought the toy car worked by magic, but in fact it worked by electricity.
我祖母以為那個玩具汽車是魔力驅動的, 可事實上它是電動的.

Inspired, he worked in a white heat of creative energy , uninspired, he worked not at all.
靈感來時, 他極度興奮地寫作,創造力源源涌至; 缺乏靈感時, 他乾脆擱筆.

She worked in partnership with her sister / They worked in partnership.

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  1. 'hi! i used this program. look how well it worked.'"

    嗨,我使用了這個課程,看看它的效果多麼驚人。 "
  2. i worked my butt off. i used the people who were telling me

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  1. in a competition of skill getting beaten very, very badly
    man if you went 1 on 1 with LeBron you would get worked.
  2. get worked is to get [played] (taken advantage of, tricked, etc.) 2. also used in situations where a person is falsely accused
    Teacher- Sean, get out of my class! You know there's no talking during a test. Sean- But I didn't even say anything! Teacher- Well I saw you turned around so I say it was you. Sean- aw, I got worked, bro!
  3. Surfer slang - what happens after falling off your board on a big wave such that you either hit the reef or otherwise get held underwater for a bit.
    See that dude get worked on that last wave?
  4. beating someone up badly, kicking ones ass, beating someone at a sport game or any kind of game
    I'd worked that fool
  5. to get ripped off or out-smarted by somebody, resulting in a loss of money
    Ace: I thought u said u were gonna fire me up.. Pablo: I gave the mans the money and he disappeared into an apartment building and never came back out Ace: Damn, yo bitchass got worked!
  6. to get danced up on a party. either the male or female works each other and who ever makes the other tired is the one who gotten worked.
    boy 1: man i went to a party last night and this girl worked me to the fullest! boy 2: man u lame for getting worked, i WORKED a girl last !
  7. to get rocked
    Professor Lynch just worked me, or if your roomate paid too much for weed, she got worked.
  8. to look like you've just had a rough sexual encounter.
    Lisa: Wow i look like i just got [worked] Bob: yes you do ;)