• US /waɪd/
  • UK /waɪd/
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  • adj. 廣闊的、遠離目標的;
  • adv. 寬;
  • The river was 200 meters wide
  • He opened his mouth wide so the doctor could see his throat

"魔力紅 Maroon 5 - ""Misery"" Video (+ Lyrics)"

'魔力紅 Maroon 5 - ''Misery'' Video (+ Lyrics)' Image 03:30
  1. you say your faith is shaken, you may be mistaken, you keep me wide awake and waiting for the sun

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【電影特輯】歷年奧斯卡「最佳影片獎」整理與評論 OSCARS: All Best Picture Reviews

【電影特輯】歷年奧斯卡「最佳影片獎」整理與評論 OSCARS: All Best Picture Reviews Image 22:04
  1. refreshingly, this film is mostly shot wide and static, letting the actors themselves fill each frame with emotion and excitement...

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【電影特輯】最受歡迎的聖誕節電影們! Most Popular Christmas Films Of All Time!

【電影特輯】最受歡迎的聖誕節電影們! Most Popular Christmas Films Of All Time! Image 08:52
  1. "...so it is an amazingly delightful surprise to find the child inhabiting this six-foot-tall elf to be a charming, wide-eyed innocent kid who is welcomed back into the family by his dad's wife and son."

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【生活常識】要怎麼修剪野莓樹呢? How Do I Prune Raspberries?

【生活常識】要怎麼修剪野莓樹呢? How Do I Prune Raspberries? Image 08:01
  1. two feet to about one and a half feet wide. the second thing we want to do is get rid

  2. a row that was only a couple of feet wide. and that's because the new shoots, as they

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【生活常識】如何修剪紫丁香 How to Prune a Lilac Bush

【生活常識】如何修剪紫丁香 How to Prune a Lilac Bush Image 06:32
  1. so that the shrub still looks intact. as you can see the center is wide open, we'll have

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Making Dog Hair Sweaters

Making Dog Hair Sweaters Image 08:46
  1. well, there's really a wide range of reactions.

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【TED-Ed】窺見古羅馬時代年輕人的生活 (A glimpse of teenage life in ancient Rome - Ray Laurence)

【TED-Ed】窺見古羅馬時代年輕人的生活 (A glimpse of teenage life in ancient Rome - Ray Laurence) Image 06:35
  1. lucius and his family head up the via lata, the wide street,

    Lucius 一家人前往科爾索大道(Via Lata), 那是一條寬廣的街道,
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  1. Scots: antagonistic, provocative, out of order
    a "wide [cunt]" is one who would push the normal definitions of polite intrapersonal behaviour, in order to provoke a reaction. "Your mother may be described as a sexually promiscuous woman, one blessed niether with good manners nor good looks" "fuck off you wide [cunt]."
  2. A mispronunciation of the word "wired". It means that you are very excited or hyped. Usually used before a fight. The term originated in Dallas, Texas. Synonyms are "wired", "crunk", or "wide up"
    Them boys down by Kiest 'n' Polk been jumpin' stupid. Bro, I'm wide up, lets go get 'em.
  3. Someone or something that is annoying, irritating, stupid, or uncalled for.
    Dude1: Yeah, so I hit her in the face with a baseball bat. Dude2: That was pretty wide of you, man.
  4. to be in the know about something. as in the expression "gates wide".
    "are ya wide Shayno?" "yeah Bego, gates wide"