• US /wə:/
  • UK /wə(r)/
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  • be v. 是;
  • We were in Tokyo last week
  1. A horrible misspelling of the contraction "[we're]", in which the omission of a single [apostrophe] changes the word into a completely different one. Commonly seen in the gaming world and in [message board]s
    Were here! Were queer!
  2. To describe in a "past tense" state. To say something "Was" something else. And if you are not careful with your definitions, you could end up making a separate definition for another word because you used mixed up "were" with "where."
    Ghetto person: We was just chillin' at the MAWL! Grammar Nazi: Don't you mean "Were"? Ghetto person: You're about to be "Were-Dead" Grammar Nazi: "Were-Dead"? Ghetto person: As in "Were-dead, after I killed you and brought you back to life to help me prove my Alibi" Grammar Nazi: That doesn't make sense." Ghetto Person: Niga, it makes perfect sense. How can you be ded if you helping me with an alibi to another crime? You is one problem solved! Grammar Nazi: . . .
  3. 1: Someone who identifies themselves as having the soul of another creature, who often feels drawn to that species in one way or another. 2: A style of artwork that involves anthropomorphic creatures in an often digitrade form. 3: WW:tA gamers 4: Roleplayers that want to fit into a community to feel "speshul"
    She takes pride in her spirituality as a were, although to know her from the outside, one would never suspect. There are some awesome were artists out there, but don't they draw anything else? "I will eat j00, for I am like a 10-foot tall were and shit" *proceeds with eyeroll* Oh hey look, another self-proclaimed were has found their way to the boards.