Joshua Cairn: Do you ever feel weird about me? Your weird son?

It has always the prerogative of young people to look and act weird grown-ups.

Look the back of this coin, it is so weird.

However usage of egg makes it a little weird for strait-drinks fans.

The day before disappearing I'm sure she got a weird phone call from somebody.

在台北吃早餐 (Taiwanese Breakfast in Taipei, Taiwan)

在台北吃早餐 (Taiwanese Breakfast in Taipei, Taiwan) Image 10:15
  1. that is weird.

  2. that is a weird combination but i've seen him do it.

    這是一個奇怪的組合,但我見過 他這樣做。
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劉沛在日本抓乘龍 (HOW TO FIND EVERY LAPRAS IN JAPAN!!! (Japan Lapras Event))

劉沛在日本抓乘龍 (HOW TO FIND EVERY LAPRAS IN JAPAN!!! (Japan Lapras Event)) Image 02:49
  1. so it is a kind of weird

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天啊!這次真的眼見為憑,是真的裸體啦Smosh I'M NAKED!

天啊!這次真的眼見為憑,是真的裸體啦Smosh I'M NAKED! Image 02:24
  1. - yaeh maybe for like an eskimo or some weird russian drive

    - 呀 也許她長得像愛斯基摩人或是俄羅斯怪咖司機
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  1. Interesting or strange.
    As in, 'that's weird'
  2. 1. adj u would call someone who is strange 2. (better definition) horny/kinky
    1. My girlfriend called me weird :( 2. My girlfriend called me weird ;)
  3. 1) Out of the ordinary 2) Unconventional
    Eric says I listen to weird music. Did he mean it as a compliment or as an insult? Hey Mike, if Eric heard the [Seven Mary Three] song "Times Like These", he'd think you listen to weirder music than he said about me.
  4. Someone who is excessively amazing
    Psshhhh, that girl's so weird that shes frickin amazing!
  5. A word you have to look up cuz your mom is coming into your room and there's swears all over the screen.
    "Oh crap, here comes Mom!" (panics) [W][E][I][R][D] [ENTER] ..."phew!"
  6. out of the ordinary unusual but in a good way
    person1- how are you? person2- extrasuperfantastic person1- you are soo weird.
  7. First off noone can really say something is weird because one's own personal definition of weird could be totally different from someone elses. Someone who is called "weird" by their peers in one place might be called a conformist somewhere else so really the terms "weird" and "normal" are nothing more then words to describe someone or something different from themselves.
    1. Prep: " OMG that girl is such a weird goth. maybe if she dressed normal she would actually get a boyfriend whos not selling drugs. 2. Goth: "Holy s**t that b***h is so f****n weird. wat a conformist!! i wanna f****n kill her!!
  8. A word used by many people which is usually meant to be negative. If someone calls you weird it's usually because you're saying something or acting different than another person would. People don't know how to handle this so than they just respond by saying "You're so weird!!!!"
    person a : what bands do you like? person b: hmm i like blink-182 person a: youre so weird! ew. i only listen to the radio.
  9. a descriptive word implying abberence from a contextual norm. magical love
    that was weird, wasn't expecting that. this is weird isn't it? yes it is!
  10. Generally used to refer to the avant-garde sort, they who prefer customs or practices which are not too common in the general or [normal] population. Has often been misused to denote free thinkers and philosophers, who are in fact superior to the [normal] people.
    Hey, fool, why you reading the Bible, that's so damn weird! reply: Just because I have an IQ of 196 sir does not make me weird. I may read the Bible whether or not you want me to.