• US /ˈwɔtɚ, ˈwɑtɚ/
  • UK /'wɔ:tə(r)/
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  • n. 水; 水域;
  • v. 流淚; 灑了水的 ; 用水的; 澆水;
  • It is important to drink water, or you will get thirsty
  • The water of the North Atlantic is known for being cold and dangerous
  • My eyes water when I am sad
  • Your mouth will water when you see what I’ve cooked for dinner
  • He will water my plants while I am gone
  1. The 4th element required to summon Captain Planet
    EARTH FIRE WIND WATER HEART GO PLANET! By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!
  2. What you get when you combine two Hydrogen atoms and a single Oxygen atom. Try it, it's fun to make on those rainy days. Or if it is raining you could go outside and just hold a cup out and catch some of this mystical substance known as water.
    Water is what the oceans are made of.
  3. Another word for dust(pcp)
    Lets go cop some water
  4. The essence of life. It is the major element in human body (65%)
    - he gimme the bottle of water - nah, this is MY water. I love water.
  5. An abundant liquid that is very addicting. Everyone, including Chuck Norris, need this type of particular chemical in them, daily. Water is consist of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. It's very addicting compare to other drinks. Alcohol comes in second against the legendary water. No one can survive without this common "chemical." Water is an essential part of life. Our body is made up of 98% of this addicting chemical. Water can be either sell legally or illegally.
    **Diffy EQ** David: Dr. Tang, may I get a drink of water. Dr. Tang: No. David: I need my common daily chemical or I'll die. Dr. Tang: Sure. **David at Chick-fil-A** David: I want the ultimate meal. Manager: Alrighty, what would you like to drink? David: Water...the essence of life... Manager: But you get free coke with "the ultimate meal." David: God dammit sir! I just want my water!
  6. Epic misspelling of "whatever". Originated in Southern California after a heated exchange on Myspace was ended with someone saying "you sure are an ass to me to try to make me look dumm.. water im out"
    "I have tons of homework, but water im out" "She said "I love you" and I was like, water"
  7. Where New Orleans used to be.
    Water falls from the friking sky you friking dumby, get a life go outside.
  8. Slang term used when referring to [boat] or a [dippa]. A cigarette or weed dipped in embalming fluid.
    "I heard that Ced be makin that [bread] off sellin that water."
  9. A nickname for hydro marijuana used to disquise it so incase you cant talk about drugs over the phone or something
    "Yo, you got that water?" "Yeah i got a bottle"(a lot or enough)
  10. a smoking substance which is made from a mix of PCP and embalming fluid.
    "Yo nigga you got dat water?" "fo sho nigga.."