• US /t'rænsfɜ:d/
  • UK /t'rænsfɜ:d/
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  • v. 轉換;
  • The books were transferred from the old library

網路的歷史 (History of the Internet)

網路的歷史 (History of the Internet) Image 08:10
  1. at that time, knowledge was only transferred by people.

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【TED-Ed】碳循環 (The carbon cycle - Nathaniel Manning)

【TED-Ed】碳循環 (The carbon cycle - Nathaniel Manning) Image 03:55
  1. as you see, energy originates from the sun. it is then transferred as it moves through the food chain.

    如我們剛才看到的,能源來自太陽, 接著它透過食物鏈轉換形式。
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【商用英文】如何談論你的職業生涯 (Business English - How to talk about your career)

【商用英文】如何談論你的職業生涯 (Business English - How to talk about your career) Image 11:10
  1. could be "transferred". you see the arrow? transfer means your position, the level of

    可能會遇到「transferred (調職)」。大家有看到這個箭頭嗎?
  2. department, another division. you are transferred. another thing that can happen if you're doing

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