• US /təˈɡɛðɚ/
  • UK /tə'ɡeðə(r)/
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  • adv. 包括; 一起 ; 共同 ; 相互地 ; 聚集的狀態 ; 繼續 ; 連續地 ; 同時 ; 在一起 ; 共 ; 同 ; 一同 ; 仝; (將兩物混合)一起; 相互(碰觸); 在一起; (放在)一起; 同時; 一起(做某事);
  • The book comes together with a toy
  • Two of my friends share a house together
  • Mix the water together with the sugar
  • Put your hands together to hold the cat
  • We have been together for three years
  • Put all the bags together on that table, please
  • We sing together, no one sings alone
  • Let's study together for the test next week

Dropbox 大解析 (What Is Dropbox?)

Dropbox 大解析 (What Is Dropbox?) Image 01:08
  1. it's a simple way to work together on the same files too, without sending emails back and forth.

  2. dropbox brings your files together in one safe place.

    Dropbox 將你的檔案存放在安全的地方。
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  1. is when two friends who have feelings for one another come to an agreement that they are trying to become a couple or attempt the "boyfriend/girlfriend" status. It involves spending a little bit more time with the person as well as cuddling. Actions between the two should not change drasticly but a tiny bit, to at least show you have an interest in the other; such as hookups every now and then, or kissing on the lips for goodbyes and hellos, kisses on the cheek are cute, but its time to bring it to the next level when you are together.
    We are more then friends because, we are together.
  2. Adjective: Being a 'together' person can mean having well-organised ideas, or being sensible and confident, usually used in the negative sense.
    "He's not very together." "Get it together, [man]."
  3. To be of a solid state of mind. Sober, or if not sober, not completely messed up off your face. you can also tell someone to get it together if they are acting a little intoxicated
    "jesus, you only took one pill guy! get your shit together" "how together are you, i need a ride home"