• US /ðæt, ðət/
  • UK /ðæt/
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  • adj. 那個(人、物); 那個(指對話者都知道的東西);
  • conj. (用於引導從句;常可省略); 關係代名詞的通稱; 連接詞;
  • pron. 那; (用作動詞的主詞或受詞;指代人或事物或對剛提到的人或事物作補充;常常可省略);
  • adv. 那樣;那麼; 那樣;
  • det. 那;那個;
  • I want to eat that apple
  • Please put that over there on that table
  • I believed that he was taller than me
  • This bag is so heavy that nobody can move it alone
  • That she should forget me so quickly was rather a shock
  • Is that your sister?
  • The family that is living in the next house comes from Kenya
  • He ran that fast we could hardly see him
  • I don't want that much, I want less, please
  • That idea of yours was fantastic
  1. A universal measurement, can be used for almost anything. A way of measuring the extent of adverb.
    Man 1: Whoa, what happened to you? Man 2: Hangover. Man, I was THAT drunk last night. Kid: Dude, you should see my new English teacher's legs, they are THAT hot!
  2. not this, often used when pointing at something
    Can i have that? No, not this, that.
  3. used to define a certain individual, or object that is the ideal of a particular type of class/group/belonging
    Yo yo, there goes Jay-Z. Damn, hes THAT nigga. Hey, is Paul Panoose south indian? Heck yeah, Paul Panoose is THAT south indian, bitch.
  4. Is not a word, you dumb fucknuts. In the category of every other misspelled word, including "it's" "you're" and "they're" Thats= NOTHING! That's= That is
    Bob: Thats pretty cool Sue: It's "that's pretty cool," you illiterate fuck
  5. A response in agreement or in support of something just said. Agreeing with someone.
    one guy: Man, that was an awesome catch ! other guy: Yeah, that. one guy: this movie sucks! other guy: that !
  6. Something ain't nobody got time for
    Ain't nobody got time for that!
  7. A dismissive term used in place of someone's name or pronoun, to distinguish that they are even lower than the use of a gender-specific term. Used for particularly unsavory individuals.
    Gretchen: OMG, Cady just showed up with that greasy d-bag from last night. Do we have to invite her over? Regina: Not while she's here with *that*. Brendan: *sees the skankiest of sorostitutes* Whoa.... Who invited *that*? Enrique: Toats Your Team, brah.